Monday, 26 January 2015

Mail on Sunday Shoot

                             (This has nothing to do with the shoot, just a previous shoot picture)

Being flexible is something that I've always had to be since starting my work, modelling, presenting even the occasional acting too. Friday lunch time, the phone rings and I've been booked on a last minute little shoot for the Mail on Sunday. It's great to be booked on any job to be honest, I mean thats how I earn my money and pay my bills! But it does give you a bit of a panic when you are all set for the day ahead. Slightly rushed, but like many of my posts, this is being written on a Monday morning at 11.15am, so if one day I have to rush, I know full well I will have many more days where I'm not rushed.

Now this job for the Mail on Sunday is for 2 hours, which knowing its for a one picture article for the paper, it shouldn't take too long to shoot. I'm told to bring fitness gear to the shoot and be prepared to 'skip' or 'jump rope' if you will. Fortunately first of all I can do that!

An advertisement for one of these as seen above. An action shot maybe, though it took us all a long while to realise that we would never get the perfect arc of the rope above the head with my feet in the air. Now I will leave you to think about that one for a bit and explain at the bottom of this post.

These little jobs happen all the time. Think every single newspaper, every single day will have advertisements in with models, magazines, TV Commercials, billboards etc etc. And how they are done is so simple. Just a little shoot in a studio and thats it. Few poses with the jump rope in hand with some big cheese grins! And a jumping ones in action. We tried to get some with me and the girl model both jumping at the same time, but as you can imagine, not an easy skill to catch perfectly with both of us in the best position.

Just a little post this, sorry if its a bit boring, but got some exciting things that I will be posting about very soon (which I'm not allowed just right now)

(And reason you can't get the rope above the head and feet up is because the feet are off the ground when the rope goes below them. Feet are on the ground when the rope is up. It took time to realise that ha ha)

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