Monday, 21 September 2015

A "Mixed Bag"

The past few months have been indifferent to say the least. If you were to scroll down my blog, the last post at the end of March was at the completion of the ICC job. I was upbeat, buzzing in fact! Full of energy and enthusiasm to tackle whatever was to come next. I honestly thought that although I knew I had a lot of work to do, I was in a really good position to make strides and take giant leaps forward for my presenting within sport. And at the start it looked as though this would be the case. I got approached by a friend of mine who works for Glamorgan CC (a professional cricket team in the UK) to host their T20 matches. I was absolutely delighted as you can imagine, so quickly after my first cricket job and I have my next lined up.

This was a great opportunity. Live event hosting in a sport I absolutely love. A different experience in a stadium with between 5000 and 10000 people, not to mention professional cricketers from the past to the present. Bit of a treck for me to travel from London to Wales and back in a day, but boy was it worth it.
We had a bit of a "Gavin & Stacey" theme happening, as I hosted with a Welsh native and retired cricketer Mike Powell. Everyone knew Mike. I mean this guy couldn't walk 3 steps without being engaged in a conversation about anything and everything. If it wasn't the spectators, it was other reporters and if it wasn't them it was every single cricketer that was playing! Eoin Morgan, Luke Wright, Owais Shah, James Foster, you name them he knew them! But it was great, as he always introduced me and was great in bringing me into the conversations as well. We had great rapport and worked well together.
Some games were quieter than others, some games involved a lot of reporting on events, such as that wet stuff that falls from the sky a lot over here. But it was all great fun and I loved working there and fingers crossed I will be back next year too.

In between times I continued working on ITV, albeit very irregular, and did a few shoots here and there. As you maybe able to sense from my tone, there has been nothing to shout about. For once in my life when people ask me "what have you been up to?" I genuinely have not much to tell. I really hate that. Always like exciting things to tell people, but its been a quiet time in all honesty. A time that often leads me to reflect on the future, to question the present and have regrets about the past.

(Is it time for a change? Should I have studied something different when I was younger? Where am I going to get my next job from?) - these sorts of questions regularly entering my head.

So I made a decision to study. Yep thats right, I'm going back to study and I'm excited about it too! Never thought in a million years I would ever say that to be honest! But I'm in need of some focus in my life, and I need something that could offer me some stability for my future too. I'm 31 now and I want to have a family etc but know I need to be in a much more stable situation with work for this to happen.

I researched a variety of courses, but one with the Press Association that stood out was a Sports reporting one. Its an accredited course with the NTCJ and one that is recognised across all forms of media in this country. This could be something that would enhance my career and hopefully open up some exciting opportunities. First and foremost though I must pass an exam and an interview to be allowed on the course, so will hope that goes well. The interview doesn't scare me, as I practically have an interview almost every day of the week with auditions and castings. However, the exam is a whole new thing and is slightly daunting. I was never keen on them back in school or university, but 10 years later nothing has changed!

I will continue to be positive, strive for more and hopefully if I work hard enough things will start to slot into place.

Thanks as always for taking the time out to read this blog


Monday, 30 March 2015

The Cricket World Cup Daily Show

37 Shows - 6 weeks long - daily deadlines - and finally it has now come to an end. THE most fun working project I have had to date. THE hardest working project I've been involved in to date. THE most challenging project I have taken on. But THE most rewarding one to date.

The picture above was from Episode 1. I remember that day so clearly and I remember how incredibly nervous I was too. This was a big project for me, time to step up and present something that i have a big passion for first and foremost. Secondly there was a potential that this could be reached by a huge audience, which could only be a positive for me. That all sat in my mind, as well as the script that was going through my head. As well as thinking to myself that if it all goes wrong on episode 1 for whatever reason that maybe they would stop production. (You try and stay positive but after so many occasions in the past of potential projects not panning out, I was trying to be more realistic). I needn't have been.

The 2 fantastic producers on the show, ensured that everything was prepared, a great script written, a calming fun atmosphere was being created to work in, and that I got fantastic support throughout the project. Although I'm there fronting the show, Andy and Hannah (the 2 producers) were the real stars who worked tirelessly on this project. I could go home after I finished filming, they had to then edit the show and prepare a script for the next day too. Groundhog Day really sums it up!

These moments got us all through the 37 episodes.

There were some fantastically fun moments during the filming and there I was being dressed to the rafters in all sorts of outfits. Its funny cause 9 years ago there was no way I would of felt comfortable doing any of this. But now a days I don't take myself very seriously at all and like to throw myself into these moments, otherwise you just look uncomfortable. Hopefully it paid off.

This project has helped give me a new lease of life and a great amount of energy to search for the next adventure and to continue making strides forward. I had said to myself at the start of the year that this year has to be better and more productive than the last, otherwise it may come to a point where I start to look at other career options.

Now its a case of reaching out to as many people as possible, building my contacts and actively spending a bit of time everyday searching for a new project. For the first time I think since I started this adventure in the entertainment world, I feel extremely positive about the future, and feel the next project is just around the corner.

A big thank you to all those who took the time to read this post. On to the future!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Mail on Sunday Shoot

                             (This has nothing to do with the shoot, just a previous shoot picture)

Being flexible is something that I've always had to be since starting my work, modelling, presenting even the occasional acting too. Friday lunch time, the phone rings and I've been booked on a last minute little shoot for the Mail on Sunday. It's great to be booked on any job to be honest, I mean thats how I earn my money and pay my bills! But it does give you a bit of a panic when you are all set for the day ahead. Slightly rushed, but like many of my posts, this is being written on a Monday morning at 11.15am, so if one day I have to rush, I know full well I will have many more days where I'm not rushed.

Now this job for the Mail on Sunday is for 2 hours, which knowing its for a one picture article for the paper, it shouldn't take too long to shoot. I'm told to bring fitness gear to the shoot and be prepared to 'skip' or 'jump rope' if you will. Fortunately first of all I can do that!

An advertisement for one of these as seen above. An action shot maybe, though it took us all a long while to realise that we would never get the perfect arc of the rope above the head with my feet in the air. Now I will leave you to think about that one for a bit and explain at the bottom of this post.

These little jobs happen all the time. Think every single newspaper, every single day will have advertisements in with models, magazines, TV Commercials, billboards etc etc. And how they are done is so simple. Just a little shoot in a studio and thats it. Few poses with the jump rope in hand with some big cheese grins! And a jumping ones in action. We tried to get some with me and the girl model both jumping at the same time, but as you can imagine, not an easy skill to catch perfectly with both of us in the best position.

Just a little post this, sorry if its a bit boring, but got some exciting things that I will be posting about very soon (which I'm not allowed just right now)

(And reason you can't get the rope above the head and feet up is because the feet are off the ground when the rope goes below them. Feet are on the ground when the rope is up. It took time to realise that ha ha)

Monday, 19 January 2015


Those that know me, will know I go through phases when it comes to my fitness and working out. At times I can be great and really on it, enjoying having that motivation for the gym and getting into good shape. Other times though, my motivation dips massively and I find all the excuses under the sun to become more and more lazy. I think we've all been there lets be honest!!! The same goes with my diet. I have been good in the past, avoided heavy carbs (no carbs before marbs all that jazz), ate lots of vegetables, protein etc and the difference it makes you feel is great. But I love my food, I love eating what I want too. When I was younger I could eat and drink what I wanted, and with exercise maintain a good shape. Amazing what happens when you hit 30?!?! That changes funnily enough, and it becomes a lot harder to maintain.

As mentioned in the past post, my delightful girlfriend bought me Insanity for xmas. When she sees the state I'm in after one of the sessions she will soon realise that its a harsh punishment for me for something I must of done! (Guys we all know that feeling) I am writing this after my first day (technically second day of the test).

Those that don't know anything about the Insanity workouts, its about working at a high intensity for a longer period of time with a short rest. Best part, you can do it at home. The worst part it hurts like hell and makes you work harder than ever before!!!

Another worse part is one of the girls in the DVD. Now I'm not going to say who, but she is this horrible smile on her face throughout it all. She is one of those that "loves it" and she demolished me in the fitness test. But the smile on her face!?! I mean, how does this possibly make you smile??? I might smile when I have a 30 second break because its a break, but that doesn't last long. She loves it! I hate that she loves it! Ha ha maybe I am just a hater...

Insanity starts with a fitness test. Above is half of it, and I was absolutely dying after just doing half of this test. That made me realise just how unfit I was and also helped give me some motivation to change that and get back to a position where I want to be. The fitness test is good for measuring your progress through the 60 day insanity workouts.

Right enough of the boring stuff, this is going to be THE hardest 60 days of my life!

Added to that the stopping of Bread, Pasta, Chips etc etc. Again, going to be the hardest 60 days ever! And a huge reduction in sugar (hopefully none) will be even tougher as I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!

I will be keeping this updated with my progress, but so far 2 days complete and its ridiculously hard, a lot of work, but I am starting to find that motivation to continue to do this and get through it all.

Good luck to all those starting New Year fitness Goals and wish you all the best in achieving what you want from it. If you need any support feel free to message, as I will need as much as possible!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!!!!


I think my first New Years Resolution will be to sort out my technological impotence!!! (See the photo as reference to that) Another one will clearly be to get back to blogging more (again refer to the blog for this and my last post being in September!)

Anyways, New Year, New Start and all that bollox. I know I'm feeling probably the same as everyone else. That feeling when your on a mission to do everything you have been putting off for so long, to get organised, to get healthier, to get fitter, blah blah blah. I will try very hard not to bore you too much with that, because yes I am well and truly on a mission to achieve all right now, but deep down know full well it doesn't always work out like that, and something will crop up and distract you. 

An example I hear you say, well I kind of forgot I was going on holiday next week (I know just don't ask), so trying a "dry January" will never work. Add to that stag do's, weddings, birthdays etc, I just simply enough haven't the will power to succeed. I don't call this "Being negative" I call it simply "Being Realistic". 

I think there could be a lot of feeling like this above soon, thanks to my lovely girlfriend for buying me the "Insanity" workout DVDs for Xmas. I think she was making a hint that maybe I've put on a few pounds (or realistically been making excuses to work out less and lost a lot of my body shape), yes I can be honest people. But its something I really want to try and see if I can do it properly. The hardest part will be the fact that my work hours are so varied, its not easy for me to get into routines for diet and exercise, but again I guess thats me making an excuse again! Maybe I should just stop making excuses for the New Year.....OK I know I know, be more realistic again! 

I will be giving it my all when I recover from the worst bout of flu and infections I have ever had in my life over xmas! I will be sure to give some updates how it goes, even the moments where by the sounds of it I will be throwing my guts up, which as you can imagine I am thrilled about!

Ahhhh the dreaded work!!!! I even had to make myself go crazy whilst typing and watching that little gadget scroll over and over again. 

Coming up to Xmas I always dread the time for the reason that my work is often dead. Everything closes over xmas, which means its difficult for me to get any work in. Unlike people in full-time jobs, I don't get paid holiday time, so the panic often sets in. I manage to keep myself busy with my presenting work on ITV, which is always good, but fortunately this year after being slashed down with Man Flu x 10000000, I booked a couple of days shooting for Debenhams. It was great to be working, even though most people were relaxing and enjoying some time off, for me it felt great to be working. People may say to me, "well don't you miss having time off", and well I'm writing this on a Wednesday morning when everyone else is hard at work. I get all the time off I ever need, and so to have specific days like xmas, and bank holidays really don't bother me too much.

Now what 2015 has instore....

First and foremost, emotionally I am happier than I ever have been. I am more calm and relaxed and quite simply happy within myself. This might sound all "spiritual" but I promise you for me this is very important and something for the last few years I have stride to become. I've gone through the struggles and the battles and no doubt times will come where I need to battle once more, but I am in such a good place, happy being just me, no need to impress people, no care in the world if people dislike me, thats just life. 

Work wise it could be an interesting year and I will strive to work more, look for new opportunities and see where it takes me. I am hopefully (all fingers crossed until I sign a contract) going to be partaking in a new Acting project this year, which would be embarking in something completely different for me to get involved in. I will definitely be sharing if/when it starts, but its just always exciting doing the work I do knowing that I could be doing something completely different on the horizon. 

Anyways...Thank you to everyone who takes the time out to read through this and I hope it keeps you entertained a little and gives you an insight into my life a little more. 

I wish you all a fantastic New Year and may all your wishes come true