Monday, 24 February 2014

One month on and lots of little jobs to start 2014

I think the picture above really sums up how I feel at the moment. Relaxed, comfortable and very happy. It's been a busy start to the year and been consistently working with regular clients and picking up little jobs here and there thats kept me very busy. Work at ITV has been great too, especially when we hit targets and reflects well on to me, especially considering I am still one of the newbies.

Work on ITV has been going very well this last month. Had a very busy time in January, but was surprisingly very busy. Whats great about the show is the amount of tweets and emails that come in. Gets absolutely crazy at times. I think what surprises a lot of people is getting more emails from guys than girls! ha ha. Now, some of these emails do go far beyond what they should be and I have had some pretty horrific ones sent in too. People do like to get sexual at that time of night! ha ha. But most of it is good banter and again good on air practice for me.

The past couple of weeks have been very quiet because of fashion week. For cat walk models, fashion week is the busiest time of year, working day in day out. For everyone else it gets very quiet, as clients aren't looking to shoot during this period. But I have been lucky with having my presenting and a regular client in Matalan to keep me busy. 

Always Test Commercial
At the end of January, I filmed a test commercial for Always, (yes the "women's product"). And no I was not modelling them in anyway shape or form before you start ha ha. I was down in Brighton for the day and filming in a converted music venue to shoot the commercial in front of a green screen. I was the boyfriend, being dragged around the shops by my girlfriend acting all bored before she comes out of the dressing room looking "refreshed" ha. It was a long long day, but a lot of fun on set as I always have. Never any point in being miserable as it makes days drag. I take that into any job I have actually, plus you never know when you could be working with these people again.

Book Cover Shoot
I will find the picture from this shoot, as it is shot and then an artist draws the end result. Amazing images and very very talented artist too. This is the second time I have shot with this client and its great because they like a bit of acting in there, again good experience for my new thing for 2014 (that sounds so American doesn't it???) ha. I was the aggressive drunk! Hmmmm ok probably quite well type cast there ha ha.

Acting Class

This is something that has been going extremely well. I have loved every single minute of the classes and I am now past half way. I am very much Teachers Pet which I find very amusing because that wasn't the case in school one bit! I'm constantly used for examples and sure everyone will start hating on me soon but I really don't care ha ha. 
We have covered a lot of improvisation and have now moved on to scripts. Its so much fun when you have the freedom to play a character however you see fit. The class are fantastic as well and its great to see everyone grow as the weeks pass. A very random mix of people, but it works and its something I look forward too every week.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time out to read my posts. Hopefully will have some exciting stuff to talk about soon as well. So apologies if you find this one a bit dull ha ha.