Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Current Prospects


Copy this link and paste into your browser if you would like to see a little montage from my Red Carpet debut and the event for 'Give Kids the World'.

After a lovely vacation (holiday)away to the Bahamas on my first cruise, which was great, I am now back to the graft in Los Angeles. The start of the week means a big email send out to all my contacts that I have made out here in LA. I had a lot of prospects before I went away, so I need to ensure that I have followed everything up.

Prospect 1:
After searching online on one of many of the job websites, I found a job that was looking for a male host. Following this up I found more details about the show. It is a type of dating show, where guys have a chance to find ways of approaching women. It sounds like a fun show to be a part of, and I am hoping to go in to see the production team this week.

Prospect 2:
Following up from the Red Carpet event with a brand new production company who are looking at really going for it. They are an exciting company and one that I would love to be a part of and I am hoping that this will be the case.

Prospect 3:
A reporter job for a local Santa Monica company, looking to update the local people about the events happening around the town. It is a job that I got confirmed for before I went on my vacation. It is something small, but it could be something fun, different and will build up my resume and my reel.

The worrying part of my prospects are that absolutely none of them have anything to do with modelling. Los Angeles is very quiet at present for the industry, which limits one of my opportunities to earn money and work here. I will continue to work hard to change this, but I know its going to take some time.

The one thing with LA is that it is the city for opportunity. It really is and there is so much going on in this town. Its like the tease keeping me hanging on when I see all these opportunities in front of my eyes. Positivity though! It will happen.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Red Carpet Host Debut

Do I look like a host in this picture? I was dressed to impress that's for certain as I took to the red carpet for the first time and I absolutely loved every minute of it! It felt so natural, so easy, so comfortable and more importantly so much fun to be on there.

I can imagine people are wondering how it all came about??? Well as you will know I have been very very quiet of late and I have been making an extra effort to apply for anything that I possibly could, and that includes any hosting opportunities that could improve my reel. That is certainly the key for me at the moment, and also it is great practice for me when new opportunities come up. I scoured the Internet and found on Craig's list a post for red carpet hosts for a charity event. Perfect. I sent my resume and pictures and got an immediate response back to go in on Friday for an interview.

A lot of people turned up for the interview, but being my early self, I was the first one there, which is often an advantage as it gives you extra time to talk to the clients. I immediately build a good rapport with them and was told that I would have to act out like I was on the red carpet, interviewing some big hip hop producers, including one called "No ID", who launched a certain Kanye West's career....(slightly big deal!) HA. The room had about 12 people in so was slightly intimidating, but I felt great, felt confident and just knew I would nail it! And I did, and it was a great moment as I felt very proud of myself and got some great comments back from people in the room, as they all very quickly said "we will see you tomorrow!"


The event was to raise money for Give Kids the World, a fantastic charity that is a village in Florida on a 70acre plot of land that focuses on children with terminal illnesses. They take them to Disney and give them and their families amazing opportunities and support. It truly is fantastic. The event is in conjunction with the launch of "Boss TV" - a new TV production company. This gives me a big opportunity to make a good impression and to potentially work consistently with a new company.
(As previously with the music channel, One Beat, I am not getting too ahead of myself, as there are a lot more complications with new channels and a big step is needed in post production. So we shall see)

I arrived very early to ensure that I was fully prepared for the night. First of all was getting the guest list and trying hard to look through and to find out a small bit about every single person who turns up at the event so I am fully prepared for the red carpet. Camera was set up, red carpet was all laid out and I was ready to go! Mic in hand, camera in front of me and away I went. I wasn't even nervous, was totally excited and felt in my element. The only thing I had to make sure I did was to find out about the celebrities, because being English, I don't have a huge knowledge about some of the smaller American shows (which I need to improve upon certainly)and the last thing you want to do is to get details wrong. Makes you look extremely unprofessional.

I loved every minute of it and planned out my questions to cover all basis and not to drag on too much, such as:

- What brings you here tonight?
- How important is the charity to your heart?
- What projects are you working on at present?

(you have to ensure you listen to the answers as often you can react to what they are saying and catch important points, or as I like, funny points! The red carpet should be fun for all involved and that's the way forward I was going).

Added into the mix were two questions I was almost alternating between people:

- Can you teach me your favorite dance move?
- Can you tell me your best chat up lines?
- Kobe or Blake Griffin? (LA based Basketball superstars)

It was just a fun experience that I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of and I cannot wait until my next opportunity. I got to host on the stage at the event as well, introducing acts on to the stage, filling gaps and getting people involved in the night and making sure we raised a good amount of money for the charity. It was a lot of fun and I met some very cool, talented people, from musicians to producers, to actors, all were great fun.

As soon as I get a copy of the footage and some more pictures from the event I will post them on to the blog.

If you ever have any questions for me then please do not hesitate to contact me by commenting below and I will be happy to reply.