Monday, 31 May 2010

Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I will be back again...(15th July)

Hey Guys,

So the count down is on now until I fly to South Africa, this Sunday!!! I have been slightly apprehensive, somewhat nervous at times but most importantly ridiculously excited about the whole experience. Once in a lifetime!!! The links are all up everywhere. Check out the home page to Bud United, where you will be able to watch the show live,

The rumours are continuing to circulate that I am going to be on Big Brother and I promise you it's so untrue. Those clever people have seen the link on my blog and searched out this reality show in South Africa and know the truth. Funny how rumours start circulating so quickly and the Sunday Star were completely wrong when they printed that in there. Not too great to see my name being linked to that show though and does worry me that I could get this opportunity taken away from me if more rumours and anything bad comes out at all, so you can imagine how stressed that makes me.

So details of my trip. I fly out on Sunday, yes this Sunday!!! I am not back home until the 15th July! Just the break I need. I will also need quite a lot of support out there as well, as apparently viewers of the show can have an influence in proceedings, and will help to give certain contestants special treatments, which I really hope will be me!!!! So my push to get behind me. The show is still under wraps and I have no idea on much more of the details to be honest. If I do I promise I will be posting them on here.

While I'm away, I will have no contact with the outside world, so no phone or Internet which will be great. But will miss my family and friends must admit. I'm looking forward to trying to learn some new languages out there as well as I've lived a language sheltered life to Day! ha ha ha. Amazing experience though and seriously can't stop smiling.

Busy week for me, working at Smartlive Casino and sporting all the many things I have to out before Sunday. On Wednesday on the BudUnited you tube page, I believe my video will be posted on there, which is kind of a mix with my audition video and building the English profile for the event.

Feel free to drop a comment in when you get the chance and maybe any questions which I can answer for you.


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