Friday, 4 June 2010

Packing up in London and preparing for South Africa

Hey Guys,

It's amazing how your name is mentioned in the papers and then lot's of views on my blog ha. But it's good and anyone is welcome to read what I put up on here, always a bit of fun and giving an insight into what I get up to work wise.

So, my last day in London today I have been packing up all my things as I will be away for 7 - 8 weeks. Been stressing a bit (no shock for me), but steadily getting everything done and by the time I'm on my way to the airport Sunday it will be too late by then ha ha. Got to take a variety of clothes for different conditions in Cape Town, but should be fine. Though I have been told not to take any clothes with big logos on, which for guys is often a lot tougher than it is for girls. You name it got to bring it, but will be absolutely fine I'm sure........aaaarrrggghhh.

I have not a clue what will happen when I am out there, how the show will work, but I do know I will be staying in the "Bud House" the entire time I am out there, so even if England have an early exit, which their not going to do!!!! I hope! Just going to be an experience of a life time, 32 people from 32 different countries and 32 different cultures with 32 different personalities but with one common, the love of football! It's going to be incredible and I really can't wait to meet everyone and to get to know (if possible) all 32 people.

I have attached a link to the introduction video on the right hand side of the blog, and you will also find there my audition video, which in advance I am apologising to all the women in London, I was quite simply in a bad place ha ha. Very embarrassing but typical me for speaking my mind! Maybe that's why I got picked to go in! And heres the link on here too

Will try and get one more update before I go.

Hope everyone is well