Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Callback for a lead role in a Movie - went well

Today I had the callback for the movie role I got put up for a month ago. I have been waiting for this day for a long long time now, and I have been very excited about the prospect of it. I never ever considered myself as an actor before, or even wanted to go for roles, but I really enjoyed this whole process. The learning of the script was a challenge, but one that i welcomed and throughly enjoyed.

The role is a Newsreporter who is young, ambitious, slightly cocky and the story involves some strange happenings while reporting from a small town in Arizona. The script was fairly long, 2 monologues and 1 dialogue to memorise. Fortunately it was the same script I had learnt a month previous for the original casting and I had it installed somewhere in brain alongside beers of the world and football teams ;-) ha.

I had to wait for an hour today at the casting and saw a number of guys auditioning for the same role as me, all different in their own unique way, but none of them were English. The one thing that certainly makes me stand out from the crowd. Is that a good thing? (this is something I am asked on such a regular basis) I really don't know the answer to that. Sometimes I feel like its a good thing, as you are always told to be memorable from an audition. But other times I see it as a hinderance as they are probably looking for a native American to play the role as its based in an American city. You just never know what the director is looking for on the project, but he will certainly see what its like with an English accent on the lead character rather than an American one. All depends again on what direction they want to go in.

The casting went well though. I nailed the script, not putting a word wrong or stumbling on anything, which i was very proud of. I got some pointers on how to adapt how I was playing the role for one of the monologues. This was getting into the feeling that it was my last message to the world, which I found tough, as I had to ensure it was different to my first version. The dialogue I also got told to adapt how I went with the words, with some more direction and more of an insight into the characters and the scene. This I felt went better and I really thought I took the direction on well.

Overall I was very happy with how the audition went. Now its a case of waiting and watching the space to see what happens. Crossing those fingers and toes because this seriously could be the start of something quite incredible. Something that I never thought in a million years I would be doing. Now, I have to get on with everything else and continue to look for new opportunities. Its certainly not the time to sit back and relax and I mustn't stop edging closer to that big break.

Will update on here when I know more - FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE

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