Monday, 19 January 2015


Those that know me, will know I go through phases when it comes to my fitness and working out. At times I can be great and really on it, enjoying having that motivation for the gym and getting into good shape. Other times though, my motivation dips massively and I find all the excuses under the sun to become more and more lazy. I think we've all been there lets be honest!!! The same goes with my diet. I have been good in the past, avoided heavy carbs (no carbs before marbs all that jazz), ate lots of vegetables, protein etc and the difference it makes you feel is great. But I love my food, I love eating what I want too. When I was younger I could eat and drink what I wanted, and with exercise maintain a good shape. Amazing what happens when you hit 30?!?! That changes funnily enough, and it becomes a lot harder to maintain.

As mentioned in the past post, my delightful girlfriend bought me Insanity for xmas. When she sees the state I'm in after one of the sessions she will soon realise that its a harsh punishment for me for something I must of done! (Guys we all know that feeling) I am writing this after my first day (technically second day of the test).

Those that don't know anything about the Insanity workouts, its about working at a high intensity for a longer period of time with a short rest. Best part, you can do it at home. The worst part it hurts like hell and makes you work harder than ever before!!!

Another worse part is one of the girls in the DVD. Now I'm not going to say who, but she is this horrible smile on her face throughout it all. She is one of those that "loves it" and she demolished me in the fitness test. But the smile on her face!?! I mean, how does this possibly make you smile??? I might smile when I have a 30 second break because its a break, but that doesn't last long. She loves it! I hate that she loves it! Ha ha maybe I am just a hater...

Insanity starts with a fitness test. Above is half of it, and I was absolutely dying after just doing half of this test. That made me realise just how unfit I was and also helped give me some motivation to change that and get back to a position where I want to be. The fitness test is good for measuring your progress through the 60 day insanity workouts.

Right enough of the boring stuff, this is going to be THE hardest 60 days of my life!

Added to that the stopping of Bread, Pasta, Chips etc etc. Again, going to be the hardest 60 days ever! And a huge reduction in sugar (hopefully none) will be even tougher as I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!

I will be keeping this updated with my progress, but so far 2 days complete and its ridiculously hard, a lot of work, but I am starting to find that motivation to continue to do this and get through it all.

Good luck to all those starting New Year fitness Goals and wish you all the best in achieving what you want from it. If you need any support feel free to message, as I will need as much as possible!

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