Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Callback for a lead role in a Movie - went well

Today I had the callback for the movie role I got put up for a month ago. I have been waiting for this day for a long long time now, and I have been very excited about the prospect of it. I never ever considered myself as an actor before, or even wanted to go for roles, but I really enjoyed this whole process. The learning of the script was a challenge, but one that i welcomed and throughly enjoyed.

The role is a Newsreporter who is young, ambitious, slightly cocky and the story involves some strange happenings while reporting from a small town in Arizona. The script was fairly long, 2 monologues and 1 dialogue to memorise. Fortunately it was the same script I had learnt a month previous for the original casting and I had it installed somewhere in brain alongside beers of the world and football teams ;-) ha.

I had to wait for an hour today at the casting and saw a number of guys auditioning for the same role as me, all different in their own unique way, but none of them were English. The one thing that certainly makes me stand out from the crowd. Is that a good thing? (this is something I am asked on such a regular basis) I really don't know the answer to that. Sometimes I feel like its a good thing, as you are always told to be memorable from an audition. But other times I see it as a hinderance as they are probably looking for a native American to play the role as its based in an American city. You just never know what the director is looking for on the project, but he will certainly see what its like with an English accent on the lead character rather than an American one. All depends again on what direction they want to go in.

The casting went well though. I nailed the script, not putting a word wrong or stumbling on anything, which i was very proud of. I got some pointers on how to adapt how I was playing the role for one of the monologues. This was getting into the feeling that it was my last message to the world, which I found tough, as I had to ensure it was different to my first version. The dialogue I also got told to adapt how I went with the words, with some more direction and more of an insight into the characters and the scene. This I felt went better and I really thought I took the direction on well.

Overall I was very happy with how the audition went. Now its a case of waiting and watching the space to see what happens. Crossing those fingers and toes because this seriously could be the start of something quite incredible. Something that I never thought in a million years I would be doing. Now, I have to get on with everything else and continue to look for new opportunities. Its certainly not the time to sit back and relax and I mustn't stop edging closer to that big break.

Will update on here when I know more - FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Slow week with a good end!

Days have passed by this week with not a great deal to shout about to be honest. I kind of have that low feeling that work was a bit stunted and opportunities seem to have gone all quiet on me. I am also in my mind preparing for a return to the UK. I made my decision to come back on the 11th July, a flight i had booked since I came back out here in December. Always good to get a return flight there ready, which can be moved if necessary in case of an emergency, something I have made sure I have done every stint I have had out here. What its done is probably made me a little complacent this week and taken my mind away from work and on to seeing my friends and family. Miss them like crazy, so I guess its normal to be feeling a huge sense of excitement about the prospect of seeing them.

The weather has been its usual good self, something that helps keep me going while I'm out here. It's that constant reminder of how lucky I am to be living in California. A place where the sun shines pretty much everyday, and it just constantly puts you in a good mood.
I have continued to do a little bit of coaching to keep me busy, something thats always fun to do and gets me outside and active. On Tuesday I did some work for the Dating concept show I have been working on. This is something that has kept me busy and given me some great on camera experience. Its also perfect experience to learn lines, to interview guests and to feel more and more comfortable in front of the camera. Its been a valuable couple of months on this project and there will be more to come.

It's funny because as I'm writing this I'm thinking that my week was a little bit more busier than I gave it credit for ha ha. On Wednesday I went in to see the shopping channel that I have been to see before. I did an hour spot for them, chatting about watches, tablets and camera's. Again good experience, but quite hard work when you have 10 minutes to discuss a watch! How many ways can you say, "it looks good", "it tells the time" ha. A lot of repeating myself and chatting a lot of shit, but good as they want me in a bit more now. And it streams to the UK too, so you lucky people who read this might be able to watch it!! ha My V Channel on channel 600 and something.

The last couple of days have involved waking up going to the gym early, passing Amir Khan in the gym (yes I've turned into a shameless name dropper ha ha - its the LA influence), and then watching the Football. Euro 2012 in full flow has been keeping me occupied and continuing my football obssession. And yes the Amir Khan thing, he was working out in my gym and walked straight past me. (I wish I could then tell you he said "hey James hows it going?" - but he didnt ha)

The week ended on a high note though. After one of those days that started off with my little toe attacking the corner of the table and losing the battle! And feeling just a bit drained, its turned on its head from one phone call. Just how it can always change when that phone rings. I have a callback for the feature film I auditioned for a few weeks ago. I have been waiting to hear more about this project after the first audition as it felt like it went great. I have never been up for an Acting job before and to get a callback is such a great feeling. It really picks me up and I cannot wait for it on Monday. I get the sides to learn tomorrow and will spend the weekend getting everything in order and prepare myself to give it my all. Could be the start of something absolutely amazing. But....who knows what will happen. Exciting and typical of the opportunities in this town. You just never know whats coming next.

My apologies if you find any spelling mistakes in here, the spell check seems to have disappeared in the new format. I promise I'm not that stupid ha.

Wish you all a fantastic weekend

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A week of work and travels

It's been a busy couple of weeks since my last post, which is always a good sign for me that I haven't had too much time to myself. ha ha. Last week started with some football coaching as per usual which is so much fun out here in the Californian sun. Always makes me feel so lucky to be out here. I've had some good work with a dating show, a trip to Texas and finally a trip to San Francisco!!! Busy and crazy! Just how I like it.

The Dating show is something I have spoke previously about. It was some work that I sorted myself here in LA and something which is progressing more and more giving me absolutely vital on camara experience too. It's such an interesting show to do as well, as we break down the whole dating scenario and start guys from the very beginning. It is amazing how many different stages there are to meeting people (girls in this subject). I will pass on some of my wisdom from the show for you all, or just simply give you something to think about ha ha.

First Step: The Line - Open ended question, something different, something humerous, charming - ultimately something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Qualification: Instead of guys always thinking am I good enough for you, it changes around. Gives the guys more control and allows them not to just settle for anything.

Comfort: Ah crucial stage of building emotional and physical comfort with someone. You crack this stage and then you are a winner!

Ha just 3 little sections I discuss in this show.

Now the show itself is formatted to teach guys how to seduce women by their words and body language and go through each of the stages of the seduction process successfully. I am the host and I interview girls and an "average joe" guy about all the differentr sections. Asking specific questions about past experiences, advise for guys out there and building a discussion feel. Now, they do classify me as a Host/Expert (which is not something I particularly brag about ha). We also play out different scenarios and take it step by step, to show the viewers just how it can be done. It's a lot of fun and also amazingly interesting too.

(Plus one of the girls we interviewed was the Mistress in the Shaquille O'Neill affair! - I had no idea until this week just gone that it was her at all. Wish i had known because I would have definitely asked loads of questions about it ha ha)


I have not really travelled about a lot since I moved out to LA, so any opportunity to go out of town I do get my tourist hat on and get slightly excited too! I had the opoprtunity to go out there for a little job for the people I shot with in Malibu, so I said yes of course! A lot of travelling, 2 planes to get there, the first landing in Denver, which if any of you guys ever go, just beware of landing in that city. Turbulance was horrendous and apparently it is very common for that to be the case and the plane to shake like something from a bad movie! But it got me there safely. To Midland Texas! Where I can hear you saying, well goggle it. Its in the middle of no where, is an oil town and I was very much out of place in it ha, but a lot of fun.

I will get some pictures up soon from it (once my laptop is fixed) and show you what I was doing with some old racing cars and some funny little machines too, including a motorised bar stool!!! Now thats the kind of technology I'm talking about! ha ha.

It was a short trip but a lot of fun and good to see a different part of the country.


All I can say is what a city!!! I have not heard one person say a bad word about this city and so I am so glad to have been able to go. My GF needed to go up there for some passport renewal, so a perfect reason to see some attractions up there. 5 hour (very fast driving by me aka Lewis Hamilton) drive from LA to this wonderful hilly city. Clean and just gorgeous. We walked all round the city, to the famous fishermans wharf and on to the downtown area with some inside information on some sneaky little restaurants which were quite superb.

The trip ended with a boat journey to Alcatraz! What a historical place that is and something I was greatly interested in. I love my History. No that doesn't make me a geek and yes I am sure that surprises many that I love something else other than my hair! ha. The place was incredible though and I recommend absolutely anybody if they ever get the opportunity to go to San Francisco to do it because I promise it will be worth it.

Back to LA now and enjoying watching the Euros (but thats for my other blog). Workwise, I am still awaiting news on auditions from the past couple of weeks. One a feature film lead role (did I not mention that??? hmmmm), another is for a movie host, plus meeting a shopping channel out here next week and a possible MTV Show Pilot! The land of opportunities! I can feel something happening very very soon. Fingers crossed.

Well, I'm off to sort out my technology issues that I am currently having! A dodgy phone, broken laptop and to top it off a bit of fraud on my credit card! Oh the joy. Hope everyone is well and wish you all a fantastic weekend. Apologies no pictures on this, just have to wait until my laptops fixed, but very soon!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Never stop looking for work opportunities - Busy week

I received a lot of comments on my last post, which meant a lot that people are taking the time out to read my blog. It was a tough one to write afterall, but felt good to speak to a lot of people who are going through the same situation and know that I am not on my own. And thank you all for reading my Blog.

It was a 4 day week here just gone and a very busy one for me as well. The previous weekend I received a call out of the blue from one of my agencies telling me that I had been requested for a callback for a hosting/presenting job. I was in complete shock and was over the moon that i had this opportunity. This is a great job, chatting about movies and interviewing actors, something that I have dreamed of doing since breaking into the industry. The original casting I really thought I blew, as I got very nervous (which doesn't happen very often to me) and wasn't my usual confident comfortable self. But I must of done something right.
So all week I had a script to prepare chatting about 3 movies that are coming out and about 1 minute long in length.
(Tips I used to learn the lines were:)
- writing down the script over and over again
- reading it very very quickly with no pauses
- recording myself over and over again on the IPAD
- everytime I was driving, I practiced time and time again
I was also told that when I arrived to the callback that I would receive another script to memorise as an interview situation with an actor. It was certainly a challenge set out for an audition, but one that I couldn't wait for.

The first audition was so brief, that it was very difficult to gage how well it went. This one however was very very different. The clients were in the room and they were extremely friendly. I was actually taken back with how nice, fun and chatty they all were and it immediately put me at ease and threw away any nerves I was having. That led to me 'nailing' the script, which I was really proud of myself for. The interview went well and I certainly showed my personality off, which was something that was requested of me. I left the audition feeling very proud of myself, knowing that I couldn't have done anything differently. That is such a great feeling to have because many times before I have left auditions feeling like I could of done better. It's now a waiting game to find out if I got it, and hopefully I will have some news this week. It's even bigger to find out because if I don't get it I will book my flight back to the UK for the summer. It's as simple as that.

The rest of the week was all modeling. Something that has become a rarity out in LA for me. Through searching websites for small jobs to keep me going I made a good contact with a photographer for a Thai Food Network. Somnetimes you just never know what things will lead to and I did something for a very small gym equipment company. Its like that in this town, all about who you know it seems. A very simple job down in Santa Ana, which is about 60 miles south of LA.

My tour around moved to Malibu on Wednesday for again a small job through something I sorted myself. The best thing about this job was the location and the accessories. Check the pictures out!!! Yep, shooting with these amazing cars! Absolutely incredible. It was like a boys dream to be this close to 2 amazing cars. The place was incredible as well, owned by someone who owns loads of sunbed companies. (Done extremely well for himself thats for sure). What added to the day were the people, who were very friendly and easy to get on with. Always makes such a big difference when it comes to a day of work, whatever job you are in.

Last up came a test shoot down in Venice. Through my agency, a photographer wanted to get some new pictures and offered a free test for more pictures. It's always a good opportunity and if you are not missing anything that day then it makes it worth while. Even if I get 2 new pictures from the shoot, it will be worth while. There was a more beachy theme to it (very Venice like). I was a surfer dude! ha ha not me one tiny little bit but hey. It's all part of it and very different to anything in my book. As soon as I get these shots I will put them up on here.

Busy week and another one to come makes me very happy.