Friday, 26 October 2012

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE - Moving forward and moving to London

Well that last post 2 weeks ago was rather depressing wasn't it?!?! First of all I would just like to thank those who read my post and contacted me about it, much appreciated to know there are so many out there that care and I hope that many know that I am always here to return the favor to anyone in need.

Feeling down about things is something that happens to everyone at some point in their life. It happens to people living on the streets, it happens to people who are rich and famous too, it doesn't matter what your life status is, the mind is such a powerful thing, for good and bad. I was in a state of mind that wasn't letting me progress forward and was not letting me get the past out of my head. I was jumping at anything said to me and quite frankly just miserable. I started to believe that every day I was down, when in fact it was just all in my mind.

Life is hard yes, but life has such amazing qualities too. These qualities are the ones that makes life so enjoyable and worthwhile. I have an amazing family, one in which I am so greatful for their constant support, guidance and happiness they provide me. The friends I have around me are one in a trillion believe me, there for me no matter what and always around to pick me up if needed. This is something that I pride myself on being for my friends too. Having their backs, being there in their times of need is such an incredible feeling to be able to provide that, means so much and gives life more meaning too. And finally my work. I work in a tough industry don't get me wrong, but one that has allowed me to travel all round the world, has allowed me freedom to do so much and that does provide me with a lot of satisfaction and keeps me out of an office 24 7. I am one of the most fortunate people in the world. And this hit me a few days ago and I just sorted my head straight and realised that yes life can be tough, but its not bad and I need to return to the fun, out going, social guy that I am. DONE ha. thats all over with I can finally move on and concentrate on the important parts of my life and sort my career out. Its that time in my life where I'm closing in on the big 30 in a year and a half and certainly feel I'm not where I planned to be in my life at this stage. So, I need to pull my finger out and go and grab every single opportunity out there. PMA right! ha.

As of next week I will be back in London as a resident and move into a place very central. I cannot wait to get in to be honest, will help to give me so much time in my life, and provide me with a lot of convenience with work and any other projects I choose to get involved in. Its kind of nice right now shopping for new furniture to put in the new place, and it excites me that I'm heading into a new stage in my life. It also means I can go out in London more ha ha, one thing that I have been dying to for so long. Social life to go up, which is something I need and something that always makes me happy when I get to see friends more regularly.

Work - well the modeling has been very very quiet of late. Not just myself has been feeling the strain of very few opportunities in London at present. Again the sorry state of the economy is what is to blame. I hope lots of you saw my Nivea Commercial, and those who paused it hopefully saw my sweaty arm pit too!!!! ha ha ha, shocking ha. Its nice to see the work I've done and be proud of it, even though it was just a raised head and a smile! ha.

Presenting on the casino channel is still plodding along and keeping me busy. Feeling better 2 days ago I decided to do the Gangnam Style dance live on air!! It was brilliant! And then doing a 5 minute producing job, got all other presenters doing the dance live on air too! So much fun! And they say when you are happy you sing and dance right?! ha I will now annoy people for being too happy. Surely not.

LOVE LIFE - Well, Well..............ha ha you are dreaming if anyone really believed I would put about that on here ha ha ha. Sorry just a wind up. But if Mila Kunis is reading this and gets bored of Ashton Kutcher, I am still single! ha

A weekend ahead of sorting out everything for my big move into London followed by a Halloween filled with work actually! Makes a change right but I will be mixing presenting on the casino channel sunday, monday and wednesday with a modeling job for a sportswear company Tuesday and a trip into the This Morning studios Wednesday too. Yep back on the TV doing something or other so look out for that one! ha.

Thanks again for taking the time out to read my blog, any feedback is greatly appreciated believe me and will respond to all.

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