Thursday, 29 September 2011

BIG Remington Casting

To be this guy above....aaahhhhhhhhh I can only dream and hope. Well this guy previously worked for Remington, one of the UK's leading shaving companies, and I just had a casting for them today. Now, normally I don't write about individual castings on a regular basis, but this one was special for so many ways. First of all, it was the first casting I have had for a long while, like over 2 weeks. Sounds ridiculous right? Well luckily it is not just me in this position and after over hearing a few guys at the casting, I realised that pretty much everybody was in the same boat. (made me feel slightly better about myself as you can imagine) Secondly this casting is for a job worth an extremely good amount of money. Now, as seen previously in my blog, you would of read that money has dropped dramatically in the past 2 years and is getting worse and worse. So, you can understand my happiness at having a casting for a good amount of money.

That thing we love to have so much, that when we get it, we let go of it often very quickly, that we need to survive and cant live without it. MONEY. It is so crucial and when opportunities like this arise, it's difficult not to get your hopes up, as the money earned from this job alone could keep me going for 4 - 6 months. I always describe it as like "dangling sweets in front of a child", cause you want it, but can't quite have it just yet. Becomes tough to deal with at times, but I am very relaxed about it, and believe in "what will be will be".

OK, so back to the casting. After a hobble into town and the first time I've properly been out of the house since my operation I get to the casting in Leicester Square. In the room it was clear from the Storm, Models 1, Premier and Select books lying around that this was a "big boy" casting, which simply means the best guys in town were here (to a certain extent as always). The good thing about the casting was that it was a request. The client had seen my pictures and requested to see me, which is always nice to hear. The casting director was lovely too, which always helps make you feel more relaxed before a casting. I entered the room and was very very surprised to see a full room of approximately 10 people sitting there, lying in wait for my arrival. (sounds like I am the king or something ha) I hobble into the room and that seems to be the first topic of conversation, as the casting director started to talk about it. A nice ice breaker, better than a polar bear.......Anyways...I then had to do the usual "name and agency into camera", profiles and then shirt off and literally the same thing. This is very much the normal for castings.

Breathing in heavily and tensing up, I got through it OK and shirt was back on. The clients at this stage were passing my book around while another client spoke up about the fact that I had worked with them before. It was when I did an ident for Loose Women. I then dug deep for a bit of humour and managed this, "I remember when that came out and my friends all said they had seen it, then afterwards all used the same excuse that they were flicking through the channels and of course not watching loose women". It got a good response which was good.

That was the casting over and it is often all the time you get to impress the clients, but like the majority of modeling jobs, it isn't your personality that counts, it is all down to your look and whether the client believes you are right for their company. But leaving a good impression and to never be forgotten by the client is certainly all you can do. So fingers crossed.

Hope this gives you guys a good insight into castings a little bit more. If you have any questions about anything, or would like me to discuss anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

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