Monday, 31 May 2010

Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I will be back again...(15th July)

Hey Guys,

So the count down is on now until I fly to South Africa, this Sunday!!! I have been slightly apprehensive, somewhat nervous at times but most importantly ridiculously excited about the whole experience. Once in a lifetime!!! The links are all up everywhere. Check out the home page to Bud United, where you will be able to watch the show live,

The rumours are continuing to circulate that I am going to be on Big Brother and I promise you it's so untrue. Those clever people have seen the link on my blog and searched out this reality show in South Africa and know the truth. Funny how rumours start circulating so quickly and the Sunday Star were completely wrong when they printed that in there. Not too great to see my name being linked to that show though and does worry me that I could get this opportunity taken away from me if more rumours and anything bad comes out at all, so you can imagine how stressed that makes me.

So details of my trip. I fly out on Sunday, yes this Sunday!!! I am not back home until the 15th July! Just the break I need. I will also need quite a lot of support out there as well, as apparently viewers of the show can have an influence in proceedings, and will help to give certain contestants special treatments, which I really hope will be me!!!! So my push to get behind me. The show is still under wraps and I have no idea on much more of the details to be honest. If I do I promise I will be posting them on here.

While I'm away, I will have no contact with the outside world, so no phone or Internet which will be great. But will miss my family and friends must admit. I'm looking forward to trying to learn some new languages out there as well as I've lived a language sheltered life to Day! ha ha ha. Amazing experience though and seriously can't stop smiling.

Busy week for me, working at Smartlive Casino and sporting all the many things I have to out before Sunday. On Wednesday on the BudUnited you tube page, I believe my video will be posted on there, which is kind of a mix with my audition video and building the English profile for the event.

Feel free to drop a comment in when you get the chance and maybe any questions which I can answer for you.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

IM GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!! - Not on Big Brother

Hey Guys,

Big Big Big apologies for a week and a half without an update! And what a crazy week and a half it has been as well! So as you can see by my last post I was awaiting news about taking part in a reality show out in South Africa called the Bud House. And I'm sure you can tell by the title how happy I am right now as I got confirmed!!! Amazing! So unbelievably excited at the moment and when I found out I was going crazy and jumping around the flat going mad! Its like a dream come true! I love football, I love Beer and I love new experiences and here is one heading my way again!

I am so incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to go out to the World Cup in South Africa and to represent England out there. 32 nations represented by 1 person for each country, living together and also getting the opportunity to go on excursions and to go to some of the games! Going to be absolutely amazing! I have been getting frustrated with London and finding myself desperate for another adventure and this is just what I needed to sort me out! Perfect. Go to a country I have never experienced before as well.

Now, this show is going to be available to watch online, I assume through the Bud House website, which when I get the link I will post on the blog before I go. They are looking to do an incredible 6 episodes a day for viewers to access online which is unbelievable. I will have NO phone and NO access to the Internet so will be away from anything from home. This will be fantastic. ha those that know me most know how attached I am to my phone and it will incredible to not have to worry about my phone or anything and to just enjoy the experience.


The second part of my title will make you all laugh. Due to a comment posted on someones Facebook page, it has been spread round that I am due to be going on Big Brother. Not at all is the answer. I've had journalists phoning this person up 3 or 4 times, I had journalists phoning my agency up and also my name has been given to certain publicity agencies. It is unbelievable now a days how quickly a rumour can spread round, from one little comment on a social networking site. Maybe its due to the fact people are not believing I'm going to South Africa or what, but it is ridiculous.

First of all, why would I need to go on to Big Brother? I model full time, I'm developing my experience as a presenter and I have a happy family away from any unnecessary media attention. By going into big brother, majority of people (not all) are seeking fame. Now I believe some go into that environment to raise their profile and it can work for people. I have some friends who have been in there before and the reason I consider them as friends is because I actually believed they went in there for the right reasons. I have absolutely no use for going on that show as it would ruin my reputation modelling and also in developing a TV presenting career.

People will soon be seen to have egg on my face when I am not on that show. I just am encouraging people to check out what I really am doing and that they can access this online.

Moving away from that.

I am now trying to sort every single part of my life before I leave, as I will be moving flats at the start of August not long after I am back. I have had to move a holiday planned for Ibiza until after I am back. As well as juggle around work and make sure everything is completely sorted before I leave and before I have no contact with home.

I will keep sending updates before I go. If anyone has any questions for me please do not hesitate to send a message to me.


Monday, 17 May 2010

2 Days to go...I could be going in the house!!! The Bud House

Hey Guys,

A month or so a go I received a phone call from my agency asking me if I liked football. Now liked is an understatement and those who know me well know what I'm like with regards football and the opportunity to do anything in football, to watch every game and go ridiculously mad when either Arsenal or England do well. So a calm yes and I listened to more of what it entailed. It was described as an opportunity to go out to the world cup in South Africa and to represent your country in a kind of reality TV scenario, watching the games, meeting the players, you name it! You can imagine from that point how excited I got about this. So my response was a quick yes!!!!

Next step was to fill out an application form online which was ridiculously long and then do a 2 minute video to send off to the production company. The application form was very long and asked a lot of questions about football and how I feel about certain teams, what I'm like watching football etc etc. Sent it off and then forgot about it to be honest.

Had contact with my agency but not too much was discussed on the matter to be honest until a few weeks ago when my agency informed me that they liked me and that they will be getting in touch about the next stages of the audition process. I received an email and 2 days worth of auditions, psychological and physical testing! And it was all on my birthday and the day after. Which after a night out planned was going to be hard work.

Psychological test was an interesting experience. I had to fill out a 567 question questionnaire, all true or false questions and then fill out a 6 page document asking back ground questions about my life. This was on my birthday and I finished before everyone else, probably because I wanted to get out of there and head out. I also filled out a few contract documents too. The next day involved a 10am start with a head that was absolutely pounding! Doctors full medical to start with, which involved filling up 2 urine samples! Now this might not sound too strange, but if your a guy reading this you will know its difficult to stop and start, stop and start ha ha. And yes girls I have no idea how u do it either! A blind aim and hoping for the best is my guess ha ha.

Next up was the main part and that was an interview in front of the camera. It lasted just over an hour and was intense but quite funny actually. I was having a lot of banter with the production team and was just being myself too, not acting like anyone else (which I probably did a bit when I went on shipwrecked). I was open, honest and thought to myself I need to be honest about everything and if they didn't like me for who I was then so be it. It all went well and had a good rapport with the production and the main organiser for the auditions too, which is always a good thing. I then finished the day off seeing the psychologist again for my results and to all your surprised I was found to be sane!!! ha ha ha. He actually got me spot on! Absolutely everything he said about me was completely true and thoughts that drifted in my mind too were correct. It amazed me must admit.

Auditions over so it's been the waiting game ever since. I have had some contact from themselves asking some questions about where I would be flying from and to send them some pictures for the website, but all of the time saying that a decision will be made on the 19th. How hard is that to not get your hopes up!? It's impossible. And to make matters worse I had a call this evening from someone from their production team asking me if I had a drug problem in 2007?!? Random or what? No of course is the answer. Scary a bit if they have tried to do some checks on me. Now my worry is that I have one of the most popular names in the country! There must be thousands of James Green's and have a feeling one of those James Green's has been a naughty boy in the past. Hopefully they believe me and it won't be a problem.

Hopefully the next time I update my blog I will have some really good news for you all, but if not I will not be too disappointed as it means I can still go on my holiday to Marbella in June!


Back at Smartlive Casino

Hey guys,

Been a few days since an update so thought I would quickly tell you what has been happening with me, but unfortunately it's not very exciting ha. After about a week and a half off, I have been back in the studio presenting on channel 869. Thursday, Friday and now tonight until 4 am. Couple of late shifts mixed in, but feeling refreshed when I'm in now. With this job, it's important to have a little break every now and then with it because it can become very repetitive doing the same thing over and over again. Talking about registration and then the website, promotions etc etc. Recently though I have to say I have been talking about very different things, which seem to be ok. Talk a lot about what has been happening with sport, politics, and things that I've been up to as well. Passes the time quicker ha ha.

I'm here until 4am and then I am driving back to my parents house, as I have got a hospital appointment in the morning near there about my knee. So, could be told I will need an operation after tomorrow which is never fun.

Anyways hope you are all well.


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Russell Athletic Presentation and Shoot

Hey Guys,

Been a good week and bumped up my start to the month of May. Got confirmed just yesterday for a job for Russell Athletic. Did not know too much about the job as it was very last minute, but knew there were 4 of us on the job, 2 guys and 2 girls, all from the same agency. The one thing that stood out about this job was the distance to travel to it! It was North West London at Elstree, now bear in mind I'm living South East London at the moment, it was a long way. And add to the distance I stupidly made the mistake of walking from the tube station to the location (about a mile and a half, up hill!) I didn't make it easy for myself I have to say. Ha Ha.

Finally arrived for the job, half an hour late! Now I am never late for shoots cause think it's a sign of unprofessionalism, but because of the long walk I was. Very apologetic when I got there, but there were no problems at all. I wasn't the last model to arrive and also the one main thing about working with girl models is that they take a lot longer in hair and make up than guys. Yes trust me before you think it, I don't actually need that much, honest.......moving on...

Straight away it was clear to see that everyone involved in the job were very relaxed and seemed like they would be a lot of fun to work with. This was mainly highlighted by the client who was extremely funny and very easy to get along with. Sitting around for about half an hour and then we soon realised it wasn't just a shoot and that we had to do some catwalk presentation for potential buyers for Russell Athletic. Now I'm not a big fan of catwalk work, but little presentations are very relaxed and I'm starting to become a lot more comfortable doing jobs like this. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, and I was the oldest model on the job, so I suppose I felt like I should be the one feeling relaxed and helping everyone feel the same, which I did with my silly sense of humour ha.

The presentation involved a little cat walk, some stopping, a few pictures, bit more walking then off the runway, and pass the next model who's on. So, picture it now, 4 models in rotation, 7!!! outfit changes and the room to change in was round the corner and not straight outside the door. A lot of panic started to ensue, clothes quickly ripped off and other ones out back on, boobs and bums all over the place! It was pretty manic but we all got through it very well.

Next I found myself sitting down for 2 hours! It was the girls up first doing the shooting part of the day, just simple shots in the different outfits we wore on the catwalk, nothing too exciting. So, all I did was sit outside the room with the other guy model, Dave, who was a really nice guy and we got on very well, very similar personalities and very down to earth. After 2 hours, my moment came and the exciting moment of the day for me!!! I was needed for a quick test shot with one of the girls, a pretty and petite south African girl. I was topless with shorts on and she was topless (ha ha i wish) no she was in bra and shorts. It was a close shoot and I suppose the perks of the job! ha ha

Moving Forward after lunch and some more sitting down and relaxing, it was the boys turn to shoot. Very simple and very quick, changing outfits and alternating between each other. What made the day was these 2 and a half hours. We had such a laugh, all slating each other, models, make up and hair stylist, photographer, stylists and the king of them all, the client himself. We were in hysterics and I love it when works like that, makes the time go by very quickly and also makes you feel good about your job.

Plenty of shots completed, client seemed extremely happy, lets just hope he is when he sees the final pictures. It went really well and the client did mention to myself and Dave that they may look to use us again for some advertising with them. This is the perfect outcome from any job. I want to always impress the client and make sure he or she doesn't forget you and books you again and hopefully start building my clientele up.

Hope everyone else is having a good week. I'm all smiles which is good and concentrating on work at the moment, which is ideal.


Monday, 10 May 2010

M and M Direct Catalogue shoot

Hey Guys,

So, after a very unsuccessful nights sleep it was time for the job this morning. As you saw by yesterdays post, the bed was literally from the 30's and had all the dents in the mattress to show for it! Lovely hey?! ha. The evening before did go to a lovely Indian restaurant where myself and the make up artist had a huge meal, so was fully prepared for the shoot and the 104 different outfit changes I was due during the day!!! That's what catalogue work is like, loads of different outfit changes, but very easy work.

I have worked for M & M Direct a lot in the past and have shot for their catalogue continually for the last 6 months. They are an excellent client as the work is easy and the client and all the people on the shoot are great. It's kind of like a family with us all, and I know how corny that probably sounds, but its very true. We all get on extremely well, banter flying around all day even if people start getting a bit tired, never too tired to throw a cheeky insult around ha ha.

The day was nice and relaxed as always and steadily got through the different outfit changes, some nice and quick. These ones are when the size is actually the right size, medium, and not xx large as you will see below. When the size is wrong, there is absolutely nothing you can do but clip the t shirt or whatever garment it is, as much as possible to make it look good on the camera. Some are much harder to work on than others as we all find out very quickly! Have a laugh at this...

See sometimes not as real as those magazines make out, but this is often a lot of hard work that's put into it by all people on the shoot. We have such a good time when we work together up there makes my job so much more enjoyable, plus helps get me out of London for a couple of days too which is an added relief.

The magazine is out all the time and it always leads to me getting some stick off the boys from football, as they all seem to see it, but who cares, good work, good money so cant complain. Plus with the way things are going at the moment, any work is good work.

Back in London now and chilling and looking forward to sleeping in my bed and not one from the 19Th century ha ha.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Living the high life

Hey Guys,

Feeling in a very sensible mood today, I decided to drive up to Leominster in Herefordshire early today for my job tomorrow. I thought I would get myself settled in the hotel and ready to put the football on my laptop and watch that for the rest of the afternoon. What an error that was!!! Being sensible just doesn't ever seem to work out for me one bit.

I arrive on time to the hotel in the town that I call the "ghost" town, and walk in and theres no lights! The power has gone from the entire hotel! No sign of it coming on again so another hotel seems to be the point of call. Now there's one over the road that's pretty awful but looks the next best option! So, after a call to the client, who I've worked for a lot and their all really nice, he meets me and books me in. What a hole! Room is spacious (no sarcasm for once) but the corridor to the room seriously smells like they've been keeping goats in there!!! Its unbelievable! That horrible smell that u always remember when you are a kid going to a farm. I don't even want to ask what it is cause I have a feeling the real answer will be even worse than goats!!!

Anyway think to myself it will be fine, will get in the hotel and in my room and just watch the football on my laptop. Stupid me forgot that the hotel might not have wireless and I was correct! Only just found how to connect to BT open zone but rubbish connectivity means watching a live stream online is impossible! Well just makes u wana rip your hair out, which to be honest I don't fancy doing too much actually ha.

No dinner served at this hotel tonight either so I'm going to go out to a nice Indian somewhere have many drinks and a lot of food on the company!!! The Make up artist for the job is a really nice woman who I've worked with a lot before too and she is due up soon, so least I won't be sat on my lonesome. We usually sit and chat and moan about absolutely everything with the industry ha ha and sure the hotel will be the prime one on the list! But to be fair it's just one of those things and there is nothing I can do about it either, so no point moaning about it.

Job tomorrow is catalogue work, simply enough means in a studio taking many many shots in the day and changing into probably about 100 different outfits in the day. It's very quick and very easy work so can't complain.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Quiet week then - James Green is a Cowboy!

Hey guys,

So extremely quiet week for me this week, happens sometimes in the industry and when it does it gets increasingly frustrating I have to say. No castings at all for over a week now, which is never a good sign and always means I'm relying on my regular clients to come up trumps and book me for a job of some sort. I have been told it could have something to do with the elections....hmmmmm I'm unsure on that one myself, as companies still need to advertise and there is certainly other guys I know still modelling so not too sure how that works. Anyways...

This quiet week involved me being struck down with a stomach bug, caught off my Dad who suffered from it Sunday and the whole family has had it too, we're dropping like flys the Green's!!!! Never pleasant, but on a quiet week not the worst timing I have to say. I had a small job though on Friday for a book cover. This is something I have done before, last time as a vampire, and this time as you can see by the title, a cowboy!!!

So picture it, maybe a cross between the village people/broke back mountain/a fancy dress party, whatever the jokes are there probably true! ha. It was an old style cowboy and I kind of wished I got a picture of it cause I actually thought the pictures look pretty good have to say ha. The shoot was a very short one lasting all in all less than an hour. It will be for a book cover, but who knows what the book is and I have to say I'm not much of a book guy anyway so wouldn't find myself searching round the book sections in WH Smiths.

Not much to report this week, well related to work anyway...but as you know I don't like talking about my private life and like to keep it that way...for now anyways ha ha. I have a job on Monday for a regular client M&M Direct, which involves me driving up to the ghost town of Leominster in Hereford shire tomorrow at some point. Will get on with the updates a bit more too as I've been very poor as of late.

Hope everyone reading this is well.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Works Drying Up - bad times

Hey Guys,

I had a comment saying that I sounded a bit down in my last update and have to say its true. Work has dried up a bit the last couple of weeks and it always gets me down. Sometimes it gets really hard when I see other people on job's especially jobs abroad and when you don't even get sent to the castings is really tough to take and becomes frustrating to my agency. However, there is always a reason for not sending me as they have been absolutely fantastic for me, just with nothing else going on makes u start thinking and thinking. Starts affecting my whole life at times and certainly has done especially the past week.

Anyways, just got to knuckle down and my plan is to just work hard in the gym to keep me in shape so that I look as good as possible for when I do eventually have castings. Plus got my presenting to keep me busy and its about time I started to use the free time I've got productively to plan for the future, the boring stuff like finances and receipts and then start planning a visa for Australia in the winter.

I've got a job at the end of the week, a very small one which I will talk about later on, that's all on the horizon at the moment. Apologise that there's nothing exciting happening right now, but fingers crossed that could change soon.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

My Birthday


So this week I celebrated turning 26. Yes the later half of the 20's and edging closer to that magic 30 number! It's so different when you get older and it's just not the same to have your birthday anymore and to celebrate in style. Well I don't think so anyway.

Day started like a completely normal day, quite lonely, no one special to spend it with, which if I'm honest was very tough. But I tried hard to forget about that and start worrying how much I had going on in the afternoon, preparing the night out and a casting and an audition for a new show (which I will keep quiet about until I find out if it will happen, which I will know by May 20th).

I was very happy to spend my birthday lunch with my Dad for an hour, just a flying visit but that was all I could do as was rushing around town after that. I had a nice evening though and was very grateful for my friends for turning up and much appreciated them being there. Had fun I guess which was the main thing and certainly kept up with my title of no limits as I was pretty hammered but had no idea that I actually was until the next day of course! Hanging beyond belief I was.

Short snippet this was, but not much happening on the work front at the moment. Family bank holiday weekend has been nice, seeing all the kids growing up, my god son, my niece and my cousins baby. Back to normal life and the gym tomorrow.