Thursday, 21 November 2013

Working on ITV Jackpot247

First of all excuse the expression on my face ha ha - difficult capturing a screen shot whilst live on TV and you never know what kind of faces you will be pulling ha. I'm also sure those who are watching probably see me do things and say things that I have no idea why I'm saying ha, so I apologise for that.


After working on another casino show on and off for 4 years, I was always looking to start moving things forward and to look for new opportunities, and to be brutally honest to get out of the previous place. (I'm not going to talk about the other place in this post but will do another one specifically about that very soon.) The opportunity came up a while ago when a friend of mine started working for the company Netplay on Supercasino which is on channel 5. He has the same agency as me and so our booker sent my showreel over to them. Fortunately for me, they kept hold of my details until they started recruiting again and I was very lucky to be able to initially be given a screen test.


I was sent a script across to learn or to at least follow. Now in the past I have actually struggled to learn scripts and sometimes it takes me a long while to get everything down. But because of my experience on live TV and working for a similar company in the past, I felt very confident and comfortable with the script. So when it came to the screen test and going through the first take I managed to nail it and receive great praise from the Executive Producer. A lot of it was down to the hard work I put in to prepare for this. I wanted it so much. I needed a change. I knew that it wasn't going to happen unless I took the time to prepare properly which I did, much to the annoyance of my housemates ha.

The screen test involved three different one or two minute scripts about promotions and what Jackpot 247 is all about. It was important to be clear and concise and to come across believable to the audience. Again my experience certainly helped with this. The last part of the screen test involved trying to sell some head phones for a minute to the camera. Now I'm sure you think that sounds strange and I certainly did too, but the company is about sales and it is about ensuring more players sign up. Something that I haven't been used to in the past, but it gives me the excitement and the emphasis to push harder in order to reach targets.


I walked out of the screen test feeling very confident and certainly knowing that there was nothing more I could of done. That feeling is fantastic. If I didn't get it I knew I had tried my very best and I felt that they knew it too. Fortunately my best was enough and I was delighted to receive the call to confirm that they wanted me to join the company. The best thing was to be able to leave my old place! That brought me a lot of satisfaction!

Then it was time for some intensive training to learn not only about the scripts, the promotions, the bonuses, but importantly about using the studio and the 6 different cameras that were being used. The whole experience was so professional and made a huge impact on me. Standing positions to ensure the lighting is at its fullest was key as well as positioning so certain graphics could come up well on the screen. This was all new to me, but I have to say I was thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. I knew it was a nice step forward and I felt the progression finally taking place.


First and foremost how great to tweet and to put on Facebook that I will be on ITV and not an obscure sky channel! That felt good I'm not going to lie. I know I'm not hosting the XFactor or a massive show, but I feel very proud to be working on ITV. My first couple of nights I was certainly nervous, and it certainly would of come across to people that it was my first night. But what makes this company so great is the professionalism. To be given feedback is so important for anyones progression in whatever business you work in. This is no different and to be able to get the best from me, they need to tell me when I am doing something wrong and how to rectify this, and that is something that is vitally important. It will help to improve me as a presenter, it will help Jackpot247 get the best from me and it will help me progress and push forward with my presenting.

The way the night works is that I do a total of 2 and a half hours on air, compare that to 6 hours in the previous place. Usually it is an hour on, hour or hour and a half off and then a final hour and a half. Its relaxed, its professional and I feel fully energised every time I'm on air.

A special note to everyone I have met and have helped me within the company and a thank you to all of them who have helped me along my way. They have been very welcoming and helpful and I have settled in very very quickly and it feels like I have been there so long. So a big thank you to all of them and for the support from my friends and family. It's a step forward, but one that has given me the motivation to continue to progress forward and strive for more.

Thanks as always for taking the time out to read


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Options - "It's like dangling toys in front of kids"

Imagine telling your kids, or any kids in your lives that they might get a really nice toy next week. Imagine how excited they are and how they can never get that thought out of their mind. They might try hard to stop thinking about it, but they will continue to get their hopes up. Now imagine telling them the next week that they won't be getting a toy. Horrible right? Now, I know I'm comparing things that happen to me like kids, but options feel the same way. I have been modelling for coming up to 7 years now and dealing with options is one of the hardest things to do.

I am certain that I have mentioned about options in the past, but they will never stop coming and I still haven't worked out how to deal with them properly. Some might be for smaller amounts of money and of course they are easy to put to the back of your mind. But one I had hanging over for a week this past week was for £18,000!!! Silly money right?! For a car commercial and it would have been shooting in Portugal for 6 days as well! Like a dream job! How you can put this to the back of your mind and forget about it is beyond me and something I really struggle to do. Any advise? ;-)

They are never guaranteed and its easy to say to my agency to not tell me, however they need to ensure that I will be free for the shoot if it happens to come off. Its always a tricky one and one in which I spend hours and hours chatting to other models about. The good thing now is that I know how to cope when the options are taken off. At the end of the day its not like I lost that job, as I never had it in the first place. Self motivating talks to keep positive is the key, and ensuring you don't sit and wallow in self pity, I mean, where does that ever get you??? We have all done it, but you always end up realising how pointless that was and feeling sorry for yourself gets you no where.

It's not something that just models/actors go through. This happens in everyday life when you are looking for a job and waiting to hear back from an interview. The only difference is this happens often on a weekly basis! So coping with disappointment is the most important thing and being thankful when one of them comes off.

Anyways a short little post updating on current events. Been a fair few auditions last week and I am continuing to create new opportunities for myself as well. But ultimately anything from now until xmas will be a bonus. December and January does tend to be quiet so its important to keep myself as busy as possible.

Thanks again for reading


Monday, 11 November 2013

Mevius Cigarettes Campaign

After a busy week at the Canary Wharf fashion show, I was very fortunate enough to book an advertising camping for Mevius cigarettes, who are the top Asian cigarette brand. It's been a little while since I booked a nice big job and a much better feeling after casting for the job. a direct booking is all well and good but to get a job from a casting is a much greater feeling.

First of all the job did not require any smoking before you ask ha ha (well its what so many people have asked ha). There were 3 models on the job, 2 guys and a girl. But the crew was big and going into the studio on the first day I instantly knew it was a big professional job, not only because of the size of the crew, but more importantly the FOOD! It's a sure fire sign that time and care has been taken to look after everyone when the food is good and it was absolutely fantastic ha. Anyways...sorry slightly side tracked there by the food ha. Into hair and make up I went (yes on shoots I have make up on - not my favourite part I have to say), but my luck was in as I was a bit of a scruffy mess and my hair needed a cut, which they were more than happy to do. Result! A quick shave as well and I was transformed from what some could describe as rocking the tramp look to a bit more human ha.

The first day involved a lot of sitting around, which strangely happens more on the bigger jobs. The reason was because we were doing individual shots and there were 3 of us rotating and doing 2 different shots each throughout the day. It does take a lot of shots to get the right ones done and even more so when there was a lot of movement involved. They wanted a lot of jumping, leaping etc which I'm sure to many sounds simple, but you need to make sure your legs, arms face, body etc are all looking normal. What made this even harder was the advertising agency had their images of what they wanted in mind and on to a picture script and wanted to replicate this. Something that is absolutely impossible to do, replicate a real life image. You have to try and get as close to the image as possible but just takes some time.

Day 2 started with huge excitement! Not for the shoot but for breakfast! There were these pots of granola, fruit, yoghurt and honey that were so so nice! (Its always the small things in life isn't it ha ha). But Day 2 was to be a much busier day as we had 4 group shots to complete. Now I was "male model 2" in the shots, which meant I wasn't the main focus. Now in the past that would of made me feel a bit uncomfortable and to take it personally. But after almost 7 years as a model, I never worry about that one bit. The main thing is that I am just pleased when I book a job and know that I am still getting paid the same and my role is still important, so you just make sure you do your best.

It was a long couple of days, but I wouldn't change them one bit and certainly would never complain about it. I love being busy, I love working and keeping my time filled in. In the past I feel I have wasted so much of my time sat around doing very little, when I could of made full use of it. I guess thats an age thing. But importantly I have certainly changed and know I don't want to waste anymore time and I want to work hard in order to be successful.

Thanks for Reading


Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Fashion Shows are not normally something that I would do, mainly because they do not pay a great deal and I went through a long phase in the first couple of years of modelling where I didn't book any. Pretty naive of me to be honest because this was so much fun and I feel like I have certainly missed out on a lot of fun doing more of them. The thought of walking up and down a catwalk has never been of huge interest to me to be honest. I know many girls had dreams of walking the catwalk, but for guys I feel its very different, however I was completely surprised by how much fun I had.

Its a long process though, as its not just about turning up and walking up and down as so many people think. Now I'm not going to preach to you and say its like rocket science, but a lot of work goes into the organisation. It started on Monday with the first rehearsals. There were 6 of us involved (3 guys, 3 girls) and we were shown various walk throughs for certain shows that we were doing. The only complex part was crossing over the catwalk and on to little stages and ensuring we all moved at the same time. There were also dancers in the show as well who I have to say worked their nuts off! Their job was far more difficult than ours and immediately I ensured I didn't moan about one single thing ;-) ha ha. The rehearsals lasted a few hours and I felt very comfortable and realised the dancers were cool and I would certainly get on with all of them.

The next day involved a couple of hours in fittings ensuring the clothes fit ok, which simply involves trying on different outfits of the brands we were doing the shows for. The key - taking clothes off as quickly as possible and putting them back on just as quick ha, simple.

Then it was a full day of rehearsals and one of the funniest days I have had for a long time. We went through 4 of the shows and quite a few times each which included full dress rehearsals. With fashion shows you often have little time to change clothes and its key for the organiser to ensure that the changes are all possible and everyone is working hard together. We had our own designated dressers too! How crazy does that sound?! But I have to say they were 100% necessary as they ensured all the clothes were in the right order and made sure we got ready in time.
What was incredibly funny was that the dancers had these really tricky routines to learn and had a much much harder job than the models, yet it was the models who struggled the most! Fortunately I ma not including myself in this, as it was not my section that was the tricky part. Watching 4 models learning to move across the stage and in between some drummers in the right order was just comedy gold! If it wasn't one of them it was the other that couldn't get it. Sadly the stereotype of a model was in full swing at this point! The dancers were in hysterics as was I and one of the girl models too. But also the dancers couldn't believe how much trouble they were having and probably thought how ridiculous ha ha.

Everything was set though for 3 days of shows at Canary Wharf. It went great it has to be said and I really enjoyed the shows. You get to know everyone involved because of the times you spend with each other and in between the shows you are just socialising which I loved. There was great banter between everyone involved and although at times it was hard work, ultimately there are so so many jobs that are worse than what we did. Plenty of people watched the shows and I was just happy nobody booed me! ha. I was also happy that I didn't mess up at all and just ensured I enjoyed the whole experience.

It was a very handy job to keep me busy and to earn me money, but importantly it was thoroughly enjoyable and I met some great people that I hope to stay in contact with. Also, you never know if future work could come up with this company, so very important to leave a good impression.

My blog has had a make over and I can finally add pictures to the posts!!! ABOUT TIME! I hope you enjoy


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Aiming to end the year on the up!

Well after a turbulent year to say the very least we are shockingly only 2 months away from it being over. I have had such a crazy year in more ways than one, but hopefully (touch wood) things are starting to progress forward.

I have come to a point with modeling that I do not want to become reliant on it anymore. In the past I rely on earning a certain amount from that each month but it has to be one of the most inconsistent occupations around. From a good couple of months to a month of barely anything coming in, it does me no good to worry about that. A conscious effort now on my behalf to focus my energy and attention on my presenting side of things and ensure that I have control in most of these. The harder I work on this, the more it will benefit me and unlike modeling, this is work that I need to work on and will do me some good in the future too. Modeling there is only so many times you can practice looking left and right and perfecting Blue Steal!

It's been an interesting transition at this point however as I have now moved to JACKPOT 247 on ITV and do their roulette show. A completely different format to the old place, where I will write a separate piece on to open up the ridiculous that went on there. Jackpot though is a breath of fresh air. Respectful employees with excellent communication skills, real producers, feedback (positive and negative - but any is a blessing) and a studio with 6 working cameras. For Live TV this is a great opportunity for myself to start pushing my presenting forward to the next level and I look forward to taking up the challenge to make a real difference.

Networking is so crucial in this industry and something that in the past I can definitely hold my hands up and say that I have been lazy at it. Not anymore!! I am constantly arranging meet ups with many contacts, whether just for a chat about work or to discuss any potential opportunities. You have to do this because if you don't many will.

Short but sweet post, but expect more from me and I might start posting once a week on a certain day. I will also post an insight into my old workplace and the ridiculous of what went on within that company.

AND finally I have ordered a new laptop!?!?! Yes finally after 2 years without one I have one on the way and I will be able to jazz up my posts and have a change in the look of the blog too. Thanks as always for reading, any feedback welcomed

Thursday, 4 July 2013

New Job for Foxy Bingo and more

It's been far too long since my last post and my apologies to those who like reading my blog. Will try my best to pull my socks up! The last few weeks have been really busy though and I am ensuring I am not wasting any free time and always doing something or other. Its been a great few weeks though and so much to tell you all as well.


A couple of weeks ago I did a great shoot for Grey Goose. Now the definition this time of a great shoot is the fact I did very little and I mean very little and got good money for it. This is the great side to my work sometimes and almost the ridiculous to be honest! Without saying too much about the shoot, (I might get in trouble somewhat ha) but I was in the background and the Bottle was the main character in the shot. I was one of 5 models on the job, 2 other guys who are friends of mine which makes the day even better just hanging out with them. We were not all used at the same time and they tried various different background images of us. This was it. A full days work but happy days.

Now modeling wise has not necessarily been very busy for guys in London at all. Since April, it has gone very very quiet with very few castings for more work. It is not just me who is quiet, friends of mine from other agencies around London are in the same situation as me. Just seems to be one of those times of years, which happens from time to time. These times can be tough, but I have been ensuring that I am doing absolutely everything in my power to look for other work and to keep myself busy. This is where the gym is very useful and I have been in there regularly at the moment and really working hard to ensure I stay in good shape for when that call comes in. I am also grateful for the casino channel too for the work there to keep me busy during quiet times. It's something I have so often moaned about, but times like these feel very fortunate to have.

I have been saying yes to a lot more work too, even if at times its very different, like topless waiting (I know shocker) and greeting guests at events. These 2 things I did last week, and although not exactly what I want to be doing, it helps bring some more money but more importantly keeps me busy.


Now I mentioned in the past the importance of looking for work yourself and searching out new opportunities. At the end of the day nobody works harder for yourself than you and this is so true. You could have a million and one agencies looking after you, but remember every single one of them has other clients so you are not the 100% focus like you are to yourself. Searching through a website I saw an opportunity arise for a presenter for Foxy Bingo TV. I had seen that there had been over 5000 views on this post and I was a little late seeing the post, but applied anyways. Fortunately I wasn't too late and I received a message back to arrange a screen test.

Now the screen test I was given a script and basically given a 15 minute run through of what the show would be like. I felt very comfortable actually and wasn't nervous at all. Doing the Live TV on the Casino Channel has really stood me in good stead for any other presenting. I have to do 30 minutes a time with no preparation, no producing and no guidance, so anything that is organised with a script and a producer is a bit of a doddle for me. The screen test went great and I felt very comfortable with it and comfortable with the environment and nature of the work.

Almost a week past when I had that successful email and was asked to come in for a paid trial shift, which was last night! For me this was great as it keeps me even more busy and also is a step up for me with my presenting, and gives me the opportunity to meet new people too and to build my contacts up.

- The First Shift

I turned up an hour early to run through the script and to meet the team who were very very friendly and very easy to get on with. My co host Nadia, as great too, full of energy and excitement and very easy to work with. She does a lot of work with Radio 1 as well, so to have someone on board like that is also a very good sign. We sat in the studio and I had a laptop in front of me as did Nadia, a camera dead ahead and a screen to the right which is the feed that the viewers see. Ear piece in and talk back in motion I was ready to start.

Now I had been pre warned a bit as to what to expect from the viewers as it is a show where they get to call in, something that I was really looking forward too. They were definitely very very cheeky, but they were all very friendly and kept me entertained which is what I like. The players all play in different rooms and chat to each other regularly. They are like their own community and my role is to entertain them and to run competitions for them to in money and other prizes. It made the time fly by and was in there for 3 hours and felt like no time what so ever. It is just the step I needed and helps to give me some more Live experience and to develop my presenting experience. It's about time I started to take steps forward and on to bigger and better things.

And as I write this post I have just received the good news that Foxy Bingo will become a regular job for me and I will be put on to the rota! Very happy whilst writing this!

That's my update for the past month and I am very happy with how work is going and for everything else in my life. Playing cricket regularly every Saturday has also been a god sent and gave me something to look forward to every week as well as I get to go home and see friends and family too. I'm also pleased my hard work is paying off too.

Hope you are all well and thanks for taking the time out to read the post.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Using lessons learnt from LA - plus Jai Kudo Eyewear shoot

Hi Guys,

My apologies for it being a month since my last post. To be honest there hasn't been too much to report in the past month so not too much to write about. Unfortunately for guys the industry has been pretty quiet the last month or so. This happens from time to time and is part and parcel of modelling. It's not like I'm not used to this, after being in the industry for over 6 years now, but I still find it frustrating, however there is very little I can do about it. I did slip at one point and started to blame others and outside influences for this, but at the end of the day its these times that you need to knuckle down and think outside the box.

When I was in LA, I had to search for work myself, contact people, search websites, network etc etc. It was the only way I could of survived out there (not literally of course). Recently I put this to the test over here and the last week or so I have started to have some success by not just relying on agencies to get me work. At the end of the day no one will work harder to get work for you than yourself. Its as simple as that. So, as of last week (I know its very early days right now)I have been ensuring that each and everyday I have been doing something to start getting more work and to look for opportunities to start developing my work.


I have worked for this company before, in 2008! They remembered me from before and I had a great relationship with them during that shoot and fortunately learnt very quickly that it is important to maintain good relationships with clients because you never know when they will contact you again for work. This was a case and when they contacted my agency looking for a guy for a shoot and they saw I was on their books, that was it. It was absolutely perfect. They are some of the nicest clients I have ever worked for before, a family feel to them and very easy to shoot with as well.

Apparently I have the face for glasses as it is the 3rd glasses company I have worked with since I started modelling. The shoot itself was in a penthouse at the top of a new build in South East London with views of the entire river and the city. It was absolutely beautiful bar the typical cold British weather that we were having in May!!! Ridiculous isn't it?!?! A very simple style, with the backdrop of the city, the shoot was very relaxing and just required a few stern bluesteals in there ;-). A few of the shots I was cosying up to my "pretend" girlfriend in, who was very nice, laid back and easy to work with. Now I know so many ask me about models I work with blah blah blah, but the best ones are the ones where there is no tension, are confident, friendly and easy going. Fortunately I have been lucky and worked with quite a lot of girls like that, which makes life so much easier. This girl, Lamie, was just like that and made the shoot nice and easy.

Best bonus from the shoot is getting 2 pairs of glasses from it!!! Touch!

Next stop for me is starting Acting lessons and getting my presenting showreel refreshed as well to start giving me more and more opportunities to get things moving. I'm 29 now and need to really attempt to kick on with work and make some opportunities happen and when they do to never let go of them. Next update I hope to have something exciting on the horizon. Fingers crossed.

Hope you are all well


Saturday, 27 April 2013

BIRTHDAY POST - My 29th Year

It's been a while since I posted and have had a hectic month in more than one way. I have been working lots and been to Thailand on holiday and just been concentrating on keeping myself as busy as possible. But this post I thought I would look to review the past year, more for myself than anything and its nice to reflect on what I have achieved this year and how i feel this past year has been for me.

This time last year I was living in Los Angeles - which does feel like quite a distant memory now. I was working so hard to get work in any which way, coaching football (or "sooooooccer" for all you Americans), modeling, hosting a dating show and picking up any sorts of work i could possibly get my hands on. It was a tough time in my life no doubt, where I learnt the value of money, learnt to really live within my means, no smoking, not much drinking and actually just concentrating on bringing in a pay cheque to survive out there. But I was fully enjoying the sunshine thats for sure and spending some great time with great people I met over there (the handfull of real people that were in LA)!

Then life changed when I made the big decision to move back home and away from the "American Dream" which I can openly say unfortunately didn't happen. I gave it my best shot thats for sure, 2 years on and off trying my best to achieve success, but unfortunately it didn't happen. That's life, but I am proud of myself for how much I gave it a go. I learnt so much during my time in LA and certainly changed a lot when I came home. Learnt more values, learnt so much more patience and quite frankly grew up. Now in all honesty I wish I wasn't feeling as grown up, and wish I was a bit more care free but turning 29 tomorrow I guess its about time I did! ha.

Moving back home offered its own challenges though. Starting again with work and slotting back to the same life I had before LA. That was quite tough to accept because although I gained greater experience from living abroad, I had to accept being back to the same life I had 2 years previous. I had to move in with my parents for a few months too! Now theres a challenge for all! Day 2 - I walk into the Hall way and my Dad stops me and says, "James, you know the rules. You are only allowed one pair of shoes in the Hall Way and not 2!"............You can imagine my reaction to that! My jaw dropped, and I held my hands in my head and seriously thought WTF. I thought why the hell have I come back! How am i going to cope living with my parents again after 3 years!?

Now what i hadn't thought about is that my parents had got used to living on their own and that me coming back was going to require an adjustment from them too. We all had to learn and start again with each other. Fortunately I have the most amazing family and we talked it all through and worked it out. A note on that - my family has been there throughout my whole life, have stuck by me in my times of need, have always been on the end of a phone to offer advise or to just listen whenever I have needed them, and for that I am so unbelievably greatful. I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world sometimes to have my family and to be so close with them. It's not just that feeling that they are always there for me. Its that feeling that I will always be there for them whatever the case. Love that. Thats where I have grown up. I know the importance of being selfless, looking out for others, being that support mechanism for family and friends and never shy away from hard times.

I then moved to London where I am now and have been there for 6 months already which has absolutely flown by! Quickest 6 months of my life I think, but so happy and fortunate to be living where I do. London is such an amazing city, and the best times are coming up, the summer!!! In between those 6 months I have worked in Rome, in the Maldives and have had lots of work and probably been the busiest I have ever been modeling which has been amazing.

The down side, its been the toughest 6 months of my life personally and ultimately the toughest year of my life to date! The changes in environments, relationships ending and much more. But I accept that it is just life testing me and testing to see how quickly I get back on my feet. Again, thanks to an amazing family and my incredible friends who have always been there when I needed them, whether I was here at home or even miles away in LA, they have never ever not been there. Means the world to me, and if any of them are reading this, I Thank You so much! When you go through tough times, you really do learn who are close to you. Unfortunately you learn about the people (the absolute few) that thrive on others unhappiness. But they are sad individuals who have nothing else on in their lives, and who mean nothing to me at all. But again, you learn and move forward.

Right, getting into it there and deep for a change wasn't I?! ha sorry about that. I do wonder now what my 30th year has in store! Scary to say that must admit, because you remember the days when your younger and you always say, "When I'm 30 I want to be...." - well I always said that by 30 I would be with the woman of my future and be ready to propose and start a family. That may have to be delayed at least another 5 years I think!!! I'm absolutely miles away from that now ha ha. But that's fine. I am patient and not in a rush to settle down now as the most important thing I have learnt is making myself happy within myself. That's all I can ask.

It's been a crazy year thats for sure, but hoping the next year will be a more settled one to be honest. Take things day by day and see what i can achieve in the coming year.

Thank you to all that read my blog, up to 15000 views now which is amazing! (I know 10000 of those are me but hey ;-) ) I will step up my posting again throughout the summer and hope you continue to enjoy. Pictures will be included when I get my new laptop...hopefully tomorrow for my birthday!!!!! ha ha. Hope you are all well

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Patience Patience Patience

My last post I was very busy with lots of work coming in and opportunities a plenty, this one is not too much different actually, except the fact I am writing this with a severe case of MAN FLU (yes basically I have a cold...ok ok). But I am also fighting very very hard to stay patient for things in both my work life and personal life to get to where I want it. I have learnt that "good things come to those who wait" and that in order to get everything you want in life, you have to keep calm, stay strong and ultimately stay patient. But importantly never ever give up fighting if you truly believe in something.

Anyway...enough of the stuff that makes most people slightly queezy when I talk about all these feelings ha. So, I have been back up to Manchester for a shoot for Tesco once more, which was nice job again. Maybe not the most glamorous of shoots especially when I'm modeling their range of ONESIES...but hey, it's not all that you read in the papers and not all jobs can be like the one I did in the Maldives. These are the shoots that involve taking a few pictures in different poses (looking left right, straight, hand in pocket etc) then turning round and having a back shot. That's simply it and doing that for about 50 different changes of clothes. It's something that could become very regular though and I could find myself up to Manchester a few times a month now which would be ideal.

I have had a lot of castings this past week too, and want to go into some of the details of what has been required in the casting.

"SHAVING COMPANY" - (I won't name them)

The good thing about castings with my agency is the chance to catch up with your mates in town. Sometimes modeling can be a lonely career, walking around to castings on your own, and spending a lot of time by yourself. This one was good because it gave us all a chance for a good catch up, something I was very grateful for.

The casting itself was a bit of an uncomfortable one to be honest. 4 women in the room, 2 of which were foreign and spoke no English. I had to stand there take my top off and literally have 8 eyes analysing my entire body! It was very strange, asking many questions about my natural skin color (obviously I replied, Essex) ;-) and continued to stand there shirtless while they looked through my book. There was just a very strange vibe and atmosphere in the room, and I wasn't the only one to feel it. But what can you do? You just have to stand there and wait until they say goodbye and your out of there. You have to show no sign of feeling uncomfortable and just smile and try and make sure in a good way that they don't forget you and you become memorable.

Well I didn't get this job anyway but unfortunately that may have something to do with me being a bit stupid and telling them after they asked that I have done a commercial for Nivea before. Massive error. Always say no James!!! It's not like I'm new to this either! I was so annoyed with myself for it, but maybe wouldn't have made a difference.


When casting for commercials it is mainly down to a small bit of acting mixed with the right looks. If you fit their brief and they can visualise you in that role, then you stand a good chance of getting the job. This casting was a typical beer commercial, sat with a mate sharing a pint at the pub, simple. It's like a dream for me to do jobs like this, and castings just feel so natural considering I have been practicing my body on this since like 11 years old! The amount of money I have spent on drinking and going out, its about time I get some reward from that ha ha.

A little bit of chat with another guy and that was it. The casting director was really nice though and he was an Arsenal fan too so managed to have a good chat with him along the way too. We shared each others pain about going out to Bayern Munich, always good to be remembered! ha.

NOTE - This casting I have actually booked the job for this evening! Which is great news especially considering its the week before Easter and sometimes this period can go a little quiet.


On Friday, I had to go down to Swansea for a screen test for a new PR project for an American company. Now the company specialises in cars and is hoping to do a variety of projects around the world that requires a host. I had to plan and prepare a 3-5 minute script on Engine Coolant! Exactly WTF was my reaction too. It was like going back to school to study and learn about something brand new and try to understand it. When presenting anything, you need to convince the audition that you are natural in what you are saying and that you know exactly what you are talking about. I did most of my preparation on the 3 hour train journey down and prepared my script for the teleprompter. All set up and ready to go I met some really friendly people doing the casting and they made the audition very simple for me. Let me have all the takes I needed until it was perfected, so just 1 ;-) ha I wish! It only took a few takes and they seemed very satisfied by this.

It was back and off on the train for another 3 hour journey after that! Long treck for a screen test, but its down to myself and just 3 others now, so fingers crossed.

I have had a quiet weekend working at the casino channel, which can be tough doing 4 shifts in 5 days thats for sure, but it's still work and still my bread and butter as such, so certainly not complaining. You just end up running out of things to say!

Right now I'm concentrating on getting myself better and getting to plenty of castings and continuing to hope more work starts to come in and some options keep on confirming. Keeping patient is the key and staying calm when I lose out on options too. Its part of the industry and something I have learnt to deal with over time, though always is hard work when its a big job. I lost 2 options last week for a trip to Spain and a big job for Sony which can be difficult to take, but you have to keep picking yourself up.

Patience away from work could lead to some happiness soon, but only time will tell and these things can never be rushed as we all know.

Thanks again to you all for taking the time out to read my blog, its much appreciated.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


This is probably one of the busiest periods I have ever had as a model in 6 years in the industry. With the mix of castings, options and jobs its really been rather crazy of late and something that I am very greatful for as well. My agency is working very hard for me at the moment too, putting me up for many jobs and castings and I seem to be re paying the faith at the moment. Times like this certainly do not come around that often and I am making sure I am taking full advantage of it and putting on the best performance possible during every single job. Now I know so many will be like "what performance can you put in, you just stand there!" True, but I always make sure I don't complain, I am easy to get on with and I have fun every shoot I do. You need to ensure that you are memorable, but for all the right reasons.

In modeling it is so important for us to get regular clients. Like hairdressers, personal trainers, its the same thing. Repeat clients can really help boost your wages and if a client becomes regular it is an absolute perfect situation.

TESCO - (shooting in Manchester)

The start of the week involved a trip up to Manchester to shoot for Tesco Online website. Ok, yes it might not be the most glamorous of modeling, but something that could become very regular which is the main thing. It's always nice to get out of London for a bit as well and travel around, all be it a lonely evening in a hotel. The shoot was only for half a day and the production company were extremely nice and friendly and very easy to work with. It was a very simple job, having front, back and detailed shots of a variety of outfits, from shirts to t-shirts to suits. Studio website shoots are never the most exciting, but its something that keeps you busy, which is the main thing.


This how shoot was simply brilliant in so many ways. From the casting to the fitting and to the shoot itself. I will break it down for you all and you will see what I'm talking about thats for sure.

The Casting

The casting was a week and a half ago on a day that was one of the worst for me for a long time. I was mopeing around town, head down, feet dragging feeling very very low. I went into the casting and just said to myself "suck it up!" When I walked in, there was a table with lots of different objects on them, from a dustpan and brush to a frying pan! WTF...We got told we had to pick one of the objects and use it as part of our character name for a superhero. After 5 minutes of thought, I picked up the "masher" and became, the masher! I walked into the room, putting on a positive front, and had to renact a scene of "the masher" how I would jump in the air and the masher becomes giant and I squash all the thieves! Then brushed myself off and walked off casually. It was pretty funny must admit and the room of clients and production thoroughly enjoyed it too! ha. Even though I knew it went well, the mood I was in blinded me to worry about getting it, but I did!

The Fitting

Wednesday I had the fitting for the job and knowing it was something superhero based, i was intrigued as to what i would be wearing! Low and behold it was full on superhero gear! A man made costume that i have to say was pretty funny, but made so well. Bright red and blue colours, loved it. With the outfit on, it was time to head into the room with the client and production so they could see what the outfit looked like. Sometimes that can feel weird when all the eyes are on you and they are analysing the outfit, but hey, its my job! The outfit was almost ready, bar some last minute adjustments.

The Job

The joyful English weather that we have, meant the morning of the shoot was pouring with rain and very misty everywhere. The temperature also dropped a great deal too, and as it was an outside shoot, I new I would be pretty cold for most of the day. The location was at a DLR Tube station on the platform and quite simply enough standing waiting for my train. We did some other video shots of me arriving at the station and one that was so funny. I was crouched down trying to open the tube doors with my "magic powers" and some random guy walks beside me presses the button opens the door and looks at me and walks in. I give him a look and stand up and walk in with my head down. It was very very amusing.

The crew on the shoot often make a shoot either good, or bad. Fortunately this crew were absolutely fantastic, like 99.9% of the jobs I've done. They were fun, relaxed, friendly, caring and just a joy to work with. Although I was freezing my nuts off on the platform, I was ok because of how great the production team and client was.

A busy week thats for sure and next week could be just the same. I have many options holding including a job in spain which would be lovely. I have a repeat booking for Tesco too, that is brilliant news for me and seems like it will become regular. Lots of promising castings next week too and also a callback for a regular presenting gig as well. Things are starting to push on with work, and I am one who just loves it when I'm busy. Such a great feeling of self satisfaction.

Thanks again to all that read my posts and hope you like them. If there is ever anything you would like me to talk about, or you have any questions, feel free to comment, or find me on twitter at jamesgreeninuk

Monday, 4 March 2013

On This Morning in my Undies!!!

This is a post I forgot to put on here a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure a lot of my friends know about it and have seen the pictures from the job. I am getting a laptop soon I promise and can upload pictures with my posts when I do, damn IPAD, amazing things but can never upload pictures on! If you want to see these just follow me on twitter and check my pictures out. You will find me under jamesgreeninuk.

I have done quite a few little cameo's on This Morning before, some live on air, some pre recorded stuff. It's always fun when doing them, as the people working on the show are absolutely fantastic. Very friendly, very enthusiastic and always up for having fun whilst working. I guess they have to be for a show like that. In the past i have done a fashion show, been a carol singer and a handy man amongst some of my roles! But they didn't even come close to having to be in my underwear on screen! Daytime TV as well and having to stand there in a pair of boxers! What has my life become, and how on earth did I end up here in this position I will never ever know.

With This Morning, they always get you there very early, 7am call time, knowing full well we wont often be needed until half 11. We have to do a little run through before the show airs to ensure we know what we are doing, what way to turn etc (you know us models struggle with our right and lefts). So it involves a lot of waiting around, and a lot of chatting to everyone and anyone that you see. Fortunately there were 3 very nice girls working that morning, one which I have known for a long time, so was all good. (and yes lucky me, 3 model girls and me! OK life isn't exactly that bad is it).

The time of the catwalk, I was the last to go, which actually is so much better than being first lets be honest. I was waiting back stage realising that it was too late to stuff some tissue down my underwear!!! So yes it was all me ok! But if I did remember to stuff I would have been happy to join all the models who do the campaigns who all have another implement in their undies!! ha ha ha. Anyways...trying to forget about that, the next step is making sure I don't trip up or fall over! Now that would of been embarrassing. The hosts were Eammon and Ruth for the show this week and I got the feeling Ruth was rather happy when i walked out considering how all her comments made me rather uncomfortable! Including asking me to do a spin round just for her!!! It was very funny though and tried so hard to keep a straight face, which I struggled massively with!

Now the body...Well I have been very good of late, in the gym 4-5 times a week, eating properly and also as soon as I turned that corner and was on screen I was ready to "squeeeeeeeeeezzzzzeeeee". I did get the question of "do you tense or is your stomach always like that?" I so wanted to be cocky and go "No tensing, all me" but I couldn't lie! It was just funny and hearing Ruth after they cut continue to talk about me was very very funny, and amused the girls thats for sure. But that was it. I was on for about a minute, maybe 2 maximum and that was the job done.

I appreciate any work I get and even small little bits and bobs are always good fun and keeps me busy which is something I am always craving. Busy week this week and another post coming in the next day or so as some good work is starting to come in. Currently in Manchester right now writing this at a restaurant sat on my own! Yes I'm one of those people right now ha ha ha.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

2013...Not my year so far thats for sure

I posted a quite deep and dark post on here towards the end of last year around October, November time when I was going through a really bad phase. Through the help and support of friends and family I managed to get myself fully out of the funk and in a great place. But life can change and as we all know at times its like being on a roller-coaster. Full of up's and down's. And unfortunately nothing in my life has prepared myself for the start of 2013 which I have had. It's been shock after shock after shock and I have had to pretty much deal with every single emotion that you could think of in life.

Everybody says these things "come in 3's", everyone says that "things can only get better from here". Well after 5 different things that have occurred in just over a month, both those statements don't particularly ring true lets be honest. Those that are close to me know what i have had to deal with, and I can't exactly blast it on here to be honest, but lets just say a movie could be made on whats been going on! The key is to come out of all of these experiences with your head high and with positives.

The main positive I have had is that I am so open to talk about my problems. I have learnt that when you bottle everything up it makes things a million times worse to deal with and just ends up eating away at you. When you shut yourself off from people and become a bit of a recluse, it again will mess with your mind. The mind is seriously a dangerous thing and when you can't stop it from working, it can be hard to deal with. I could name so many of my friends that have been there every step of the way. They have listened over and over again to everything that was going on and never ever passed judgement on the situation, just listened. Those listening skills are so key to any relationship, whether its family, friends or a loved one, something which i pride myself to do for all the people close in my life.

A great quote one of my friends sent me yesterday:

"It's about getting up one more time than being knocked down"

(Boozey 2013 - his nickname and sure the quote is from a famous philosopher of some sort)

This is such a great quote though and so true. If someone or something causes you to be knocked down, why give them the satisfaction of seeing you stay down. Get up and comeback stronger and its what I am trying desperately hard to do.

I'm going to post some more quotes on here to end this short post off that are important to me.

"You only live once"

"What goes around comes around" (karma)

"You are confined only by the walls you build yourself"
"Take risks: If you win you will be happy. If you lose you will be wise"

"Learn from yesterday - Live for Today - Hope for tomorrow"

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony" (Gandhi)

"Work for a cause NOT for applause. Live life to express, NOT to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt"

"Always laugh when you can, it is a cheap medicine"

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind"

"No matter how hard the past, you can always BEGIN AGAIN"

And the last one.....

"The trick is to ENJOY LIFE. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead."

Monday, 4 February 2013

Great start to February

My last post went into detail about the only modeling job I had in January. Not a bad one to have of course having the trip to the Maldives, but the rest of the month was very quiet, something that you have to get used to in the industry. Thats why its all well and good getting a good job here and there, but without filling the rest of your time up, the money earned has to be spread across the quiet times, something that finally I am starting to become more sensible about. Anyhow, January may have been quiet, but I have hit the ground running in February already and its only the 4th today!


On Friday I booked a little journey up out of London to the George Asda offices in Rugby, close to Leicester. Early start for me, something that I am certainly not used to one bit! Gets tough sometimes when your body clock is constantly changing, but with the weekend off ahead of me, I was all good. Plus it was only a fitting too.
Now, for those of you who are not sure what exactly a fitting is, please don't laugh. I simply get given different clothes to try on, a couple of quick snaps and change. The fittings are often for a future shoot for the company or for the designer to check how clothes lie on someone. That is it, very very simple.

I was at the fitting with a girl model who I have worked with before, which is always a bonus. Though as we weren't shooting anything together it wasn't a problem as it is. We just alternated outfits and shots for a couple of hours maximum. That was it. Then lunch and a check of the shots, and one more outfit and I was done. A very very easy day. The pay is never that great for a fitting, but for what I actually did it wasn't too bad at all and I certainly am not complaining one bit.


Now this one is a real result and a company like this is something that could become regular work if they like you and you do a good job. An online clothing company and one of the biggest in the country. I had a casting for this job a couple of weeks ago. Slightly embarrassing as it is for their swimwear range and mainly speedos!!! So the casting I had to get changed into some small speedos, with an even tighter under speedo (just to be clean ;-)), make sure nothing was hanging out and out I came. ha ha. Let's be honest, you have to think of these things, as your not going to get the job if they shoot you and your left nut is hanging out ha ha (anyone seen the inbetweeners will know what I mean!). I had to stand and wait for what seemed like an eternity in front of a lot of people in the office/studio space while they finished something off, but was probably only 5 minutes. Had to have a few shots taken, turn round and a few more and that was it. My face cut out of the shots as it is an unrecognizable shoot (yeah yeah I know what your all thinking, too ugly for it....probably ha ha). I walked away from the casting, not knowing whether they liked me or not,n but fortunately they did!

Booked for just a few hours work on a Monday morning, when I don't have a clash of my presenting work or anything is a real bonus. I am sat writing this in the studio as we take our time getting ready for the shoot and it looks as though there are only about 10 items, but I'm sure that will change no doubt, fingers crossed it doesn't. The main thing is that I need to ensure I make a good impression and they use me again. A regular client for models is absolutely vital to earn regular money.

The job went fine, very very simple trying on a variety of different swim wear, mainly speedos that were rather tight! Very difficult to shy away when in that situation. ha ha ha. Sure the shots will be up on the website very soon no doubt for all to see. It will be a good test to see if anyone recognises its me! ha ha. Now I just have to hope that they want to use me again for some more work, and to turn them into a regular client would be absolutely fantastic.


Amazingly for the 3rd working day of the month I have a 3rd job in a row. Diet Coke, sounds amazing right? Sounds like I'm about to tell you I am going to be the Diet Coke Man? (I wish - though did have a casting pre christmas for that job, didn't get it obviously as it would have been all over my social network and YOU would of known about it believe me!) It's for a channel 4 promo to celebrate Diet Cokes birthday. I had the casting for it a couple of weeks ago, shirtless again and just had to do a variety of poses and that was it. 6 guys booked so very happy, even though its not a huge job, I'm not being fussy believe me.
It's a compliment to myself to be booking shirtless jobs at the moment and means that the work I am putting in the gym and how much I'm concentrating on my diet is starting to really pay off. 6 years as a model, I thought it was about time I took my job a bit more seriously, and the more work I'm getting really proved that I should have been doing this when I first started, but hey. Can't change the past and all.

No idea what i will have to do tomorrow but I am certain I will be blogging about it, as it seems to be something I have never even done before in the past. Sure it will be fun though no doubt. There is George Lamb and Rick Edwards from Channel 4 who will be there as well, so could be rather intriguing.

Right hope your well, thanks again for taking the time out to read my blog. I've had a lot going on this past month that has certainly been a huge learning curve, but will go into that another time. All is well and looking forward to the rest of the month

Monday, 21 January 2013

Maldives - the best job bar none!

I don't think in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought I would start any new year off with a trip to the Maldives, let alone a work trip and let alone THE best job I have ever done. How can I compare some of the jobs I have been fortunate enough to do? Well, I will try and break down why in this post, but I just want to concentrate on getting across why this job was so amazing in so many different ways.
- As a quick sub note, those who read my blog and are not following me on twitter of Facebook, feel free to add me and you will be able to see all the images from my trips. Unfortunately due to restrictions of the IPAD I can't get pictures on here to support it, but I am working on it.

OK, so the job itself is for a library/stock shoot. Now what that simply means is that a production company sets up a variety of shots and puts them on a website to be brought by companies. I have no control over the usage of these as thats included in my fee. It's something that many models try hard not to do, just soley because your images can be used endlessly. However, when it involves a trip to the Maldives its a completely different issue as you can imagine! The production companies that have a library stock of images, often do very well for themselves and the benefits for companies buying the images are that they don't have the costs of setting up shots or the hassle with setting up a whole production for a shoot. (Just a bit of information for you all - I'm very informative you see ;-) ha)


I took the tube to the airport and massively misjudged my travel time and was 30 minutes late getting there to meet everyone! I hate being late so much, means you have that awkward panic, plus always worse when your meeting people you are going to be working with. Anyways, no need to panic as I was quickly greeted by the girl model, Geoegia, that I would be working with. I have worked with her a couple of years back and we became friends after. She was someone that I got on with so well and knew full well that we would have a great time on the trip and it would be a nice stress free one. I also met one of the guys in production, Joe, who I quickly got on with like a house on fire, similar age which always helps and great banter! ha. On the travel there were an older couple too who were modeling. I love older couples on jobs, as they always have some amazing stories from their past and these two weren't any different. The older guy, Alistair, a 68 year old man, got cast for the job after doing a head stand in the audition!!!! Absolutely nuts! Now this may not have been the reason why he got it, but it sure as hell wouldnt have done him any harm at all. Legend!
Now I didn't know during the flight or shall I say flights, that I should of got to know Alistair a bit more. Reason being because when we got to the resort I quickly found out that we were going to be roomies, but not just roomies, BED BUDDIES. Yep, for 7 nights I was going to be sharing a king size bed with a 68 year old man!!!! ha ha. Shocked was one of many words that came to me when I found out, but I thought hey, "when in Rome" ;-) I am obviously kidding!! But I did think that I wasn't going to be in the room very often at all, as I was in the Maldives after all. And to jump the story a bit it ended up being absolutely fine and he was ridiculously easy going and very funny too.

After a long travel day and an hour speedboat journey to our island we had arrived in absolute paradise. Greeted by the clients daughter, the cutest 5 year old ever, though the biggest diva ever too, we had arrived. Quickly met the client and her family and photographer and we were set. A day of chilling, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling ensued, and what made it even better was the fact we were getting paid for it! How ridiculous. The food was amazing, as was the all inclusive drinks, including Corona. Yep my favorite beer free all week!!! It really was like a holiday! "Luckiest boy alive" something I continued to tell myself throughout the trip!

I got chatting to the photographer, Mark, quite a bit and he told me many stories from his modeling past. Something like with the older couple I love hearing past stories of people who used to model and stories from trips they took. I wish when I get older my memory stays with me and I can relay such stories to others.


I had to pinch myself on many occasions that I was here to work and it wasn't a holiday, something that was pretty tough whilst lying on a lounger on the white sands and looking out to that clear blue sea sipping on corona and a cigarette in hand. We had a very early start most days to get the sunrise and the perfect light for shooting. This included getting a speed boat to a sandbank in the middle of the ocean! An incredible place to shoot, beautiful, exotic, and just absolutely amazing! Then people on the boats going past didn't know what was going on, with this crew there filming. Very strange.

The shoot itself was stills and videos shooting lots of smiling, happy pictures, walking along the beach, lying on the beach, playing with our 'pretend' children, etc etc. Lots of smiling that at the start was very very natural because we were all excited and awake and were having loads of fun. We didn't stop having fun but after 5/6 days of shooting it was pretty tiring and the smiles certainly were a little harder to put on all the time ha ha. Again at that moment when I felt a bit exhausted by it, I just slapped myself round the face (not literally) and reminded myself where I was and I was back to normal.

Oh, and I had a fake proposal, wedding, the lot, all for different shots. One thing it did do is remind me that I want to get married one day on a beach like that, so romantic.


This was the best location for down time ever. In between shoots, I was either lying on the beach, snorkeling, sitting in the sea, in the infinity pool, drinking, eating the lot! The evenings were best, after my hour power nap that became legendary amongst everyone else between 6pm and 7pm, we met in the bar for pre dinner drinks and many of them before a huge starter and main course and lots of wine. Then back in the bar to finish the night off, which happened to get later and later as the trip went on. One particular night I got a little more drunk (no shock I know) and befriended 2 couples and started doing shots with them and drinking lots until 4am!!! I didn't realise how late it was and a stumble back ensued before a long hour and a half sleep before getting up again! BAD JAMES! That morning was a struggle but after a kick up the ass by the client I sucked it up and got on with it! It was a perfect combination of work and pleasure.


I had to write a brief thing on the fish and how unbelievable they were. It was unreal! and not only the fish but the StingRays were the main attraction. The island did a feeding of stingrays every afternoon from 5pm. These stingrays, about 20 of them, used to come to the shoreline at around 4pm waiting to be fed. You could stroke them as well and stand there and let them swim around your legs, slightly scary at first but then just absolutely phenomenal. Once in a lifetime opportunity thats for sure. One that a week previously saw the Beckham family there!

WOW this is quite a long one, I didn't realise how long it was! A sign of how much went on during the trip and what a amazing time I had.

I hope you all enjoy