Thursday, 4 July 2013

New Job for Foxy Bingo and more

It's been far too long since my last post and my apologies to those who like reading my blog. Will try my best to pull my socks up! The last few weeks have been really busy though and I am ensuring I am not wasting any free time and always doing something or other. Its been a great few weeks though and so much to tell you all as well.


A couple of weeks ago I did a great shoot for Grey Goose. Now the definition this time of a great shoot is the fact I did very little and I mean very little and got good money for it. This is the great side to my work sometimes and almost the ridiculous to be honest! Without saying too much about the shoot, (I might get in trouble somewhat ha) but I was in the background and the Bottle was the main character in the shot. I was one of 5 models on the job, 2 other guys who are friends of mine which makes the day even better just hanging out with them. We were not all used at the same time and they tried various different background images of us. This was it. A full days work but happy days.

Now modeling wise has not necessarily been very busy for guys in London at all. Since April, it has gone very very quiet with very few castings for more work. It is not just me who is quiet, friends of mine from other agencies around London are in the same situation as me. Just seems to be one of those times of years, which happens from time to time. These times can be tough, but I have been ensuring that I am doing absolutely everything in my power to look for other work and to keep myself busy. This is where the gym is very useful and I have been in there regularly at the moment and really working hard to ensure I stay in good shape for when that call comes in. I am also grateful for the casino channel too for the work there to keep me busy during quiet times. It's something I have so often moaned about, but times like these feel very fortunate to have.

I have been saying yes to a lot more work too, even if at times its very different, like topless waiting (I know shocker) and greeting guests at events. These 2 things I did last week, and although not exactly what I want to be doing, it helps bring some more money but more importantly keeps me busy.


Now I mentioned in the past the importance of looking for work yourself and searching out new opportunities. At the end of the day nobody works harder for yourself than you and this is so true. You could have a million and one agencies looking after you, but remember every single one of them has other clients so you are not the 100% focus like you are to yourself. Searching through a website I saw an opportunity arise for a presenter for Foxy Bingo TV. I had seen that there had been over 5000 views on this post and I was a little late seeing the post, but applied anyways. Fortunately I wasn't too late and I received a message back to arrange a screen test.

Now the screen test I was given a script and basically given a 15 minute run through of what the show would be like. I felt very comfortable actually and wasn't nervous at all. Doing the Live TV on the Casino Channel has really stood me in good stead for any other presenting. I have to do 30 minutes a time with no preparation, no producing and no guidance, so anything that is organised with a script and a producer is a bit of a doddle for me. The screen test went great and I felt very comfortable with it and comfortable with the environment and nature of the work.

Almost a week past when I had that successful email and was asked to come in for a paid trial shift, which was last night! For me this was great as it keeps me even more busy and also is a step up for me with my presenting, and gives me the opportunity to meet new people too and to build my contacts up.

- The First Shift

I turned up an hour early to run through the script and to meet the team who were very very friendly and very easy to get on with. My co host Nadia, as great too, full of energy and excitement and very easy to work with. She does a lot of work with Radio 1 as well, so to have someone on board like that is also a very good sign. We sat in the studio and I had a laptop in front of me as did Nadia, a camera dead ahead and a screen to the right which is the feed that the viewers see. Ear piece in and talk back in motion I was ready to start.

Now I had been pre warned a bit as to what to expect from the viewers as it is a show where they get to call in, something that I was really looking forward too. They were definitely very very cheeky, but they were all very friendly and kept me entertained which is what I like. The players all play in different rooms and chat to each other regularly. They are like their own community and my role is to entertain them and to run competitions for them to in money and other prizes. It made the time fly by and was in there for 3 hours and felt like no time what so ever. It is just the step I needed and helps to give me some more Live experience and to develop my presenting experience. It's about time I started to take steps forward and on to bigger and better things.

And as I write this post I have just received the good news that Foxy Bingo will become a regular job for me and I will be put on to the rota! Very happy whilst writing this!

That's my update for the past month and I am very happy with how work is going and for everything else in my life. Playing cricket regularly every Saturday has also been a god sent and gave me something to look forward to every week as well as I get to go home and see friends and family too. I'm also pleased my hard work is paying off too.

Hope you are all well and thanks for taking the time out to read the post.