Monday, 2 July 2012

In less than 2 weeks most controversial post of my life will appear

I know this is a very different post to my normal and its just a little one to really tell you guys to all look out for. I have prided myself on complete honesty throughout writing this blog and it is something that I certainly hope the people who read it, really do appreciate. This will continue, but I will go to a brand new level very soon and will reveal something regarding my work situation here that quite frankly will shock so many.

Yes, this is quite a teaser, but believe me I have things that I must clear up this week before I reveal the true extent of it. All sounds very dramatic I know, but for me, it has made my blood boil more than anything has in my entire life. It is something that i want to share with a lot of people and hopefully start spreading it out to a wider audience as there are warnings that need to be sent out to younger people coming through into this business. this space....

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