Thursday, 29 September 2011

BIG Remington Casting

To be this guy above....aaahhhhhhhhh I can only dream and hope. Well this guy previously worked for Remington, one of the UK's leading shaving companies, and I just had a casting for them today. Now, normally I don't write about individual castings on a regular basis, but this one was special for so many ways. First of all, it was the first casting I have had for a long while, like over 2 weeks. Sounds ridiculous right? Well luckily it is not just me in this position and after over hearing a few guys at the casting, I realised that pretty much everybody was in the same boat. (made me feel slightly better about myself as you can imagine) Secondly this casting is for a job worth an extremely good amount of money. Now, as seen previously in my blog, you would of read that money has dropped dramatically in the past 2 years and is getting worse and worse. So, you can understand my happiness at having a casting for a good amount of money.

That thing we love to have so much, that when we get it, we let go of it often very quickly, that we need to survive and cant live without it. MONEY. It is so crucial and when opportunities like this arise, it's difficult not to get your hopes up, as the money earned from this job alone could keep me going for 4 - 6 months. I always describe it as like "dangling sweets in front of a child", cause you want it, but can't quite have it just yet. Becomes tough to deal with at times, but I am very relaxed about it, and believe in "what will be will be".

OK, so back to the casting. After a hobble into town and the first time I've properly been out of the house since my operation I get to the casting in Leicester Square. In the room it was clear from the Storm, Models 1, Premier and Select books lying around that this was a "big boy" casting, which simply means the best guys in town were here (to a certain extent as always). The good thing about the casting was that it was a request. The client had seen my pictures and requested to see me, which is always nice to hear. The casting director was lovely too, which always helps make you feel more relaxed before a casting. I entered the room and was very very surprised to see a full room of approximately 10 people sitting there, lying in wait for my arrival. (sounds like I am the king or something ha) I hobble into the room and that seems to be the first topic of conversation, as the casting director started to talk about it. A nice ice breaker, better than a polar bear.......Anyways...I then had to do the usual "name and agency into camera", profiles and then shirt off and literally the same thing. This is very much the normal for castings.

Breathing in heavily and tensing up, I got through it OK and shirt was back on. The clients at this stage were passing my book around while another client spoke up about the fact that I had worked with them before. It was when I did an ident for Loose Women. I then dug deep for a bit of humour and managed this, "I remember when that came out and my friends all said they had seen it, then afterwards all used the same excuse that they were flicking through the channels and of course not watching loose women". It got a good response which was good.

That was the casting over and it is often all the time you get to impress the clients, but like the majority of modeling jobs, it isn't your personality that counts, it is all down to your look and whether the client believes you are right for their company. But leaving a good impression and to never be forgotten by the client is certainly all you can do. So fingers crossed.

Hope this gives you guys a good insight into castings a little bit more. If you have any questions about anything, or would like me to discuss anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Rest, Rehab and Recovery

Its been a week since I wrote anything and in all honesty it's because there hasn't been much going on in my life at all. Time is just ticking along at the moment and not much is going on. After a while of not knowing whether your coming or going, it becomes very difficult to motivate myself to start looking ahead to the future. I have been saving money to ensure I give myself the best chance to last longer when I get to LA, so I have not been going out as much either. I guess when your used to that lifestyle of going out, spending money, being extravagant, it can become hard to adapt to a different lifestyle. But that's life, and no one said it was suppose to be easy.

Anyways...importantly I had my operation on Thursday, a successful arthroscopy that helped fix my torn cartilage on both sides of my knee. It also showed that I have still got damage to my cruciate ligament, though it is still intact and theres a potential that I can help rebuild it through physio sessions. This is great news and it could mean I won't need to have another operation which would be absolutely amazing. It would solve a lot of problems and mean that I could start planning to go back to LA. So, great news!

But before I can get ahead of myself I need to rest up a lot and make sure I am doing the right rehab, which requires a lot of pain and physio work. When I say pain, I mean it trust me! I have to work on bending my leg, something that I struggle to do at the minute and every time I try to bend it more it becomes the hardest thing ever. So, a lot of work is needed and the more I can get done the better and the faster I can be back up and running again.

The resting up part has been the hardest thing so far and its only been 3 days! Boring, frustrating and feeling lonely is certainly some of my many emotions that I am going through right now. But with the support of my friends, family and knowing my girlfriend is always thinking of me helps me along the way. I haven't seen her for 2 months now and still don't know when we will next see each other, but through a lot of hard work, great communication and so many more factors, we are coping well and know we have to do what it takes to ensure everything is right for the future.

A new week around the corner and an improved motivation will start to get things moving and start looking into some more presenting opportunities in London for the next few months, so watch this space...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

An early XMAS! Shoot with Red Magazine

To brighten up this blog a bit and to brighten up my life to, I booked a small job that turned out to be one of the most fun jobs I have ever done. It was for Red Magazine and it was their Xmas edition of the magazine. Now I have to admit that before going for the job I wasn't too keen on it due to the small amount it was worth and it clashed with other work I had on. But I was extremely glad I did it.

I turned up to a studio/house in Shoreditch and the whole crew were so lovely. Very friendly from the off, which 99% of the time is the perfect sign of a relaxed day ahead. I also found out that working on the job with me was a guy I had worked with on one of my first shoots over 4 years ago. And what a great guy he is as well, the perks of my job when you get to meet and work with some very nice people.
(quick note about this guy, Matt Bailey - check out the link to his new comedy pilot called The Buffy Diaries! It is absolutely brilliant. You may need to copy and paste it, but I recommend it to all. )

Back to the shoot...there was a wonderfully designed table with everything Xmassy around it that you could imagine. Crackers, Xmas lights, candles, presents and even a tree in the corner!!! It was very bizarre as it was a warm September afternoon and the sun was shining outside, so slightly bizarre as you can imagine. First job to be seated at the table and toasting champagne with 6 of us. Very simple and they wanted us to drink the champagne too! Result. It was lovely as well and it didn't take us too long to finish the first bottle off! Those who know me won't be too surprised by that ha.

Next off it was on to the red wine, more toasting, smiles, laughter, which was very natural as the atmosphere amongst everyone was fantastic. Sometimes when your shooting, and the photographer asks you to smile, it's more forced and amazingly to some is quite obvious in a photo. When it's natural laughter and happiness, it looks so much better and of course, realistic too.

Xmas dinner time! And what a xmas dinner it was! The trimmings and it was edible too!!! That might sound a bit strange right? Well so often food is used in shoots as an accessory, there to look pretty as part of the detailed background to a shoot. The food is often sprayed with something to make it look shiny, and tasty, when in fact it is not edible one little bit! It's often like a tease, a temptation dangled in front of you that you can't have. So what a lovely surprise to be able to enjoy a xmas meal whilst shooting!

I'm sure so many are thinking the same thing, "this is work???". But it was. A bit of dessert later and some more snapping away by the photographer and continued laughter and that was the day complete! Seriously that was it! It made me fall back in love with the industry for a bit after recent times contemplating the whole modeling world. This is fairly common practice for me when work doesn't go as well, but there is always something that drags me back in when it seems I will "retire" from the industry.

Let's hope this will bring about a new form of confidence and happiness to move forward to the future.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Just been told, "You should never play contact sport again"

Yesterday I had my consultation with a knee specialist to finally get the ball rolling and start the proceedings. This has been holding me back from so much in my life, from work to the move back to Los Angeles, to working out properly in the gym. I was very optimistic about it all, but I know that I had seriously injured my knee 10 weeks ago. When reviewing the MRI scan it was clearly revealed that I had torn my cartilage on both sides of my knee, something that I didn't believe I had done. Also, and the main problem, is the damage to my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), which again showed up on the scan. This to anyone who doesn't know about knee problems, is a very severe injury.

After reviewing my previous problems with my other knee, that is all fine now, the specialist tells me in no uncertain terms that i shouldn't ever play contact sport again. My heart sunk completely. I have played football competitively since I was 4 years old. 23 years in the game. I had this nervous smile on my face throughout the consultation, unable to register what on earth was happening.

As pointed out by my father, I was lucky that football wasn't my career, and that I still had a lot I could do. But what people don't realise is what playing this sport actually means to me. It allows me to take out the frustrations of life on the opposition (not in a violent way) and on the ball. It is the only time where my mind is completely calm of thoughts. I have no worries about money, work, friends, family. I just concentrate on playing a game, a game that i have loved since first having a football in front of me. There is also the team side of it that people often forget. People you spend a lot of time with and they become friends of yours that you see week in week out. The banter, the jokes, the laughs all of which help me along throughout difficult times in my life. The enjoyment I have got out of playing has been incredible and when playings involved, I am always at my happiest.

Back to the operation, the next step is an operation in 2 or 3 weeks to fix my cartilage damage on both sides of my knee. The surgeon will also be able to tell me the extent of the damage to my ACL, so now I just have to wait and see about it all. The nervous times. If the ACL requires surgery, then I will need a knee reconstruction, which will lead to being on crutches for 6-8 weeks and involve a rehabilitation period of a year!!! Incredible hey?!

I have noticed recently how much negative things that I have been writing about, but unfortunately that is how I am feeling right now. Maybe it's because I want to be back in LA? Maybe it's because I am unhappy with my career? Something just quite simply is not right, and the knee problem is now adding to it. Work is very slow right now as well, so sure that is all getting on top of me. I am just hoping I can get past this recent news and not give up on a sport that has given me so many happy memories