Sunday, 30 December 2012

Peroni Commercial Rome

I have just come back from some of the best 4 days I have ever had with work out in Rome, Italy. Now Italy has always been a place that I have wanted to see more after only previously spent 36 hours in Milan a few years back. When the opportunity to travel comes up with work it is absolutely perfect. And Rome was just absolutely incredible! One of the best cities I have ever been too without a doubt, full of culture, full of history and an utterly breath taking place. I always have to make the most of my trips abroad and spend any down time I get walking around and taking in these places. Rome was no different and very fortunately I got to experience it with some great people as well.

Where do I begin??? (from the start I guess ha)

This job was very last minute for me, not knowing when or what time I was flying until late on Wednesday. This happens very often with jobs and you need to ensure that you have the flexibility to cope with last minute changes to ensure that you don't miss out on jobs. This was no different and after working until 12:30am that evening I had to get myself home, pack my bags and get a bit of sleep before a 4.15am pick up time! Exhausted was probably an under statement especially after the week i had previously, drinking and partying rather too much. But being picked up to go to the airport is a nice luxury and a good sign that I would be looked after well on this job. Getting to the airport I quickly caught up with one of the girl models who I worked on a job with a few months back (its always nice to know someone before a job). Quick check in on to the plane and curl myself up in the corner of an empty 3 seats for a 2 hour sleep!

Bit of a mix up with the hotels, but after finally getting to our one, 5 of us checked in and realised we were in an absolutely fantastic hotel. It was a 5 star hotel something that i haven't been used to much on jobs in the past believe me. We were all starving so decided to check out the restaurant in the hotel, which was on the top floor with a fantastic view of the city! It was absolutely unreal! Expensive but the lucky part was that the client was fitting the bill, thank goodness after an almost 400 euro lunch! A few of us had a little walk around for a few hours after to see a bit of Rome and had a lovely time grabbing a coffee outside a nice little coffee shop. We saw the Italian Museum and strolled around the streets of Rome. Very romantic city and one that I would love to go back to with a loved one (in about 5 years or so!!!)

An early morning call time of 5.40am was waiting for me the next day as we were taken to wardrobe. When we turned up in the center of Rome, it was like a film set! People and production were absolutely everywhere, I have never ever seen anything like it and certainly never been on a commercial on the scale of this one. It was even more so the shock factor than anything else, as none of us had any expectations or knowledge on the true scale of the commercial. After chatting to some people on set, we were finally informed that the commercial is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Peroni. So kind of a big deal and a hell of a lot of money pumped into just filming this.

Suited and booted was my outfit, very simple and very effective with a style from the 60's. That was the theme throughout my scenes in the commercial, but thats all I can say until the commercial comes out before I get into trouble ha ha. The people on set were absolutely fantastic though, the other actors, the extras, the photographers, the stylists, the clients and especially the director who was absolutely brilliant. He stood out for me so much for all the right reasons. He was very very personable, taking the time out to always speak to individuals in the right way to ensure he gets the best reaction from them. I managed to build a good rapport with him very very quickly which helped immensely and made the shoot that much more enjoyable. The people you work with on jobs really do make such a huge difference with how your day goes. And for this job I was very fortunate with them all.

A long days shoot and then a power nap before exploring Rome and seeing the Spanish steps and walking a few miles to the Coliseum. The history of this city is truly amazing and it is a cracking city. We found a quiet little restaurant too that was perfect, filled with locals, not a tourist in sight (apart from us of course) and ensured a very very nice bottle of wine was consumed too. The wine there was something that I will never forget, absolutely beautiful, loved it so much.

The next day was a later start at 8.30am and we were shooting on a new location, a roof top with a view of the center of Rome and the Italian Museum. It was unreal! Apart from the weather of course, which was horrendous. It rained all day and made shooting very difficult, but we got through it with a bit of drinking and a bit of dancing (just a normal night out for me). But the quote of the day came from one of the production who asked, "Is anyone allergic to drinking beer?". I mean really, asking me that question is just funny and I burst out in laughter very quickly. It's my dream job! ha.

After the shoot we proceeded to find a lovely restaurant for a last meal in Rome and then on to the wrap party, held in a warehouse that was very amusing. It started quietly with the DJ playing some European Techno music which was not overly warmed too. Then the cheese proceeded before some new music came on. In between that time glass after glass after glass of wine and bottles of Peroni were consumed, which led me to show the whole crew how to Gangnam style for a change! It was very very amusing. As was one of the male and female models attempting to do the Dirty Dancing move but pretty much failing, however the guy model, another James, did put in a great effort as he continued singing whilst attempting to lift her up. Genius.

The final day, hanging beyond belief, I did not want to ruin my last day in Rome, so dragged myself somehow out of bed and around the city, heading to the Vatican. What an incredible place on a Sunday too, very very busy and very spiritual. After walking inside and around the center, we saw a lot of people all turned and looking our way. At first glance we thought they were all staring at us walking past (no idea why, don't know who we thought we were!), but then realised that it was because the Pope was about to speak from his window! How stupid did we feel at that point ha ha. But it was an incredible moment, even though we had no idea what he was saying....ha

So, a long post, but warrants it because of the great time I had there and what a great experience it was being in Rome. Thank you all as always for taking the time out to read my blog. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Playing the Waiting Game

It's been a few weeks since my last update (lazy boy I know) and to be honest there hasn't been too much going on at all. This time of year is often very quiet in the build up to Xmas, but it has got even worse this year for some reason. But thats part and parcel of doing what I do, the inconsistencies, the instability and that thought of the unknown.

Socially though I have been a lot busier and it has helped make me so much happier. They always say keep yourself busy and it helps make u feel better, its so true. I literally haven't had a spare evening for a long long while. Going out more, meeting new people, its what living life is all about. I went to see a Muay Thai fight night a couple of weeks ago which was amazing! I also to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park too which was brilliant! If there are a group of you going there I highly recommend it believe me. It's so amazing and so much fun. Now those that know me know that after a few drinks I love a boogie! We were in this big area and about 500 people at least all doing the Macarana! Was genius! You should of seen my hip movement, very impressive.

December is by far the best month of the year as well! I love catching up with people and celebrating with as many people as I possibly can. Xmas drinks constantly and xmas parties too, including 3 in the last 4 days! A mess right now as you can imagine my body shutting down! Always stories from each party and this was no different. Model agency xmas party I was doing Jaegar Bombs with clients (showing them my skills), Family xmas party I was doing the Gangnam Dance with my 88 year old Grandad!!! It was absolutely immense. And last night my casino channel party was just utter carnage as always!!!! Now I might not enjoy the work there too much, but the people are fantastic and are so much fun to go out with.

Ah now work. Well all of a sudden some things have started to pick up and show interest this week. I have a confirmed job in Rome that I thought I would be there now, but its delayed until Thursday. However, there are still complications with the usage for the job, which is often some of the details that needs total confirmation. However, literally 30 minutes ago I have just been put on hold for another job but its this weekend. Both Commercials too which is amazing, but they clash on days! Its just typical that I have been so quiet modeling wise then 2 good jobs come in on the same days. Ridiculous luck. But this is where my agency really has to earn their commission and deal with such situations. This is exactly why people have agents, whether models, presenters or actors because they take all responsibility for important things such as this. Fingers crossed theres a way of doing both, I will keep you updated.

I am still waiting to hear back from a TV Show that I had the acting audition for 3 weeks ago which could be absolutely amazing. It's taken a long while to find out, but these things often take time. It's another reason why I am keeping myself so busy so I can try and put it to the back of my mind.

Update complete for now, will have more stuff on here by the end of the weekend. Thanks to all of you for reading. Makes it all worthwhile

Monday, 19 November 2012

Opportunities starting to come

I am a bad man aren't I?! No blog post for over 3 weeks! No excuse and my apologies. Makes it hard to try and think back at what I have been up to in that time. But will try my best thats for sure. The main thing to be honest is that I am now living in London, have my total independence back and at feels so good. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders and so much more time on my hands instead of suffering the Essex to London commute. The place is so nice and quiet and already I am feeling very settled. Still needs a woman's touch to decorate my room a bit more, but I like it.


Out of the blue on a Sunday evening I received a phone call from my agent asking if I was available for a shoot on the Monday morning! Last minute or what, but as soon as she said it was for Mercedes it was a no brainer. YES. Even though I was working until 2am that night, I really didn't care, works work after all. The reason why it was last minute was because another model had worked for a car company before (thanks Freddie), but whether I come in as a back up or not I really don't care one bit. I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm better than that one bit. But last minute shoots do come up very regularly and you just have to ready for it. Modeling work is not free flowing enough to pick and choose.

The morning of the shoot was quite interesting (well I think so anyway ha ha). I was worried about train times as the job was at Silverstone and there was literally an hourly train to the nearest station. Dummy here got on the later one, big mistake! I thought it would be ok and maybe I would be 20 minutes late, but the train had other ideas and fancied giving me and other passengers a bit of a stressful start to our Monday morning. We went to pull away from the platform and the power cut out completely! This happened about 7 times throughout the journey causing me to panic and stress about being late. Constantly on the phone to my agent and the client saying sorry every other word ha. What was in a way worse was the lovely girl model on the job with me was early! She clearly was going to be the favorite I thought! ha.

Fortunately, an hour late (not a good moment, as I'm always early for everything) I arrived in the pouring rain, which happened to be my savior, who would of thought that I would ever be thankful for rain. The reason being, the rain delayed the shoot so I was off the hook. The client was absolutely brilliant though and instantly struck up a good relationship, full of lots of banter, most of the time being on the receiving end of it but not that I was concerned one bit.

So a 8:45am call time and I didn't start shooting until 3pm! A lot of sitting around, a lot of chatting away and getting to know everyone on the shoot. Then it was my turn. I was driving a Mercedes 4by4 on the off road track at Silverstone! (I couldn't believe I was actually getting paid for this!) I literally had to drive up and down a hill into a big pool of water to get the splash as I drove past. I repeated this about 20 times and that was me done for the day! Not all shoots are like this I must stress but that was pretty cool!


Its always good when someone gets in contact out of the blue about some random bits of work. If it's when I'm free then I never have any problems doing little things because you never know what they will lead too. This one was through a friend of mine and just short videos of hanging out with my pretend girlfriend enjoying the new app. Simple and just a few hours work and it was all over. Shot all around the heart of East London, Shoreditch, Brick Lane etc and on a Saturday morning too where it didn't clash with anything. Job done.


There has been a recent pick of castings big time at the moment. It had gone very very cold a few weeks back but the last couple of weeks have picked up a lot. These castings aren't just small ones either, they are for some big jobs for companies such as Diet Coke, Adidas and more. Whether I got any of them is another story, but it always feels good to get out and about and that age old cliche of "every no is a step closer to a yes" certainly will ring true. Each casting is often a new experience, especially the commercials where it always requires some acting involved too.

The Diet Coke one especially, as I was up to be the new Diet Coke Man!!! ("Its 11:30, Diet Coke Break) ha. I had to act as a tree surgeon and basically ends up with a can exploding , my shirt coming off and girls taking pictures! Very Diet Coke advert like indeed ha ha. It was a fun experience, probably not necessarily right for me though but hey.


Something that so many times people have spoke to me about, encouraged me to do and I always turned a blind eye too. But with the more commercial castings coming up the more eager I am to get involved in it all. But out of the blue last week I received a phone call for an audition in a TV show. I was like, wow!!!! 2 scripts to learn, which showed very different emotions that obviously helped show your versatility as an actor. The scripts were great though.

First Script:
I had just walked out of a club with a girl who was all over me in there (very unrealistic I know) and when we got outside she suddenly got scared and changed her mind (much more realistic ha ha). My character then flips out and gets angry at the girl for doing so. Perfect script for me! And I really went for it in the audition too, leading to the casting girl to tell me that she wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of me after a night out (considering I'm a softie I thought that was a good thing ha).

Second Script:
I walked up to a friend of mine and basically after some small chit chat let it out that I may have found my dad. Completely different emotions needed, intense, softer and the main thing was I remembered all the lines! ha

The audition was a success certainly, I received great feedback immediately and now its a case of crossing the fingers and hoping that in 2 weeks I get a phone call to move on to the next stage. It's quite a drawn out process apparently, but one that could change so much for me if I am successful, so time will tell I guess. But I have to say I really enjoyed it, enjoyed the casting, enjoyed getting myself into the character and was proud of myself for how well I did too. I don't often say that about myself but there you go.


I always keep this bit brief, most of the time because there isn't much to shout about to be honest. But after going through tough times of late (as seen in previous posts) I found myself basically not being myself one bit. I lost all my cool, my calmness and turned into this guy that was so desperate to settle down with someone. I got my priorities completely messed up and instead of concentrating on work and letting any romance happen naturally, I found myself trying to force the issue. It was a massive mistake.

Unfortunately someone who I have known for a long while and considered a really good friend was the recipient of me in this horrible time I was having. I just messed it all up and became so unattractive because of how needy I was, something which isn't me one bit. I am an emotional guy, thats not something I will ever hide. Some may see that as a negative, others may see it as a positive. It means that I care a lot about someone I like and would do anything for them too, but the state I was in at that point meant I was just on edge completely and lost my cool so much.

But hey, thats life right, and you live and learn by experiences you have and make sure that you don't make the same mistakes again in the future. Unfortunately I certainly learnt the hard way, however, I feel so good now and can look back and realise how stupid I was. I don't need the distractions of a relationship right now, I certainly don't need to go out chasing for one, as my priorities need to be work. End of. But I have come out of it eventually feeling good about myself and feeling like I'm back to my old self with my priorities fully in order!


I don't often put about my family on here, so will keep it brief. Its come to that time in life where my parents are setting up to retire and move away. Something that was always going to happen at some point, but something I probably didn't expect so soon. It means its time for me to concentrate on the important things in life and putting my family first by looking out more for my sister and niece. It's also time my life gets sorted a bit more as I won't have that base to rely on anymore either, so I need to pull my finger out, which to be honest is pretty good timing as I'm in that mood anyway. Sad for my boys too, as means no more Legendary bar Greeno nights! Now those who have been to one of them know exactly what I mean! Many punters have graced bar Greeno on those weekends when my parents head out of town, shhhhhhh they don't know yet. But seriously means I could be looking to buy a place at some point next year, which is very grown up, far too grown up for me, but would be nice! So 2013 will be a knuckling down saving year that is for certain!!!!

Well...this could be my longest post ever! First of all thank you for taking the time to read this far!!! That takes some doing and I greatly appreciate it. Any comments questions feel free to ask away.

Hope you are all well


Friday, 26 October 2012

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE - Moving forward and moving to London

Well that last post 2 weeks ago was rather depressing wasn't it?!?! First of all I would just like to thank those who read my post and contacted me about it, much appreciated to know there are so many out there that care and I hope that many know that I am always here to return the favor to anyone in need.

Feeling down about things is something that happens to everyone at some point in their life. It happens to people living on the streets, it happens to people who are rich and famous too, it doesn't matter what your life status is, the mind is such a powerful thing, for good and bad. I was in a state of mind that wasn't letting me progress forward and was not letting me get the past out of my head. I was jumping at anything said to me and quite frankly just miserable. I started to believe that every day I was down, when in fact it was just all in my mind.

Life is hard yes, but life has such amazing qualities too. These qualities are the ones that makes life so enjoyable and worthwhile. I have an amazing family, one in which I am so greatful for their constant support, guidance and happiness they provide me. The friends I have around me are one in a trillion believe me, there for me no matter what and always around to pick me up if needed. This is something that I pride myself on being for my friends too. Having their backs, being there in their times of need is such an incredible feeling to be able to provide that, means so much and gives life more meaning too. And finally my work. I work in a tough industry don't get me wrong, but one that has allowed me to travel all round the world, has allowed me freedom to do so much and that does provide me with a lot of satisfaction and keeps me out of an office 24 7. I am one of the most fortunate people in the world. And this hit me a few days ago and I just sorted my head straight and realised that yes life can be tough, but its not bad and I need to return to the fun, out going, social guy that I am. DONE ha. thats all over with I can finally move on and concentrate on the important parts of my life and sort my career out. Its that time in my life where I'm closing in on the big 30 in a year and a half and certainly feel I'm not where I planned to be in my life at this stage. So, I need to pull my finger out and go and grab every single opportunity out there. PMA right! ha.

As of next week I will be back in London as a resident and move into a place very central. I cannot wait to get in to be honest, will help to give me so much time in my life, and provide me with a lot of convenience with work and any other projects I choose to get involved in. Its kind of nice right now shopping for new furniture to put in the new place, and it excites me that I'm heading into a new stage in my life. It also means I can go out in London more ha ha, one thing that I have been dying to for so long. Social life to go up, which is something I need and something that always makes me happy when I get to see friends more regularly.

Work - well the modeling has been very very quiet of late. Not just myself has been feeling the strain of very few opportunities in London at present. Again the sorry state of the economy is what is to blame. I hope lots of you saw my Nivea Commercial, and those who paused it hopefully saw my sweaty arm pit too!!!! ha ha ha, shocking ha. Its nice to see the work I've done and be proud of it, even though it was just a raised head and a smile! ha.

Presenting on the casino channel is still plodding along and keeping me busy. Feeling better 2 days ago I decided to do the Gangnam Style dance live on air!! It was brilliant! And then doing a 5 minute producing job, got all other presenters doing the dance live on air too! So much fun! And they say when you are happy you sing and dance right?! ha I will now annoy people for being too happy. Surely not.

LOVE LIFE - Well, Well..............ha ha you are dreaming if anyone really believed I would put about that on here ha ha ha. Sorry just a wind up. But if Mila Kunis is reading this and gets bored of Ashton Kutcher, I am still single! ha

A weekend ahead of sorting out everything for my big move into London followed by a Halloween filled with work actually! Makes a change right but I will be mixing presenting on the casino channel sunday, monday and wednesday with a modeling job for a sportswear company Tuesday and a trip into the This Morning studios Wednesday too. Yep back on the TV doing something or other so look out for that one! ha.

Thanks again for taking the time out to read my blog, any feedback is greatly appreciated believe me and will respond to all.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Last 2 weeks

Its been an up and down 2 weeks I must admit in so many ways. Works very quiet, and I in myself have been up and down like a yoyo. My mind is constantly running and trying very hard to slow it down, and start taking a breather from everything that life is currently throwing at me. I'm not moaning about my life here one bit believe me, I guess it doesn't matter what job you do at times, or how people perceive your life, its all down to how you feel. Right now its about making decisions and importantly making the right decisions in order to move forward and start achieving what I want in life. I'm 29 in April and certainly not getting younger and its time I need to start getting prepared for what the future could bring. If this means calming down and being sensible then so be it. I need to ensure that I haven't got any distractions because that always seems to be the hardest thing, something that I struggle so much with.


There have been so few castings around for modeling work its frightening. This is so often the busiest time of the year for me and for a lot of people but even after the Olympics nonsense has died down it has gone even slower it seems. Its the nature of the industry I know and its not something that I'm new too, I've been doing it amazingly for 5 and a half years! Unbelievable really. So know the quiet times are tough and all, just still haven't found a way of dealing with it.

The casino channel is still flowing which is a good thing and still very grateful for it as well. Apart from climbing the imaginary Chard and running along Tower Bridge whilst on air, its all been fairly tame ;-) ha ha. If you watch channel 863 you will know about both of those activities ha.


I've been doing a fair bit of this of late, nothing too crazy but any chance of seeing a mate I have been doing it. I guess it might be my way of not being on my own, something that I used to be very happy with, but now I struggle with so much. Not sure whether thats because of the change from living in a relationship with someone to nothing, I'm not sure. But its all good and not complaining one bit about anyone I have spent time with, they are all good people thats for sure.

One thing I learnt very recently on a trip to center parks for my mates surprise 30th birthday, is how much people change when they get older. Its not a bad thing at all, its just life. When you find yourselves in different situations in your life everyone changes slightly. Being around my best mates was absolutely amazing. But when you have couples and single people in a close proximity it becomes very difficult. Its hard at times seeing couples so close when your there on your own going crazy like I always do. Just made me realise that I'm rather unstable at present. That takes a lot for me to say that must admit. YOYO BOY!

Wow that got a bit deep there! Moving swiftly on to some good news hopefully coming next week. Work and moving my ass into London finally to a new place that I cannot wait to get too. That will help me start moving forward with everything thats going on.

Apologies for the weird post, just sometimes this is the best way to get my stuff off my chest.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nivea Commercial

As promised from my last post, I would do one in a bit of detail about the Nivea Commercial which I shot almost 2 weeks ago. Commercials are always more exciting than shoots, and they always require a much bigger crew too and this was no different.


Starting from the beginning the casting. Something that all models/actors have to go through the majority of times in order to book a job. I had only just made this casting and was the last person they saw for the job. My role was "the boyfriend" and I had the character of being very fun and playful (I think true to real life....just nod and agree ha). The scene I was in required a water bomb thrown at me and I had to do my reaction to that. Went over this 4 times in the casting and that was it, on my way out the room.

Now with commercials, you rarely get the clients in the room, especially on a first casting and with the development of technology now a days, clients don't need to be there. The clients will get sent the videos of each and every person at the casting, which makes it very easy for them to pick and choose who they like.


Fittings will often take place for big commercials as they need to ensure that all the clothes they provide fits well and if anything needs adjusting they will make sure that gets done straight away. It also gives the clients the chance to decide what outfit they prefer. What was great about the fitting was that I was given the chance to meet the director and the producer for the shoot too. They were so unbelievably friendly and really makes such a difference on jobs. I know some people have a pre conception on this industry at times that everyone is rude and unfriendly, but this certainly isn't the case and wasn't the case at all.


One of the things that is frustrating at times is being given an early call time for a commercial, but then not used for hours and hours. When you are working with a girl model, they always take longer, A LOT LONGER, having their hair and make up done. Now girls before you jump down my neck, this is just the way it is, doesn't mean you are not all beautiful of course.
Anyways...this job was different and I was given a call time of 12pm which was such a result as it meant a nice lie in and I would feel a lot more awake for the job. Arrived and instantly looked after by production and was amazed by how many people there were on set! There were seriously people absolutely everywhere and you instantly know this is a professional job and will be a good one to shoot. I walked through the location, a house in south London, and got introduced to the clients, all 7 of them! All women too, but all were very friendly as well. Thats always the nervous part when you meet them on the job and you haven't seen them in person at the casting. I always think to myself that what if they think I look completely different to how I did at the casting....I'm weird like that ha ha. All good though, they seemed like they recognized me from the casting video!

A bit of waiting around and all of a sudden its time for lunch already! Perfect timing as I tuck into some good food on set and eat 2 gigantic platefuls! (Good job it wasn't a topless shoot thats for sure) One thing that made this shoot even better and certainly brought me closer to the crew was that a friend of mine knew the whole crew! I mentioned his name and all of a sudden you get that little connection with people. Everything helps and the atmosphere on set got even more light hearted.
I then met the girl model, who I had briefly seen at the casting. She was very nice, flown in from Germany for the shoot, but the one thing about her was that she was very very tall! Now those of you who know me, have met me, will know I'm not exactly tall. I'm certainly not small, but my height is just under 6ft. So when you have a girl who in flats is 6ft and is wearing 2-3 inch heals, I actually feel like a midget! ha ha. But all good again, just tried to forget about it and practice standing on my tip toes!!! ha ha.

My part in the shoot started and I was shot at different angles turning up to my pretend girlfriends door. Reactions in my face shot time and time again. Next came the water bombs being thrown at me. The girl model quite enjoyed this bit as she was told to really chuck it hard at me. It had to be natural, so I literally had no time to react to it as was stood just a matter of feet away from her. There were many shots taken of this but amazingly I didn't get wet once! Thats some skill for you believe me ha ha. After a couple more angles of this I was done for the day! Very short, but I certainly wasn't complaining one bit.

All in all a very good shoot and a very enjoyable days work with some great people too. That's now 2 commercials this year and really hoping more will follow as well. Much more fun and much better paid as well!!!!! :-)

Thanks to all of you who continually check my blog out. Your support as always is greatly appreciated

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A crazy 3 weeks!!! In more ways than one!

I have just read back through my last blog update and my oh my how things have changed in 3 weeks. I think the term "what hasn't gone off in my life" is the perfect description for the past few weeks. I really don't even know where to start, from the end? Oh no, thats not right is it, the beginning.

My last post was written after I was enjoying a very quiet bank holiday weekend. That next week everything seemed to all happen at once in my life. I will keep it short and sweet about stuff in my private life as I don't like going into it too much. But my relationship ended. So back to being on my own. Changes everything in life it really does, some for the good and some for the bad. Anyways....moing on.

I booked a small job in the middle of some shifts at the casino channel and the start of a gruelling 3 weeks in the studio, doing a variety of hours. The job was for a supermarket magazine (who's name will not be mentioned ha). I was for the 2nd time since I came back playing the role of an older man and a dad. Really makes me wonder and look in the mirror and see if I am seriously aging fast! Fortunately although right this second I'm writing this I feel old, I don't think I look that old....(quiet everyone, no disagreeing with this statement please!)
The shoot was for their xmas magazine, sat down with the family with food etc in front of us all. What was very strange about this how shoot was the fact that they were shooting kind of from above so you actually couldn't even see our faces. I know some models who don't like shoots like that, but for me I really couldn't care less if my face is in or not, as long as the client pays thats the main thing.
It was a very easy shoot, a lot of sitting around and waiting and talking, but everyone was really friendly and nice and made it a lot easier and a lot more fun too. My "pretend" daughter was absolutely fantastic, she really was, full of personality and was so nice to work with her.

After this job I was back in the studio and have been almost everyday with the odd day off in the last few weeks. Then it was a day that was one of the most fun I have had in a very long time. One of my best friends wedding. The first one of my group of friends to get married and I have never felt so proud and happy for him. Someone I have known since we were very young, like 7 years old, playing football. Someone that growing up we had our up's and down's but someone right now who I can rely on and is always there for me if I need it. The best feeling is knowing that I am always there for him as well. To see him and his now wife together, just makes me feel so great, and to know some day that will be me.

Not much time for recovery from a heavy hangover and I was back in the studio the following night working through as many caffine options as possible to stay awake ha ha. The week proceeded with a bit of balance and structure. What I mean by that is that for once was on a regular shifts 4 out of the 5 days of the week, so found myself into a routine. I really thought to myself that I would thoroughly enjoy this change and to get into a routine that quite frankly with my work is impossible to achieve. But something about it just didn't feel right and I actually found myself getting bored of it very quickly.

Last week I managed to book myself a Commercial for Nivea which was great. It was rather funny how it came about because I had to cast for the job, but it was very very last minute. I was in the gym (I know shocking right) on the treadmill running away, breathing heavily and panting and sweating, and then my phone rings. It's my agency so I slow down and pick the phone up. I can barely speak because I'm so out of breath and my agent calls about a casting in London in 1 hour. She also proceeded to be slightly concerned about why I was out of breath and what I was doing ha ha ha. Embarrassing!
But my main concern was there was no chance I could get into central london for 1 hours time, so said I wouldn't be able to make the casting. So I put the phone down and upped the speed of the treadmill and started running again. Then phone rings one more time! I had just worked up a sweat and lost my breath again, so had the same uncomfortable conversation with my agent ha ha. This time I had about an hour and a half to get in for and they "really" wanted to see me too. So left the gym after only 20 minutes and got to the casting 5 minutes late (which I thought was an achievement considering how far I live out of London).

I was actually very happy, very relaxed and proud of myself for getting to the casting on time and making the effortr to go in. It paid off by getting the job!!!!!

I will do a post later on about the Nivea job and how the whoile set and crew etc was. But right now I'm off to enjoy some sunshine on a little mini vacation that I'm on.

Enjoy everyone, and as always any comments will be responded to straight away.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Quiet August

I wanted to keep my blog updated a lot over August, but to be honest there wasn't much going on at all so didn't want to bore you too much and talk about what I had for dinner, what TV I watched and how many beers I had the night before. (On that note I only had 2 Corona's last night and drove - which is an absolute rarity but a sign of being sensible) ha ha.

August for modeling tends to be very quiet. I have often survived by picking up the odd job going in this month and after my shoot at the start of the month I am happy with it. I have also been back on Smartlive Casino throughout the month, using that time to show my sense of humour, which i found in a box in my room, and to just increase my Live TV experience. Always great for that.

Now to be truthful to all of you and at the risk of my agency not being too pleased with me, I have let myself go over the last 6 weeks. Since returning from LA I have been to the gym twice and once was today! I have drank a lot of alcohol and not been worried about what I have eaten either. Never good considering how important it is for my job. When I was in my good times, I was working out at least 5-6 times a week, eating plenty of protein and not eating any heavy carbs at all. It worked believe me. It wasn't easy, but I did it and after that I know I can get back to that look again.
But when you eat plenty of sugar, bread and just unhealthy food and don't exercise, you are always going to lose some of your shape and ultimately put weight on. This week has hit me hard and I really am disappointed about how I have let myself go and I am absolutely determined to work my ass off to sort it out.
So, watch this space and I will update you on my journey. If I can include pictures I will (unfortunately IPAD only at present as my laptop has passed away :-( ).

Anyways, I did have the odd casting this month though and one which I will tell you about.


As you can imagine, shirt off and swimmer brand, you need to be in great shape for this company. I went anyways and was informed that I would need to swim at the casting. Always nice to do something different in a casting, and I loved getting back in the pool and back swimming again as its been a long long while.
Problem though...the guy in front of me is an ex professional swimmer who still swims regularly. The producer for the project was explaining how he wanted someone who could swim 50 lengths comfortably in a row, take a break and do another and have an amazing swimming stroke! I mean, are you kidding me??? The guy in front had it sown up straight away. I had no hope.
I did however do a couple of lengths and a dodgy tumbleturn which I was told was quite laughable. (to be fair it was dreadful) But everyone loves a trier right....?
Unfortunately it was definitely a waste of my time to be honest and door to door to go to that casting it took 4 and a half hours! Thats a long long time!

Its the time it takes to get in and out of London for castings add's to my want to move into London desperately. I started looking a month ago but dropped off a bit looking, but now need to start again.

Other activities this month have been a drinking session at the Test Match at Lords, a trip to the Isle of WIght and 2 days at V Festival which was blinding as always!!! Time to stop enjoying myself too much and get out and about sorting out my career and all things work.

I wish you all a great Bank Holiday Weekend

Monday, 6 August 2012

When castings get cancelled

Having to balance times and jobs is very very difficult and for me is certainly one of the hardest things I face while trying to do both modeling and presenting. Modelling work is something that can come up at any time, whether thats a job or a casting. Without going to the castings I don't get any jobs. So it is vital that I can make as many as I possibly can. Yes it would be amazing to be David Gandy who doesn't ever have to cast anymore, but I am not anywhere near that standard of model. It is very different at this end and I will continue to hustle and bustle to as many castings as possible to improve my chances.

On Friday, I received a call about a very good casting from my agency on Monday. The only problem is that I was down to work on Monday for some presenting. Swapping shifts is very difficult to do and often it isn't easy. Often in the past I have just had to give up a shift to ensure I go to a very good casting, something which is hard to do because I am turning down guranteed work for something that is never a gurantee. I swapped my shift around at the last point of asking and was so fortunate, but had to change days around and cancel plans along the way.

So this morning, I get up go to the station, park my car, swipe my oyster card and jump on the train. All of a sudden the phone goes and its my agency explaining the casting was cancelled. How infuriating can you get. Its hard for me at the moment living outside of London to get in, made even more so with the Olympics! It takes up a lot of time getting in and out of London and this was very frustrating. So, the answer is there is nothing that can be done at all. All the money thrown away today won't be coming back in. It certainly isn't my agencies fault either and is frustrating for them as well, as all their work getting everybody to go to the casting on time and dealing with the client and they go and do that.

This is the problem with being at the bottom of the ladder in the industry.

Anyways...didn't want to be posting any negativity at the moment but what a pain. Just something that can happen at times.

Hope you are all well

Sunday, 5 August 2012

1 month blogging hiatus over! LONDON

First of all I just want to apologise for not updating my blog for a month now. This past month has been very very crazy as I have moved back home from LA and been very busy with work and adjusting since. But I will be on it again, talking about everything that I am experiencing in the entertainment industry, the truths about the modeling world and a whole lot more. The on thing I have always set about when starting this blog was to tell the truth and to really give people a real insight into what exactly gies on in my everyday life and to show you the real side to the industry and not the glitz and glamour that is often portrayed in magazines and on TV.

Well what a strange month its been! After spending 7 months living away in LA I have come back home for a bit. I had one of my best friends stag do's a couple of weeks ago which I didnt want to miss and was part of the reason for the timing of my return. Plus I also have 3 weddings to go to in September so prolonging my stay over the summer just quite simply makes sense. I did feel I needed to have a break from LA for a while also. I missed out on some big life changing jobs that could of been the start to the career I have dreamt about for so long. I spoke about that before in a past post, but its often so hard to take when it doesn't come off. Modeling wise in LA stuttered a lot for me and being in a different market and adapting to the industry out in LA has been one thing I have struggled a lot with. They have a different mentality and are driven by results only and do not necessarily offer a more personable touch with their models than I am used to. Change is often difficult and is something you just have to accept. I remember being out in Athens modeling for a few weeks and the agency their were very tough with their models. Its just different cultures.

My hope ever since I moved out to LA was to tie down a presenting job that would keep me there and offer me the opportunity of travelling back and forth to the UK regularly and to start progressing as a presenter. It hasn't worked out as yet, but I do have a visa until the end of 2013 so I still have time to achieve all of my aims and ambitions.

The next question everyone is asking is when am I planning on going back? Well at present I have no return date set up at all. Whether its at the end of September whether its in January, or whether I stay in London I really just have no idea at present and is something that I have been thinking about every single day. Yes I need to make a decision and right now it is something that I am looking for in my life, some stability and it is desperately needed. That might be part of my decision, but knowing me I may change my mind at any time.

I finished LA working a lot on the dating show I was talking previously about. I was almost in every day filming many sections for the show which was great fun and was so nice to be busy.
As soon as I arrived back in the UK, I had just a couple of days to recover and then I was back working on the asino Channel! Yep back again for another stint and something I am very very fortunate to have received the opportunity to go back too. An environment with very nice people and something that is like a second nature to me as well. Plus, it continues my experience and I will continue to use the time as practice for more to follow.

I have also been straight into my agency here in London MOT Models and have got everything up to date and been out to a couple of castings. I booked one of those castings as well for a shoot for Berkeley Homes. a very nice 2 day shoot and when I can get my laptop fixed or purchase a new one I will get the pictures up on here. The shoot was great, on locations in and around shoreditch and spitalfields and also shooting in a very nice 1.5 million pounds penthouse which was incredible! Makes me want to get to level to be able to buy a place like that. Ah I can dream....

That's about all to report for now, I will ensure I keep up with some regular posting now and wish you all a great summer as well. One last shout out to TEAM GB!!!! The Olympics have been absolutely incredible! I have been glued to it and have really felt the passion being here watching it. I am very pleased to be home whilst its going on as loving the atmosphere around town! Truly incredible.

Any comments will be replyed to immeditaely or any questions you might have.

Take Care

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I have lasted out here for the past 7 months and it has been the longest I have ever been away from home. It's always different moving to a new place and practically starting all over again. It offers up so many challenges, but will always be an incredible experience, either good or bad that I will never forget. I can't say I miss being at home immensely, especially that British weather of course, but there are a lot of aspects I do miss. My family I miss a lot, not being able to see them certainly gets tough, but technology now a days makes it a lot easier to keep in touch. My work back in the UK I miss as I was a lot busier there and was certainly earning more money as well, which is always nice of course. But the one thing I miss the most are my friends. Yes I can skype them and message them still, but to hang out with, go out with, watch sport with and just geuinely socialize with is what I miss the most.

That is something that I have failed to do here and that is find a lot of good friends in this town, something I have spoke about previously and that I struggle with a lot. Don't get me wrong, I do have friends here and a couple I can certainly say have been some of the nicest people I have met and I am glad I have done. Those people prove to me that in LA there are real people and they do exist. But nothing beats that feeling of going out in a big group of your friends. Something that I cannot wait for when I return next week.

I have travelled so much this past 6 years of my life, but I had started to see so many prospects cropping up whilst I have been here. I have improved greatly and been a lot busier this year compared to last. Booked a National commercial which is always nice, been very very close to some life changing jobs, which was just amazing to even be given those opportunities. And currently working consistantly on this Dating project, which has also been a great deal of fun. But without that bumper big project to rely consistantly on, its very difficult to stay here.

I like to enjoy my life as much as possible. I like to go out, to have fun, to experience new things and to pretty much live a pretty free lifestyle. The problem is when your income doesn't match those ambitions it becomes very difficult to keep going with that lifestyle. Ever since I have moved to LA, I have always been in that situation where I needed to watch what I was spending (something that i haven't previously been good at doing). The one positive though is that it has made me grow up immensely. Changing the priorities in life and working not soley for myself, but ensuring I put someone else ahead of me has changed that. This will live with me forever. Hopefully I continue with that more mature head on my shoulders when I return back to the UK and start to get back to earning well again.

The summer will certainly be a fun one catching up with all my friends and family, but also will feel great to be consistantly busy again, something I really have missed out here in LA. Then will see what happens next in my somewhat crazy life.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Blake Stevens - The Dating Guru (My Alias)

If anyone knew me when I was younger and throughout my schooling years, they would know full well that I am certainly not even close to being a "Dating Guru"! To be honest I still think even through my twenties I could never be called that one bit. But it is a role I have taken on when filming this dating concept show. It is honestly like studying a new subject and putting in the time and the effort to really understand the whole concept of dating and to try and put every bit of experience I have into it. This has honestly been one the best experiences of my life, just because of what I am learning and the psychology of it all. I have also been working harder and harder on my hosting throughout the process as well, which will no doubt give me some great experience in the future.

There are so many different concepts to dating, and we are analysing and explaining every single part of the process. I honestly think that even if you are experienced in it and feel like you don't need to learn anything that you would be very surprised when watching what we do. I have been told to build myself up into more of an expert than a host in this project and it has been very rewarding. A lot of what we teach is geuinely common knowledge to so many, but for others, it is like listening to something for the first time.

Now because I am so so nice, I am going to let you in to one little secret of the project that guys if you are reading I recommend you try using this. Girls don't be put off by it all, because it is not a concept to try and get in your knickers, just to start something off with a woman.

This is called "The 3 questions to increase the level of Hotness to a conversation".

(The scenario is set that a guy has already approached a woman and is mid way through a brief chat for the first time)

"I'm going to ask you a bit of random question here, what would you do if you won $20 million on the loterry?"

- This is an unbelievable question to ask because you get to know more about the woman than you would do throughout an entire date. She will reveal what kind of person she is, and guys must make sure they LISTEN to the answers.

OK Next Question:

"I have one more random uestion for you, whats one thing that your parents don't know about you?" (you could use best friend if they say they have no secrets with parents - unlikely lets be honest)

- This question opens up to a bit of naughtiness. The question will make the girl think about something naughty, whether sexual or being in trouble with the law, just something very different. This opens up a different side to her.

Now after this question is the time for the guy to compliment the girl and tell her that he has learnt so much from her answerrs, that she is a really nice person etc etc (go by the answers given).

Final question: - note at this point the woman will be feeling a lot more closer to you because you have got to know her so much more and have complimented what she is like in the inside as well. Something many guys forget.

"On a scale of 1-11, how would you rate yourself as a kisser?"

- The perfect question to engage in laughter and a lot of flirtatious behaviour. Whatever her answer, this is one of those questions that opens up the opportunity to get a kiss at the end of it.

Now if those 3 ways don't lead to an increased hottness to a conversation then I promise you are doing something wrong. Absolute gold! ha

This is just an example of some of the things I have been filming. There are a lot of seminars too, where I discuss in detail certain topics with the help of guests and experts on the show. It's certainly helping to keep me going whilst I have been out here in LA. And I will be filming more in the next week before I make the trip back to the UK!!!

- On a side note, I have finally been taking advantage of the amazing weather and spent some time pool side with friends and on the beach too! I feel if I didn't come back with a good sun tan after 7 months away that I would receive quite a lot of stick!!! ha

In less than 2 weeks most controversial post of my life will appear

I know this is a very different post to my normal and its just a little one to really tell you guys to all look out for. I have prided myself on complete honesty throughout writing this blog and it is something that I certainly hope the people who read it, really do appreciate. This will continue, but I will go to a brand new level very soon and will reveal something regarding my work situation here that quite frankly will shock so many.

Yes, this is quite a teaser, but believe me I have things that I must clear up this week before I reveal the true extent of it. All sounds very dramatic I know, but for me, it has made my blood boil more than anything has in my entire life. It is something that i want to share with a lot of people and hopefully start spreading it out to a wider audience as there are warnings that need to be sent out to younger people coming through into this business. this space....

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Callback for a lead role in a Movie - went well

Today I had the callback for the movie role I got put up for a month ago. I have been waiting for this day for a long long time now, and I have been very excited about the prospect of it. I never ever considered myself as an actor before, or even wanted to go for roles, but I really enjoyed this whole process. The learning of the script was a challenge, but one that i welcomed and throughly enjoyed.

The role is a Newsreporter who is young, ambitious, slightly cocky and the story involves some strange happenings while reporting from a small town in Arizona. The script was fairly long, 2 monologues and 1 dialogue to memorise. Fortunately it was the same script I had learnt a month previous for the original casting and I had it installed somewhere in brain alongside beers of the world and football teams ;-) ha.

I had to wait for an hour today at the casting and saw a number of guys auditioning for the same role as me, all different in their own unique way, but none of them were English. The one thing that certainly makes me stand out from the crowd. Is that a good thing? (this is something I am asked on such a regular basis) I really don't know the answer to that. Sometimes I feel like its a good thing, as you are always told to be memorable from an audition. But other times I see it as a hinderance as they are probably looking for a native American to play the role as its based in an American city. You just never know what the director is looking for on the project, but he will certainly see what its like with an English accent on the lead character rather than an American one. All depends again on what direction they want to go in.

The casting went well though. I nailed the script, not putting a word wrong or stumbling on anything, which i was very proud of. I got some pointers on how to adapt how I was playing the role for one of the monologues. This was getting into the feeling that it was my last message to the world, which I found tough, as I had to ensure it was different to my first version. The dialogue I also got told to adapt how I went with the words, with some more direction and more of an insight into the characters and the scene. This I felt went better and I really thought I took the direction on well.

Overall I was very happy with how the audition went. Now its a case of waiting and watching the space to see what happens. Crossing those fingers and toes because this seriously could be the start of something quite incredible. Something that I never thought in a million years I would be doing. Now, I have to get on with everything else and continue to look for new opportunities. Its certainly not the time to sit back and relax and I mustn't stop edging closer to that big break.

Will update on here when I know more - FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Slow week with a good end!

Days have passed by this week with not a great deal to shout about to be honest. I kind of have that low feeling that work was a bit stunted and opportunities seem to have gone all quiet on me. I am also in my mind preparing for a return to the UK. I made my decision to come back on the 11th July, a flight i had booked since I came back out here in December. Always good to get a return flight there ready, which can be moved if necessary in case of an emergency, something I have made sure I have done every stint I have had out here. What its done is probably made me a little complacent this week and taken my mind away from work and on to seeing my friends and family. Miss them like crazy, so I guess its normal to be feeling a huge sense of excitement about the prospect of seeing them.

The weather has been its usual good self, something that helps keep me going while I'm out here. It's that constant reminder of how lucky I am to be living in California. A place where the sun shines pretty much everyday, and it just constantly puts you in a good mood.
I have continued to do a little bit of coaching to keep me busy, something thats always fun to do and gets me outside and active. On Tuesday I did some work for the Dating concept show I have been working on. This is something that has kept me busy and given me some great on camera experience. Its also perfect experience to learn lines, to interview guests and to feel more and more comfortable in front of the camera. Its been a valuable couple of months on this project and there will be more to come.

It's funny because as I'm writing this I'm thinking that my week was a little bit more busier than I gave it credit for ha ha. On Wednesday I went in to see the shopping channel that I have been to see before. I did an hour spot for them, chatting about watches, tablets and camera's. Again good experience, but quite hard work when you have 10 minutes to discuss a watch! How many ways can you say, "it looks good", "it tells the time" ha. A lot of repeating myself and chatting a lot of shit, but good as they want me in a bit more now. And it streams to the UK too, so you lucky people who read this might be able to watch it!! ha My V Channel on channel 600 and something.

The last couple of days have involved waking up going to the gym early, passing Amir Khan in the gym (yes I've turned into a shameless name dropper ha ha - its the LA influence), and then watching the Football. Euro 2012 in full flow has been keeping me occupied and continuing my football obssession. And yes the Amir Khan thing, he was working out in my gym and walked straight past me. (I wish I could then tell you he said "hey James hows it going?" - but he didnt ha)

The week ended on a high note though. After one of those days that started off with my little toe attacking the corner of the table and losing the battle! And feeling just a bit drained, its turned on its head from one phone call. Just how it can always change when that phone rings. I have a callback for the feature film I auditioned for a few weeks ago. I have been waiting to hear more about this project after the first audition as it felt like it went great. I have never been up for an Acting job before and to get a callback is such a great feeling. It really picks me up and I cannot wait for it on Monday. I get the sides to learn tomorrow and will spend the weekend getting everything in order and prepare myself to give it my all. Could be the start of something absolutely amazing. But....who knows what will happen. Exciting and typical of the opportunities in this town. You just never know whats coming next.

My apologies if you find any spelling mistakes in here, the spell check seems to have disappeared in the new format. I promise I'm not that stupid ha.

Wish you all a fantastic weekend

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A week of work and travels

It's been a busy couple of weeks since my last post, which is always a good sign for me that I haven't had too much time to myself. ha ha. Last week started with some football coaching as per usual which is so much fun out here in the Californian sun. Always makes me feel so lucky to be out here. I've had some good work with a dating show, a trip to Texas and finally a trip to San Francisco!!! Busy and crazy! Just how I like it.

The Dating show is something I have spoke previously about. It was some work that I sorted myself here in LA and something which is progressing more and more giving me absolutely vital on camara experience too. It's such an interesting show to do as well, as we break down the whole dating scenario and start guys from the very beginning. It is amazing how many different stages there are to meeting people (girls in this subject). I will pass on some of my wisdom from the show for you all, or just simply give you something to think about ha ha.

First Step: The Line - Open ended question, something different, something humerous, charming - ultimately something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Qualification: Instead of guys always thinking am I good enough for you, it changes around. Gives the guys more control and allows them not to just settle for anything.

Comfort: Ah crucial stage of building emotional and physical comfort with someone. You crack this stage and then you are a winner!

Ha just 3 little sections I discuss in this show.

Now the show itself is formatted to teach guys how to seduce women by their words and body language and go through each of the stages of the seduction process successfully. I am the host and I interview girls and an "average joe" guy about all the differentr sections. Asking specific questions about past experiences, advise for guys out there and building a discussion feel. Now, they do classify me as a Host/Expert (which is not something I particularly brag about ha). We also play out different scenarios and take it step by step, to show the viewers just how it can be done. It's a lot of fun and also amazingly interesting too.

(Plus one of the girls we interviewed was the Mistress in the Shaquille O'Neill affair! - I had no idea until this week just gone that it was her at all. Wish i had known because I would have definitely asked loads of questions about it ha ha)


I have not really travelled about a lot since I moved out to LA, so any opportunity to go out of town I do get my tourist hat on and get slightly excited too! I had the opoprtunity to go out there for a little job for the people I shot with in Malibu, so I said yes of course! A lot of travelling, 2 planes to get there, the first landing in Denver, which if any of you guys ever go, just beware of landing in that city. Turbulance was horrendous and apparently it is very common for that to be the case and the plane to shake like something from a bad movie! But it got me there safely. To Midland Texas! Where I can hear you saying, well goggle it. Its in the middle of no where, is an oil town and I was very much out of place in it ha, but a lot of fun.

I will get some pictures up soon from it (once my laptop is fixed) and show you what I was doing with some old racing cars and some funny little machines too, including a motorised bar stool!!! Now thats the kind of technology I'm talking about! ha ha.

It was a short trip but a lot of fun and good to see a different part of the country.


All I can say is what a city!!! I have not heard one person say a bad word about this city and so I am so glad to have been able to go. My GF needed to go up there for some passport renewal, so a perfect reason to see some attractions up there. 5 hour (very fast driving by me aka Lewis Hamilton) drive from LA to this wonderful hilly city. Clean and just gorgeous. We walked all round the city, to the famous fishermans wharf and on to the downtown area with some inside information on some sneaky little restaurants which were quite superb.

The trip ended with a boat journey to Alcatraz! What a historical place that is and something I was greatly interested in. I love my History. No that doesn't make me a geek and yes I am sure that surprises many that I love something else other than my hair! ha. The place was incredible though and I recommend absolutely anybody if they ever get the opportunity to go to San Francisco to do it because I promise it will be worth it.

Back to LA now and enjoying watching the Euros (but thats for my other blog). Workwise, I am still awaiting news on auditions from the past couple of weeks. One a feature film lead role (did I not mention that??? hmmmm), another is for a movie host, plus meeting a shopping channel out here next week and a possible MTV Show Pilot! The land of opportunities! I can feel something happening very very soon. Fingers crossed.

Well, I'm off to sort out my technology issues that I am currently having! A dodgy phone, broken laptop and to top it off a bit of fraud on my credit card! Oh the joy. Hope everyone is well and wish you all a fantastic weekend. Apologies no pictures on this, just have to wait until my laptops fixed, but very soon!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Never stop looking for work opportunities - Busy week

I received a lot of comments on my last post, which meant a lot that people are taking the time out to read my blog. It was a tough one to write afterall, but felt good to speak to a lot of people who are going through the same situation and know that I am not on my own. And thank you all for reading my Blog.

It was a 4 day week here just gone and a very busy one for me as well. The previous weekend I received a call out of the blue from one of my agencies telling me that I had been requested for a callback for a hosting/presenting job. I was in complete shock and was over the moon that i had this opportunity. This is a great job, chatting about movies and interviewing actors, something that I have dreamed of doing since breaking into the industry. The original casting I really thought I blew, as I got very nervous (which doesn't happen very often to me) and wasn't my usual confident comfortable self. But I must of done something right.
So all week I had a script to prepare chatting about 3 movies that are coming out and about 1 minute long in length.
(Tips I used to learn the lines were:)
- writing down the script over and over again
- reading it very very quickly with no pauses
- recording myself over and over again on the IPAD
- everytime I was driving, I practiced time and time again
I was also told that when I arrived to the callback that I would receive another script to memorise as an interview situation with an actor. It was certainly a challenge set out for an audition, but one that I couldn't wait for.

The first audition was so brief, that it was very difficult to gage how well it went. This one however was very very different. The clients were in the room and they were extremely friendly. I was actually taken back with how nice, fun and chatty they all were and it immediately put me at ease and threw away any nerves I was having. That led to me 'nailing' the script, which I was really proud of myself for. The interview went well and I certainly showed my personality off, which was something that was requested of me. I left the audition feeling very proud of myself, knowing that I couldn't have done anything differently. That is such a great feeling to have because many times before I have left auditions feeling like I could of done better. It's now a waiting game to find out if I got it, and hopefully I will have some news this week. It's even bigger to find out because if I don't get it I will book my flight back to the UK for the summer. It's as simple as that.

The rest of the week was all modeling. Something that has become a rarity out in LA for me. Through searching websites for small jobs to keep me going I made a good contact with a photographer for a Thai Food Network. Somnetimes you just never know what things will lead to and I did something for a very small gym equipment company. Its like that in this town, all about who you know it seems. A very simple job down in Santa Ana, which is about 60 miles south of LA.

My tour around moved to Malibu on Wednesday for again a small job through something I sorted myself. The best thing about this job was the location and the accessories. Check the pictures out!!! Yep, shooting with these amazing cars! Absolutely incredible. It was like a boys dream to be this close to 2 amazing cars. The place was incredible as well, owned by someone who owns loads of sunbed companies. (Done extremely well for himself thats for sure). What added to the day were the people, who were very friendly and easy to get on with. Always makes such a big difference when it comes to a day of work, whatever job you are in.

Last up came a test shoot down in Venice. Through my agency, a photographer wanted to get some new pictures and offered a free test for more pictures. It's always a good opportunity and if you are not missing anything that day then it makes it worth while. Even if I get 2 new pictures from the shoot, it will be worth while. There was a more beachy theme to it (very Venice like). I was a surfer dude! ha ha not me one tiny little bit but hey. It's all part of it and very different to anything in my book. As soon as I get these shots I will put them up on here.

Busy week and another one to come makes me very happy.

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Truth about my time in LA

I thought it was about time I opened up and told the truth about my time living here in LA. So many people think that I am "living the life", "living the dream" am "the luckiest guy in the world". I wish all of that was true I really do. I wish I could constantly tell my friends and family back home what an amazing time I am having in LA and how I feel so settled like it's home. Well that would be a lie.

LA is a huge city that has so much going on. It is a city of such great opportunity and that's such a huge attraction to the place for so many people, me included. But with opportunities, comes desperation and comes a great deal of competition. Many people in this town will do absolutely anything to succeed, and will go to such extreme lengths to do so, no matter who they trample over in the mean time. They are completely selfish and will only ever contact you if they need something from you. Friendship is a term that so many in this city fail to understand. But the hardest part is that these people are the ones that seem to be succeeding here. I am not using this as an excuse for any of my failings since I've been out here, but it is a big excuse as to why my time here has been a struggle.

Starting fresh in a new city has so many different challenges to overcome. One is to get a group of friends. Sounds the most simple of tasks, but in LA it is one of the hardest things. I am such a social person and I get along with absolutely anyone. I am friendly and approachable, something that's tough to find in people here. I celebrated my birthday a month a go and so many people I invited flaked out. That word "flaked" is used so much out here. Its such a difference to how my life is back in England.

Myself and my girlfriend were out recently with friends, and after about 15 minutes of being at the venue, the whole group of people moved away and sat away from us. Bar 1 or 2 who spoke to us, it was such a strange situation, that we both couldn't quite believe what was happening in front of our eyes. Sounds ridiculous right? Well, its how it is in this town, people just aren't quite as friendly. This certainly could be simply because the people we hang out with we have very little in common with. Conversation seems hard work, and people often only listen if your talking about money and success. Seriously, it seems like people are only interested if you have loads of money, are going on expensive vacations, or if you have met certain celebrities.

Don't get me wrong, I have been very fortunate to meet some great people in this town, and the ones I can call my friends are such great people. Often I feel like maybe I am just searching for a group of friends like I have back at home, which is quite unrealistic to find. I am one of those people who really enjoys socialising and its very important to me to enjoy life with great people.

The feeling of having a very unstable time here does not help the situation either. Without being able to tie down a regular well paying job has been very challenging, and affects how I'm getting on out here. Stability is so key in life, but I have not had any stability since I have been outr here apart from my relationship. Not knowing whether I will be staying in LA permanently or whether I will be returning to London has constantly been on my mind. Debating over my career as well is something that rings constantly on my mind as well, which makes it hard to enjoy myself over here.

Without regular work, financial worries become an issue, which is the hardest way to live your life. I like to work hard and play hard, but in the current situation out here it becomes very difficult when your priorities change. Not knowing when your next pay cheque is coming in is even harder out here when you haven't got a regular job to back you up.

It is important for me to work through these feelings, but writing them down on helps me a lot and I want to let everyone know the truth about my situation out here. It's certainly no walk in the park thats for sure. Let's hope brighter things are waiting just around the corner.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

First Commercial in 3 years!!! Finally!

I finally booked my first commercial in 3 years! I will keep the name of the client quiet for now, well until I see it on the TV that is. Confidentiality agreements and all. But certainly I am not going to hold back how happy I am.

In my first 20 months working as a model, I booked 5 commercials. It was something that for me became the normal to book jobs on this scale. Then believe me it was a huge shock when that changed and after booking a Nintendo DSI commercial 3 years ago, I had nothing. I still went to numerous commercial auditions, callbacks, some options, but none booked up. Not only does my confidence suffer, but importantly my bank balance does as well. So I am over the moon to have booked this one.

More importantly it is my first big job here in the States, which delights not only me and my family, but my agencies too. Their faith in me has been rewarded and their gamble in getting me a visa is certainly now paying off. Without booking anything big, or getting regular work in over here, I have always felt that I let my agency down here. At times I didn't believe it would work out here, but whatever happens now I can be happy and proud of myself. Sounds cheesy, sounds like a load of crap, but believe me its something that has been on my mind ever since I came out here. I felt like a failure. But I am so pleased now.

I cant't go into detail about the commercial at this point, but what i can say is that it is a very very small world! Walking past me on set I thought I recognised somebody. But all of a sudden this girl came up to me with an English accent! I had worked with her previously 4 years ago on a commercial for a Portugese Mineral water company, shot in Lisbon. Random or what?! Couldn't quite believe it. And to top it off, I had my own trailer! Yep, my name on the trailer! I was like an excited little kid and couldn't quite believe it! I wish I could lie and say it had flat screen tv's you name it, but it had a sink, air conditioning, a radio and a mirror!!! Living the high life hey?! ha ha

Anyways, been a lazy week since thanks to my dog keeping me up all week. But start of a new week soon and I am ready to hit the ground running.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Finally....some success in LA

The last post on here was published 2 weeks ago and I was talking about my prospects coming up here in LA after a break away. I am pleased to say that 2 of the 3 have come to fruition and I have just completed filming a new dating concept show. It's been a strange experience to be so busy here in LA for the first time! This last 2 wees have been crazy in so many ways, and the easiest way to tell is that my phone battery lasts me all day at the moment because I am hardly on it ha ha. Always a sign of boredom when your on your phone the whole time. Let's start with the dating show. The show is for a company who produce lot's of similar level of shows that appeals to male viewers. Some are risque, some are very entertaining and I was happy to be hosting a dating concept show. The idea of the show is to teach the "Average Joe" ways of improving their chances with men, from going through many "ice breakers" in various situations to meet women and also some key components to doing so. I was the host of the show and also the "male expert". Yep you guys can laugh I'm sure! But hey a jobs a job. I had to host the show and run through around 50 lines to use on women that involved various scenarios, like the gym, a bar, swimming pool etc. The average joe would act out the line on a girl expert and we would break down his performance. It was so much fun and also great on camera hosting experience. We held various seminars throughout as well, talking about subjects like Body Language and Confidence. Being the host I was ensuring everyone stayed on subject, asking relative questions, offering advise for the average joe and importantly reacting to what the other people say. It was a fantastic experience and I met some good real people and importantly they will look to use me again. Reporting Job I was offered a position reporting for some small newspaper magazine, which again I am treating as a learning experience and some useful footage to add to my reel. I had to go in this week for an emergency call for this company and do one of their shows. It was hard work as there was no prompter and I had to learn a script, something which I need a lot of work on. It was only 2 hours, but it was hard work to get everything done in the right way, tone, attitude to how the client wanted. When you are filling in for someone else on a hosting job, everyone compares you to them and how you do it. It makes it so much harder than if the project is completely new. The outstanding prospect Like with many situations in this town, there is a lot of talk made about some amazing prospects. People like to talk the talk in this town, but more often than not cannot walk the walk. So only time will tell whether this prospect will lead to something. But something that I am learning fast in this town is to not get my hopes up when told about opportunities. Even Better News! Today has turned out to be an amazing day as I have just booked a commercial for next week!!! I will keep the name out of it for now, but I am so excited to finally book a big job here in LA. It is so rewarding after all the auditions I have gone to, the trecking round LA, the money spent on gas etc, but right now it feels so great. Whats so exciting about this commercial is the stages to getting the job. The initial casting was last Thursday which was my birthday night out that I had planned. It was right at the end of the day at the time I had planned to meet my friends, so I initially considered not going to it. Then after getting to the casting, I was so agitated to leave and get going to my birthday drinks that I almost left the casting! I stuck it out and obviously its paid dividends. The callback though came through at 6pm the day before I was due to work on the dating show. I had to cancel filming the show, something that I never ever wanted to do and delay it for a week. Very fortunately the company were very accomodating. And thank goodness because I got the job! Its been a completely different 2 weeks, from being so quiet, to having clashes of work on different days. A whole new experience to get through. But I am feeling absolutely great about life in LA finally and things are finally starting to work out.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Current Prospects

Copy this link and paste into your browser if you would like to see a little montage from my Red Carpet debut and the event for 'Give Kids the World'.

After a lovely vacation (holiday)away to the Bahamas on my first cruise, which was great, I am now back to the graft in Los Angeles. The start of the week means a big email send out to all my contacts that I have made out here in LA. I had a lot of prospects before I went away, so I need to ensure that I have followed everything up.

Prospect 1:
After searching online on one of many of the job websites, I found a job that was looking for a male host. Following this up I found more details about the show. It is a type of dating show, where guys have a chance to find ways of approaching women. It sounds like a fun show to be a part of, and I am hoping to go in to see the production team this week.

Prospect 2:
Following up from the Red Carpet event with a brand new production company who are looking at really going for it. They are an exciting company and one that I would love to be a part of and I am hoping that this will be the case.

Prospect 3:
A reporter job for a local Santa Monica company, looking to update the local people about the events happening around the town. It is a job that I got confirmed for before I went on my vacation. It is something small, but it could be something fun, different and will build up my resume and my reel.

The worrying part of my prospects are that absolutely none of them have anything to do with modelling. Los Angeles is very quiet at present for the industry, which limits one of my opportunities to earn money and work here. I will continue to work hard to change this, but I know its going to take some time.

The one thing with LA is that it is the city for opportunity. It really is and there is so much going on in this town. Its like the tease keeping me hanging on when I see all these opportunities in front of my eyes. Positivity though! It will happen.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Red Carpet Host Debut

Do I look like a host in this picture? I was dressed to impress that's for certain as I took to the red carpet for the first time and I absolutely loved every minute of it! It felt so natural, so easy, so comfortable and more importantly so much fun to be on there.

I can imagine people are wondering how it all came about??? Well as you will know I have been very very quiet of late and I have been making an extra effort to apply for anything that I possibly could, and that includes any hosting opportunities that could improve my reel. That is certainly the key for me at the moment, and also it is great practice for me when new opportunities come up. I scoured the Internet and found on Craig's list a post for red carpet hosts for a charity event. Perfect. I sent my resume and pictures and got an immediate response back to go in on Friday for an interview.

A lot of people turned up for the interview, but being my early self, I was the first one there, which is often an advantage as it gives you extra time to talk to the clients. I immediately build a good rapport with them and was told that I would have to act out like I was on the red carpet, interviewing some big hip hop producers, including one called "No ID", who launched a certain Kanye West's career....(slightly big deal!) HA. The room had about 12 people in so was slightly intimidating, but I felt great, felt confident and just knew I would nail it! And I did, and it was a great moment as I felt very proud of myself and got some great comments back from people in the room, as they all very quickly said "we will see you tomorrow!"


The event was to raise money for Give Kids the World, a fantastic charity that is a village in Florida on a 70acre plot of land that focuses on children with terminal illnesses. They take them to Disney and give them and their families amazing opportunities and support. It truly is fantastic. The event is in conjunction with the launch of "Boss TV" - a new TV production company. This gives me a big opportunity to make a good impression and to potentially work consistently with a new company.
(As previously with the music channel, One Beat, I am not getting too ahead of myself, as there are a lot more complications with new channels and a big step is needed in post production. So we shall see)

I arrived very early to ensure that I was fully prepared for the night. First of all was getting the guest list and trying hard to look through and to find out a small bit about every single person who turns up at the event so I am fully prepared for the red carpet. Camera was set up, red carpet was all laid out and I was ready to go! Mic in hand, camera in front of me and away I went. I wasn't even nervous, was totally excited and felt in my element. The only thing I had to make sure I did was to find out about the celebrities, because being English, I don't have a huge knowledge about some of the smaller American shows (which I need to improve upon certainly)and the last thing you want to do is to get details wrong. Makes you look extremely unprofessional.

I loved every minute of it and planned out my questions to cover all basis and not to drag on too much, such as:

- What brings you here tonight?
- How important is the charity to your heart?
- What projects are you working on at present?

(you have to ensure you listen to the answers as often you can react to what they are saying and catch important points, or as I like, funny points! The red carpet should be fun for all involved and that's the way forward I was going).

Added into the mix were two questions I was almost alternating between people:

- Can you teach me your favorite dance move?
- Can you tell me your best chat up lines?
- Kobe or Blake Griffin? (LA based Basketball superstars)

It was just a fun experience that I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of and I cannot wait until my next opportunity. I got to host on the stage at the event as well, introducing acts on to the stage, filling gaps and getting people involved in the night and making sure we raised a good amount of money for the charity. It was a lot of fun and I met some very cool, talented people, from musicians to producers, to actors, all were great fun.

As soon as I get a copy of the footage and some more pictures from the event I will post them on to the blog.

If you ever have any questions for me then please do not hesitate to contact me by commenting below and I will be happy to reply.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Time to Create my own fortunes

This month has been extremely quiet in so many ways. The auditions have dried up and the opportunities that were becoming apparent have faded away for the time being. It is times like these that makes it extremely important to stay self motivated and to look outside the box at any possible opportunities that could be around. My last post I was pretty down and since then I have been trying hard to snap myself out of the funk. Well, it hasn't necessarily happened just yet, and I have found myself at the gym near enough every single day this month!!! With nothing to do as a Model it is always important to stay in shape and believe me it is starting to become more difficult too!!! (I don't want to say that word 'age', but...) ha.

Some people have asked me recently what exactly do I do to get work myself outside of my agencies. There are lots I can do and here is a list of a couple of them:

- Vital and key, as discussed in a previous post, to network and to continue to keep in touch with important people that you are introduced to or that you meet. This for me requires making phone calls, sending emails and contacting as many people as possible to get yourself on their minds. You never know the timing of one of these connections.

- It is important to continue to search for jobs, modeling and hosting jobs via websites and google searches. My agencies will get me auditions, but there will be many jobs that they won't get. These are often the smaller jobs, but the ones that can be very useful when times are quiet. Craigslist can be great for hosting and modeling work. Even if these jobs don't pay much, they can be very useful for pictures of footage for me. In addition its like practice for when the bigger auditions come up.

The easiest thing for me to do out in LA is to pack my bags and head back to London. But I see that as a case of giving up. I do not want to fail. I want to achieve out here. Also, there is no guarantee that I will work anymore back home either. My visa situation is the tricky part of things too, as I cannot just go and get a normal part time job to tie me over. Everything has to go through my agencies. I just simply enough need to get a break from somewhere here and I need to influence this break by doing what I can to achieve it.

Modeling wise here in LA does not seem to be happening for me one bit. I wish I had the answers as to why, but unfortunately it is just the way it has been going. I do not want to make excuses, but its a tough city and with modeling castings being like a cattle call every single time, its very difficult to book anything. It's like a 150/1 or 300/1 horse winning a race against every single guy model in the City. Not an easy task.

Hopefully I will have some more exciting news to report on soon ha.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Disappointing couple of weeks

After the excitement of my trip to Vegas and getting some work in, the last couple of weeks have been extremely quiet. It gets very difficult out here and quite lonely when things aren't going according to plan. I am sure this is often down to the way I cope with everything and the fact I take myself to the gym for a few hours on my own as well everyday. Castings have been few and far between unfortunately and things I was hoping to move forward with haven't materialised. For example, my first presenting job out here I was hoping would become a regular occurrence, but I have yet to be called back in. Unfortunately, this is a reason outside of my control as the new channel is yet to launch and has been delayed for a reason. Its back to one of those sayings I have mentioned many times in the past:


One of THE hardest things to do as a model, actor, host etc, as you are so often teased with something spectacular that is more often than not taken away from you. It's seriously like dangling a sweet in front of a child, only to take it away from them at the last minute. I have had it in the past with options many many times in modeling, and its such a tough thing to deal with.

It happened again this weekend, but this time with the mention of a trip back to London. Now, I have always said that if a job comes in that's worth me flying back for that I am willing to do it. It is a great chance to earn more money and for me to see my friends and family too. I received a few emails in the week with regards a potential modeling job back in London. The figure wasn't quite high enough to justify going back, but if my agency could find another job for me as well then it would definitely be worth it. They are so great to me back in the UK and they found another job for me! I was so excited, the thought of working, earning more money and what that could lead too. Plus, recent weeks I have found myself feeling a bit homesick, so to see my friends and family would be a huge boost to me as well.

However, as so often happens, the original job I was contacted about did not materialise due to the clients changing their minds with what kind of guy they wanted for the shoot. (something they absolutely have the right to do) It was so close to becoming a perfect scenario for me. More disappointment.

It's very important that I look to bounce back quickly from any disappointment, especially when it involves my work. But it is also very difficult to do considering my situation here in the US. I am on a very strict visa, which limits how much work I can do for other companies here, basically limits it to nothing. Now its a case of looking to other visa adjustments which could be a very long, expensive and tiring process. It adds to a lot of pressure whilst living out here and I need to find a way to cope with that.

So many people see my life as an easy, fun living one, but I can ensure you that it is far from that. When you have a career that is very unstable and you don't know where the next pay check is often coming, it makes it very difficult. But as you know, what makes a person is often how they cope with disappointment, so we shall watch this space.