Sunday, 30 October 2011

It was the calm before the Storm - What a Busy week

First post for a couple of weeks and have no excuse for it as it has been extremely quiet throughout this month. Modeling wise there has been very few castings, which has left a lot of people struggling in the industry ad not just the models. Casting directors have also struggled, as have make up artists, stylists and photographers. The industry is in a big slump unfortunately, due to the state of the economy, where as discussed previously, companies reduce their spending on advertising, which has a big affect on my industry as you can imagine. But I have been working on the casino channel a lot, which has included a lot of late nights, to keep me ticking over.

Then all of a sudden the storm started brewing and I found myself trapped in the busiest week of my life. After a lovely trip to Leeds to catch up with some friends last weekend, I arrived to start a hectic week of presenting and modeling, with very little time in between to sleep. A couple of days presenting Sunday night and Monday evening and an early start on Tuesday morning. Tuesday I was shooting for new clothing company, Versatile Apparel. It was for their website and unrecognisable, which means my head gets cut off ha ha. I'm sure theres a few comments ready to come out after admitting that ha, but it makes the shoot very very simple. Simple poses, no hair or make up needed and not a huge amount of clothes to put on. Mainly t-shirts, shirts and trousers and a couple of ultra tight wife beaters too! (Breath in)

After another long day in the studio, it was down to Christchurch, Dorset for a shoot for Barclaycard. Long way to go for half a day shooting, but luckily it was a full day's pay and I got the opportunity to work with some great energetic and fun people. I had worked previously with the creative department for the shoot when I shot for Fitness First a couple of weeks ago, so that straight away makes you feel good and comfortable in the situation. There were 5 models in total on this shoot and we all had a lot of fun throughout the day. It was a simple shoot and we had a lot of time to chat and do our usual model behaviour...moaning. Yes, it is the way models role ha, we love a good moan about work, money, agencies etc ha.

The shoot went great though and even though customers in the hotel we were shooting in were mesmerised by what was going on, and often very distracting, the shoot was successful. This is something that happens on so many shoots away from the studio. The client and the creative team are always trying to gain the realisation to shoots, hence why they are shot in actual realistic locations. People watching and wondering in the background is something that everyone has to get on with. It often requires a lot of patience by all involved, but often causes very few problems.

My busy week was ended in the studio Friday and a nice day off to recharge my batteries for another long week ahead including a 6am finish Tuesday morning and a 9am shoot! Yes crazy! But it's times like this I just suck it up and deal with it. With the inconsistencies within the modeling industry at the moment, I need to just take advantage of work whenever I can get it.

Happy Halloween everyone

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Progress on my Knee and on my return to LA

It's been a very quiet couple of days of work, so it gave me a chance to finally drag my lazy ass down to the gym and start getting myself back into shape. It also gave me the opportunity to give my knee some TLC (well some painful TLC anyways) and to start pushing forward the recovery period on it. After extensive physio this morning, I have been told that I am making progress with my rehabilitation, which is positive, but there is still a long long way to go. It is amazing how quickly you can lose muscle in your body, I just wish you gain it as quick! (don't we all!!!)

The next stage is continuing the gym work, which includes some cycling, cross trainer, constant stretches for my leg muscles and some leg work on the weights too. I need to give my knee the support it needs from the surrounding muscles. This will also be important at the 6 week mark when I have a review of my recovery and to see if the stability is good enough to not require an operation to fix my cruciate ligament. It is again a waiting game for me. I am once again standing waiting in limbo, not knowing whether I'm coming or going. This is very very frustrating for me yet again as you can imagine!

A lot of my near future depends on whether I need this second operation or not. I have so so much unfinished business in Los Angeles, that I need to be back out there to achieve everything I have been dreaming of since moving out there. I have the motivation to tackle anything that gets in front of me and to achieve everything that I failed to do when I was there last time. So, right now the plan is to go back late December after working as much as I can here and to stick it out. It also means being reunited with my girlfriend who by the time I get out there I wouldn't have seen for over 5 months! That as you can all imagine is a long long time to be away from your other half. But thanks to the advances of technology and most of all thanks to skype, it becomes a lot easier now a days (well unless Blackberry decides to have a holiday for 3 days!).

This post is just a sole update for those asking me when I'm heading back to LA and my current situation.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Options - "It's like dangling sweets infront of a child"

I wanted to give you an insight into what options are in the modeling industry and the often frustration of them. Options are extremely common and often are used by clients to delay a decision over which talent they want to use for jobs. It is simply a shortlist. Like with any jobs, this is often the case when going through the process of employment, but imagine that on often a weekly basis? The waiting, the anticipation, the nerves, all those emotions you have when your waiting to hear about a job. This is something that I go through literally every week.

In my previous post I wrote in detail about the "Remington" casting I had and that it was for a lot of money, which for me can make the difference with so much in my life, especially with my intention to go back to Los Angeles. I was put on option for this job, and asked if I was willing to cut my hair short for the job too, which I took as a very promising sign. Then comes the waiting and trying desperately hard to put the thoughts into the back of your mind, instead of thinking about exactly what you would do with the money received for this job. If you speak to any model, they will often say the exact same thing. In their minds they are buying Ipad's, new phones, going on holiday, shopping spree, the lot. For me it is one of the most difficult areas of the industry to deal with. One job can solve so many problems in my life. One job could make the difference between flying to LA straight away, or staying here longer. That is a tough position for anyone to be in and is certainly how I feel.

A client could phone up my agency and put me on option for a job worth £100 to £100,000, with the first client to option you for the day given the first option on. This again can actually prove to be a big hindrance to the model. The reason why is that if another client (say Nintendo) wants to book you direct, and you have an option holding with (say Sony), then Nintendo has to wait for the option with Sony to be finalised or released. Do you think Nintendo wants to be waiting around for that? No. So they move on to book someone who has no options holding on them. Imagine how it feels to be the model when Sony then releases their option on you, and you have now missed out on a guaranteed job with Nintendo? Frustrating doesn't even come close to describing it.

The agency has a big role to play when it comes to options, as they must have the models best interests in mind. I would say 90%, maybe a bit higher, of the time this happens and the agency will ensure you book the guaranteed job first. However, unfortunately due to the climate of today, and the need to please and ensure the client stays booking through their agency, this doesn't always occur. It can become a very tricky time for both models and agencies when options are used.

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into options and how they work within the industry. It's not as simple a business as people think hey?!