Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I have lasted out here for the past 7 months and it has been the longest I have ever been away from home. It's always different moving to a new place and practically starting all over again. It offers up so many challenges, but will always be an incredible experience, either good or bad that I will never forget. I can't say I miss being at home immensely, especially that British weather of course, but there are a lot of aspects I do miss. My family I miss a lot, not being able to see them certainly gets tough, but technology now a days makes it a lot easier to keep in touch. My work back in the UK I miss as I was a lot busier there and was certainly earning more money as well, which is always nice of course. But the one thing I miss the most are my friends. Yes I can skype them and message them still, but to hang out with, go out with, watch sport with and just geuinely socialize with is what I miss the most.

That is something that I have failed to do here and that is find a lot of good friends in this town, something I have spoke about previously and that I struggle with a lot. Don't get me wrong, I do have friends here and a couple I can certainly say have been some of the nicest people I have met and I am glad I have done. Those people prove to me that in LA there are real people and they do exist. But nothing beats that feeling of going out in a big group of your friends. Something that I cannot wait for when I return next week.

I have travelled so much this past 6 years of my life, but I had started to see so many prospects cropping up whilst I have been here. I have improved greatly and been a lot busier this year compared to last. Booked a National commercial which is always nice, been very very close to some life changing jobs, which was just amazing to even be given those opportunities. And currently working consistantly on this Dating project, which has also been a great deal of fun. But without that bumper big project to rely consistantly on, its very difficult to stay here.

I like to enjoy my life as much as possible. I like to go out, to have fun, to experience new things and to pretty much live a pretty free lifestyle. The problem is when your income doesn't match those ambitions it becomes very difficult to keep going with that lifestyle. Ever since I have moved to LA, I have always been in that situation where I needed to watch what I was spending (something that i haven't previously been good at doing). The one positive though is that it has made me grow up immensely. Changing the priorities in life and working not soley for myself, but ensuring I put someone else ahead of me has changed that. This will live with me forever. Hopefully I continue with that more mature head on my shoulders when I return back to the UK and start to get back to earning well again.

The summer will certainly be a fun one catching up with all my friends and family, but also will feel great to be consistantly busy again, something I really have missed out here in LA. Then will see what happens next in my somewhat crazy life.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Blake Stevens - The Dating Guru (My Alias)

If anyone knew me when I was younger and throughout my schooling years, they would know full well that I am certainly not even close to being a "Dating Guru"! To be honest I still think even through my twenties I could never be called that one bit. But it is a role I have taken on when filming this dating concept show. It is honestly like studying a new subject and putting in the time and the effort to really understand the whole concept of dating and to try and put every bit of experience I have into it. This has honestly been one the best experiences of my life, just because of what I am learning and the psychology of it all. I have also been working harder and harder on my hosting throughout the process as well, which will no doubt give me some great experience in the future.

There are so many different concepts to dating, and we are analysing and explaining every single part of the process. I honestly think that even if you are experienced in it and feel like you don't need to learn anything that you would be very surprised when watching what we do. I have been told to build myself up into more of an expert than a host in this project and it has been very rewarding. A lot of what we teach is geuinely common knowledge to so many, but for others, it is like listening to something for the first time.

Now because I am so so nice, I am going to let you in to one little secret of the project that guys if you are reading I recommend you try using this. Girls don't be put off by it all, because it is not a concept to try and get in your knickers, just to start something off with a woman.

This is called "The 3 questions to increase the level of Hotness to a conversation".

(The scenario is set that a guy has already approached a woman and is mid way through a brief chat for the first time)

"I'm going to ask you a bit of random question here, what would you do if you won $20 million on the loterry?"

- This is an unbelievable question to ask because you get to know more about the woman than you would do throughout an entire date. She will reveal what kind of person she is, and guys must make sure they LISTEN to the answers.

OK Next Question:

"I have one more random uestion for you, whats one thing that your parents don't know about you?" (you could use best friend if they say they have no secrets with parents - unlikely lets be honest)

- This question opens up to a bit of naughtiness. The question will make the girl think about something naughty, whether sexual or being in trouble with the law, just something very different. This opens up a different side to her.

Now after this question is the time for the guy to compliment the girl and tell her that he has learnt so much from her answerrs, that she is a really nice person etc etc (go by the answers given).

Final question: - note at this point the woman will be feeling a lot more closer to you because you have got to know her so much more and have complimented what she is like in the inside as well. Something many guys forget.

"On a scale of 1-11, how would you rate yourself as a kisser?"

- The perfect question to engage in laughter and a lot of flirtatious behaviour. Whatever her answer, this is one of those questions that opens up the opportunity to get a kiss at the end of it.

Now if those 3 ways don't lead to an increased hottness to a conversation then I promise you are doing something wrong. Absolute gold! ha

This is just an example of some of the things I have been filming. There are a lot of seminars too, where I discuss in detail certain topics with the help of guests and experts on the show. It's certainly helping to keep me going whilst I have been out here in LA. And I will be filming more in the next week before I make the trip back to the UK!!!

- On a side note, I have finally been taking advantage of the amazing weather and spent some time pool side with friends and on the beach too! I feel if I didn't come back with a good sun tan after 7 months away that I would receive quite a lot of stick!!! ha

In less than 2 weeks most controversial post of my life will appear

I know this is a very different post to my normal and its just a little one to really tell you guys to all look out for. I have prided myself on complete honesty throughout writing this blog and it is something that I certainly hope the people who read it, really do appreciate. This will continue, but I will go to a brand new level very soon and will reveal something regarding my work situation here that quite frankly will shock so many.

Yes, this is quite a teaser, but believe me I have things that I must clear up this week before I reveal the true extent of it. All sounds very dramatic I know, but for me, it has made my blood boil more than anything has in my entire life. It is something that i want to share with a lot of people and hopefully start spreading it out to a wider audience as there are warnings that need to be sent out to younger people coming through into this business.

Anyways...watch this space....