Monday, 17 May 2010

2 Days to go...I could be going in the house!!! The Bud House

Hey Guys,

A month or so a go I received a phone call from my agency asking me if I liked football. Now liked is an understatement and those who know me well know what I'm like with regards football and the opportunity to do anything in football, to watch every game and go ridiculously mad when either Arsenal or England do well. So a calm yes and I listened to more of what it entailed. It was described as an opportunity to go out to the world cup in South Africa and to represent your country in a kind of reality TV scenario, watching the games, meeting the players, you name it! You can imagine from that point how excited I got about this. So my response was a quick yes!!!!

Next step was to fill out an application form online which was ridiculously long and then do a 2 minute video to send off to the production company. The application form was very long and asked a lot of questions about football and how I feel about certain teams, what I'm like watching football etc etc. Sent it off and then forgot about it to be honest.

Had contact with my agency but not too much was discussed on the matter to be honest until a few weeks ago when my agency informed me that they liked me and that they will be getting in touch about the next stages of the audition process. I received an email and 2 days worth of auditions, psychological and physical testing! And it was all on my birthday and the day after. Which after a night out planned was going to be hard work.

Psychological test was an interesting experience. I had to fill out a 567 question questionnaire, all true or false questions and then fill out a 6 page document asking back ground questions about my life. This was on my birthday and I finished before everyone else, probably because I wanted to get out of there and head out. I also filled out a few contract documents too. The next day involved a 10am start with a head that was absolutely pounding! Doctors full medical to start with, which involved filling up 2 urine samples! Now this might not sound too strange, but if your a guy reading this you will know its difficult to stop and start, stop and start ha ha. And yes girls I have no idea how u do it either! A blind aim and hoping for the best is my guess ha ha.

Next up was the main part and that was an interview in front of the camera. It lasted just over an hour and was intense but quite funny actually. I was having a lot of banter with the production team and was just being myself too, not acting like anyone else (which I probably did a bit when I went on shipwrecked). I was open, honest and thought to myself I need to be honest about everything and if they didn't like me for who I was then so be it. It all went well and had a good rapport with the production and the main organiser for the auditions too, which is always a good thing. I then finished the day off seeing the psychologist again for my results and to all your surprised I was found to be sane!!! ha ha ha. He actually got me spot on! Absolutely everything he said about me was completely true and thoughts that drifted in my mind too were correct. It amazed me must admit.

Auditions over so it's been the waiting game ever since. I have had some contact from themselves asking some questions about where I would be flying from and to send them some pictures for the website, but all of the time saying that a decision will be made on the 19th. How hard is that to not get your hopes up!? It's impossible. And to make matters worse I had a call this evening from someone from their production team asking me if I had a drug problem in 2007?!? Random or what? No of course is the answer. Scary a bit if they have tried to do some checks on me. Now my worry is that I have one of the most popular names in the country! There must be thousands of James Green's and have a feeling one of those James Green's has been a naughty boy in the past. Hopefully they believe me and it won't be a problem.

Hopefully the next time I update my blog I will have some really good news for you all, but if not I will not be too disappointed as it means I can still go on my holiday to Marbella in June!


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