Monday, 21 September 2015

A "Mixed Bag"

The past few months have been indifferent to say the least. If you were to scroll down my blog, the last post at the end of March was at the completion of the ICC job. I was upbeat, buzzing in fact! Full of energy and enthusiasm to tackle whatever was to come next. I honestly thought that although I knew I had a lot of work to do, I was in a really good position to make strides and take giant leaps forward for my presenting within sport. And at the start it looked as though this would be the case. I got approached by a friend of mine who works for Glamorgan CC (a professional cricket team in the UK) to host their T20 matches. I was absolutely delighted as you can imagine, so quickly after my first cricket job and I have my next lined up.

This was a great opportunity. Live event hosting in a sport I absolutely love. A different experience in a stadium with between 5000 and 10000 people, not to mention professional cricketers from the past to the present. Bit of a treck for me to travel from London to Wales and back in a day, but boy was it worth it.
We had a bit of a "Gavin & Stacey" theme happening, as I hosted with a Welsh native and retired cricketer Mike Powell. Everyone knew Mike. I mean this guy couldn't walk 3 steps without being engaged in a conversation about anything and everything. If it wasn't the spectators, it was other reporters and if it wasn't them it was every single cricketer that was playing! Eoin Morgan, Luke Wright, Owais Shah, James Foster, you name them he knew them! But it was great, as he always introduced me and was great in bringing me into the conversations as well. We had great rapport and worked well together.
Some games were quieter than others, some games involved a lot of reporting on events, such as that wet stuff that falls from the sky a lot over here. But it was all great fun and I loved working there and fingers crossed I will be back next year too.

In between times I continued working on ITV, albeit very irregular, and did a few shoots here and there. As you maybe able to sense from my tone, there has been nothing to shout about. For once in my life when people ask me "what have you been up to?" I genuinely have not much to tell. I really hate that. Always like exciting things to tell people, but its been a quiet time in all honesty. A time that often leads me to reflect on the future, to question the present and have regrets about the past.

(Is it time for a change? Should I have studied something different when I was younger? Where am I going to get my next job from?) - these sorts of questions regularly entering my head.

So I made a decision to study. Yep thats right, I'm going back to study and I'm excited about it too! Never thought in a million years I would ever say that to be honest! But I'm in need of some focus in my life, and I need something that could offer me some stability for my future too. I'm 31 now and I want to have a family etc but know I need to be in a much more stable situation with work for this to happen.

I researched a variety of courses, but one with the Press Association that stood out was a Sports reporting one. Its an accredited course with the NTCJ and one that is recognised across all forms of media in this country. This could be something that would enhance my career and hopefully open up some exciting opportunities. First and foremost though I must pass an exam and an interview to be allowed on the course, so will hope that goes well. The interview doesn't scare me, as I practically have an interview almost every day of the week with auditions and castings. However, the exam is a whole new thing and is slightly daunting. I was never keen on them back in school or university, but 10 years later nothing has changed!

I will continue to be positive, strive for more and hopefully if I work hard enough things will start to slot into place.

Thanks as always for taking the time out to read this blog