Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Beverley Hills, ANOTHER White Party and a Bud House meet up

Hey guys,

I had to do a post on Beverley Hills, I could not resist talking about how incredible the area is in LA. It is insane, completely insane. The money in this area is unimaginable. The shops, the cars and most importantly of course, the houses! They are absolutely huge! This is the area where the majority of the movie stars live and the directors and just anybody with vast sums of money. There is a famous street called Rodeo Drive where the houses are renound for being completely insane and it is so true. House after house is just like a dream and makes you want it so much. In a strange way it made me feel like I want to strive to achieve what these people have done in their lives, whatever it might have been. A different area of Beverley Hills was in the Hills itself, which was where the location of the first white party was held. These houses are extremely private with gated off areas that are often patrolled 24 hours a day by security, but the views of the city that they have from there is incredible. It’s just a different world, but an exciting one and very very different to that of anything you see in England.

After an afternoon and evening in Beverley Hills and popping into a little club in Hollywood in the night, it was time for another LA white party! It was back to my sailor suit, with a new white shirt after the events of the last party caused me to throw it away. A new town inside LA was the venue, called Glendale. A nice part of the city, very suburbial and very quiet too, but some lovely places, like the one we were at. This time you will all be very pleased to know that it went well and NO spillages! Which means my Sailor outfit is ready to rock out for the next white party! Ha. The party was cool though as got to meet Natela’s friends and chat to them about her all night ha ha. These parties were very “swanky” with a free bar of course, a barmen and a live jazz band just to add to the sophisticastion of the party! Yes I know what your thinking, what am I doing there! (I was thinking it too a little bit ha).

To end another week off in style, we met up with friends of ours from Bud House. I know I keep mentioning the show, but the amount of people that live over here from the show is unreal and it’s so important for me out here to see them and to feel like I have a group of friends here too, which is important to make me feel settled in this brand new city. We went to Santa Monica for some Beach Volleyball, where my Maverick and Goose skills went down well and then off for some bowling. Now I would love to big myself up and say that I was amazing and beat everyone, but it would be a huge lie and Natela would kick my ass! I was terrible! Natela beat me, as did other bud house female representatives! I was not happy, but blamed the change in environment. Ha ha (always an excuse)

Venice Beach and the Gym


Labour Day weekend, my first weekend in LA and we head to Venice Beach on the Monday for the day. Now Venice Beach is completely different to any other beaches in LA. It is a very diverse area around Venice beach, which made for a nice change to that of the nice place of Santa Monica. There were loads of stools down by the beach front and a lot of street entertainers to keep the thousands of people entertained. We met a friend of mine here too from Bud House, Hilton, which was great for me to see him and made me feel more settled knowing that there are other people here and friends of mine in the City.

After a great weekend, I knew I needed to keep myself entertained and busy during the days and wanted to stay in shape too for the meetings with the modelling agencies which I had planned for the following week. So, I decided to sign up to a gym, a gym that was absolutely huge! A 24 hour gym and a 15 minute walk from the apartment in Hollywood, so perfect. Now when I first went down to the gym to workout I knew it was going to be very strange. People love to stare here no matter who you are they just do. And it was no different, so I embraced it and just stared harder back and made people feel uncomfortable like I had done ha ha. There were some weird and wonderful sights in the gym though. About 50 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s working out, from nationalities all over the world (these were clearly actors who play roles as the muscle guys in films) and a woman deciding to practice her dance moves whilst walking on the treadmill! I was slightly impressed I’m not going to lie, but I’m also not going to lie about the fact that I was hoping that she was going to fall off! That would have been true Hollywood entertainment!

It was important for me though to make sure that I kept myself as busy as possible whilst I was here and to take advantage of having free time and not being able to work here at the moment as I haven’t a visa to do so.


1st Weekend in LA

Hey guys,

Just quickly, I really hope everyone at home is good and that good things are happening to each and everyone of you. Missing my friends and family a lot too and hoping everyone is well.

My first weekend was a true welcome to LA. We spent the a few hours at the beach in Santa Monica, which was beautiful. Such a huge beach that seems to go on and on and theres so much space there its crazy. The sun shining and all made for a perfect start to a perfect weekend. We went shopping though before the beach for the most important thing when your in LA, white pants! (or trousers as we English call them) It is a common in LA to have white parties, probably so everyone can show off their Hollywood tans i guess. Something that can’t really happen in England very often ha. We crawled the shops looking for a pair of these trousers that I knew were going to make me look like a sailor! That and the white shoes we were also trying to get hold of! But the trip was successful and the sailor outfit was in order and we were on our way to the first of many white parties here in LA in Beverley Hills.

Now, I had no idea what the location of this party was going to be like. You hear so many stories of Beverley Hills and it’s a really big area too, full of enormous houses or mansions is a better word for these. We were truly in the Hills though, driving higher and higher up the Hills overlooking one side of the city. It was incredible. We were greeted on arrival to the party by Valet parking. Now we don’t have this in England, or if we do it’s in the most exclusive of places. In LA though, Valet parking is absolutely everywhere. Entering the party I was amazed. The place was beautiful, a really cool, trendy house or Bachelor pad as it was really there for. Swimming pool, the lot and with the most amazing view of the city night lights. I could not believe I was actually here. And to make things better, it was one of my friends from Bud House, Daniel’s, best friends place. Meeting up with people from Bud House, who I considered friends, was something I was really looking to before coming out to LA and the first weekend saw me meet him and Richell from the house too. Perfect venue with perfect company.

Lets get to the typical me part about this party. So, the scene is set, a white party and almost everyone is in white, a beautiful colour that makes people look great, but a colour that will show up any stain or mark. Yes, you know exactly where I’m going with this! I que at the bar (no shock) and some complete “douchbag” (the American’s love this word over here) decided to swing round in front of me and practically throw his red wine all over me. The Englishman covered in red wine at a white party! No shock at all. My entry into LA society swiftly went right downhill ha ha.

Bar the spillage and the ruined white shirt, it was a great night and a great first weekend in LA for me. I had started to become and feel part of everything out here and was starting to really enjoy myself with Natela too.


The first few days in LA – getting personal

I have been extremely jet lagged since arriving in LA even though typical me told Natela that “I never suffer from jet lag” ha ha. But I was exhausted and my sleep was all over the place, that with a completely different change of environment and the changes of my lifestyle here made it become stressful. Natela was working hard still and I was in the heart of Hollywood, like a lost puppy, relying on support and guidance, when all Natela wanted was my love. Sounds a bit deep I guess, but became really tough for both of us to adapt to the environment. Now one of the many best things about our relationship is how we think and that we both seem to know what each other is feeling. We reached the point where I was becoming frustrated by sitting around a lot and not knowing where to go and having to wait until Natela was finished with her work, and she was frustrated with me disrupting her routine and having to look after me like I was a child. It was tough I tell you. But like the roller coaster journey we have been through with the up’s and down’s we sorted everything out. I have grown up a lot over the last few months and Natela is the main reason behind this. She encourages me to talk about everything and be open and honest and that has benefitted our relationship so much. And it helped us move forward with the new situation and start to have fun in the city and with each other.

I decided to give Natela some space, go and watch the England game in an English pub on Sunset Boulevard. The English pubs get everywhere all over the world it’s great! Ha. After being happy that England won, I had a walk around and started to get to know my surroundings. I am staying right in the heart of Hollywood! Its crazy! I walked a long way down the famous Hollywood Boulevard, looking at all the stars on the pavement and in complete awe of the place. A place that many times I had seen on TV before and everybody knows about it and I was here! The sun was shining and I started to realise what an amazing place this was and that I could be very happy here.


LOS ANGELES, USA - The Adventure Continues


I’m writing to you all the way from Los Angeles! How my life changes around so much is crazy!

So after the adventures of Bud House and meeting the girl of my dreams in Natela over in South Africa, I decided that I couldn’t be without her and to move over to the states and live with her over here. The words brave, crazy, insane, ballsy, were all used by friends and family over my move, but I did not want to live life with any regrets. I worked near enough nonstop when I was back from a little break in Ibiza with friends after Bud House. I wanted to get as much money together so I could enjoy my time in LA, because who knows what will happen and how long I will be here for.

One thing about my life is that I never know what’s round the corner and going to happen next. Sometimes this can be a negative, as it often will give me a huge sense of instability, which can be hard to cope with. But on the positive side and the side that I look too, it is so exciting! The unknown. The fact I never know what I will be doing from week to week or month to month. My life could and does often change in a day, in a phone call, in an experience, its just the way it is. Work is exactly the same. One big job to come through wherever I am can be completely life changing. That’s often why so many people stick in the industry just waiting for their big break to come. Some people wait a matter of weeks, some a matter of years and many a matter of decades for that break.

Now I never get personal in my Blog posts, as the idea of this blog is to just tell people about my life in the modelling and TV industry and to go into depth about the real side to it away from the bull shit. However, my personal life has never crossed over to my career until now, so I feel it important to talk about it together with my work whilst I’m over here.

Arrival in LA was crazy! Myself and Natela had been waiting 7 weeks for this day to finally arrive and the day had come and here I was in the USA and more importantly here I was with the girl of my dreams. Perfect I thought and I could only think this the whole time I was away from her. This is a huge move for me to be away from home, away from my friends and away from everything I have known for the past however long in my life, even though I had my adventures in between. This was different. This was moving to another country for a girl. A girl I had met in a ridiculous environment in South Africa and in the Bud House. A girl I had only met for about 5-6 weeks. A girl that I knew very little about. A girl that is from a different country. But a girl that I couldn’t be apart from any longer. Natela took over my thoughts in anything and everything I did, when I was in Bud House and when I was back in England after it. I could never get her out of my mind and I knew that I needed to be with her and find out for certain that what I was feeling was real. By doing this, I knew I had to dive into the deep end and move in with her in LA (something I have never ever done in my life). So that’s exactly what I did.

During our time apart some people close to me questioned whether I was making the right choice to move out here, and understandably so. I responded in the same way to all of these questions, “I live my life with no regrets”. It is one of the only philosophical thing that I follow in my life and it has been so important for me over the past 3 to 4 years. I knew deep down that I would regret not having the guts to move out there for potentially the rest of my life. Now, this might sound dramatic and crazy, but I know it would always be something that would continue to lie on my mind, whatever situation I got myself into.

So, here I am in LAX airport and feeling ridiculously nervous about the whole situation, first of all about getting through customs and second of all and of course most importantly seeing Natela again. The whole time we were apart we kept in contact the entire time thanks to technology! What a wonderful thing, skype is, emails, text messages, phone calls and facebook! Yep we went through all necessary devices to keep in regular contact and even though we missed each other greatly, it actually turned out to be a god sent for both of us. It gave us time to get to know each other on a pure platonic level, which meant we got to learn so much about each other and to fall in love with each others personalities, which doesn’t happen very often.

Walking through the airport, tired, nervous, but was so excited to finally see her standing there waiting for me! She looked phenomenal! My heart was beating so fast at this point, but I was finally able to hold her tight and to kiss her beautiful lips. All that waiting and happiness at last that we finally made it to each other.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bud House Continued

Hey Guys,

32 contestants from all over the world being brought together by football in a house full of Budweiser in South Africa! The fun was is clearly on its way! I’m sure some of you would have looked at the link but there was plenty more that went on during this show. Some differed slightly from what was shown too. TV world of course ha ha.

There was a lot of drinking throughout the time in the house with only a handful of us who drank every single day! With the drinking came erratic behaviour a lot of the times, silly dancing, a lot of childish behaviour, but was all good fun and a great release from the real world. 32 adults behaving badly! Now the Budweiser itself became a bit repetitive and after many complaints to production, we managed to get some other alcohol into the house. The funny thing with this was that we had to drink these drinks in Budweiser bottles, and every time we got other alcohol, I was there with 2 bottles in my hand! It added to the fun of the evenings I tell you.

Now, I don't ever write about my personal relationships in this blog, but I now have no choice!!! I fell straight away for the gorgeous Russian representative, Natela whilst I was out there. Natela was technically crew and there was always this divide between cast and crew that hung over us all whilst we were out there. But from day 1 I was absolutely smitten by her and she made my experience in the bud house so special. We had so much fun, flirting, giggling, messing around, being silly together, but with all that had some great chemistry, which made it a perfect combination. One funny memory is literally 3 or 4 days into the experience, I sneaked into her room for a kiss (as their were rules preventing this) and I got caught by 2 members of production. It was hilarious! I was like a school boy being caught behind the bike shed or something, I went bright red, started panicking and stupidly thinking I was going to get sent home etc. It's so funny thinking about it all now, but at the time it was like a really serious thing ha.

Like I said in the past post I could be here all day talking about Bud House and I'm sure I will talk about the experience for many years to come too.

Some specific memories I have is having the joy of going to watch England play in Cape Town against Algeria. It was one of the most amazing DAYS of my life. Now I emphasise the word, days, because the night was terrible as England put in a horrendous performance. The day partying with England fan's, singing and cheering was just sensational. What an atmosphere that was being created by the England fan's and one that I will never ever forget.

So many funny memories to reflect on as well, like when Denmark got knocked out and their representative Frederich was extremely pissed off and decided he needed to take it out on something. So, like the Viking he was he picked up a huge ladder and lifted it above his head before placing it back on the ground (OK maybe throwing it)! There were 3 incidents that involved a fire hadron as well (nothing to be proud of and we all know that we shouldn't use them for any reason other than a fire). The 1st, again by Mr Denmark, saw him attempt to spray Miss Spain (Amanda) and Miss Honduras (Anabella). But the girls locked themselves in their room and the over excited Freddie couldn't hold back any longer and just sprayed it at the door. This just meant that it rebounded back into his face! Apparently he has a lot of premature incidents in his life ;-) (just kidding mate) The 2ND incident was Adriano (Mr Brazil) going for the smoke machine affect over the pool, which I have to say he pulled off extremely well! He kind of fired it in a dominant 'Male' way if you know what I mean. What a bazooka that was! ha. And 3rd had to be me of course. The incident involved me being like the small kid in school who gets into trouble after the bully hands them a loaded gun. What I mean by this is simple. On the last night in the house Mr sensible and quiet Switzerland (Martin) got a fire hadron and gave it to me and said, go on spray it. Now under that much peer pressure I had no other choice but to let off the hadron (which I had never in my life done before). To say I got a bit excited by this is probably an understatement to be honest! I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed it constantly until there was no more to come out! The room was completely white, people were white, though Ollie only had himself to blame as he was the only one who ran into the room whilst I was spraying it, as everyone else vacated! Silly boys hey?

From the plain stupid (but funny) to the serious times in the house. None more so than the Ubuntu Charity project we worked on out in South Africa. All cast members, with the help of the production team and Budweiser, helped to transform a run down sports facility into a fantastic venue for football for the school. It was the most rewarding moments of my life helping out and seeing the look on the children's faces when we arrived. They live off very little, but the sight of us brought the biggest smiles on their faces. It was truly incredible and each and everyone of us felt that amazing feeling helping out at the school. But the work didn't end there. Mateja, Miss Slovenia, decided to come up with the amazing idea to play a charity game of poker and raise money for the school. Now we started this thinking at most we would raise a couple of hundred dollars between us as we didn't have access to cash very easily. Even that would have been a nice touch from all of us, but it wasn't enough. And the game started with everyone making silly moves going all in then buying back in with the on going catch phrase "ITS FOR THE KIDS!". And after crawling round the production team too, we managed to raise over 1500 dollars! It was an incredible achievement from a spare in the moment charity game of poker and one each and everyone of us were so proud to achieve. It brought the whole house together for all the right reasons and was actually one of the best nights in the house if not THE best night we all had.

If you haven't seen the show do check it out on the website at because it was an amazing experience for me and every single other person involved in the one off experience.

More posts coming so check out what life after Bud House holds for me


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bud House - Living in the House

Hey Guys,

So I am writing you a continuation from the previous post as I attempt to catch up with everything since I last posted 3 months ago!

We all entered the surroundings of this beautiful house knowing that the adventure was about to start. The buzz around everyone was crazy, the cast and the crew knowing what an exciting roller coaster lies ahead of us all. The crew knew they had a long 5 weeks ahead and the cast knowing exactly the same, but as cast we didn't really know what was going to be happening for us all.

First things first and a lot of production needed for the opening shots of everyone arriving in the house, which was something that everyone had to get used to, as although its called "Reality TV" there still needs to be many different areas created to ensure that the shots look structured. We were all really excited and it became known to us by 3 casted bar staff (who were there to make announcements to all of us during our time in the house) that we would be rooming as 4 and in our groups that our countries were located in for the tournament. Now the show had a huge American theme running through it which was extremely clear from the start for all of us. ESPN tracking a lot of the house action, the production were made up of mainly Americans and a lot of the focus was put on the American contestant, Austin. 1st game for USA vs. England! So, what better for a reality tv show than to see the American guy and the English guy battling it out, not just on a football sense but in the environment of the house too. This was obvious to me from the off and was something that made me slightly uncomfortable with, as production like to try to feed me lines to say to dramatise the situation with us both. But I knew what I signed up to. I had done it all before and learnt the hard way about saying whatever and not thinking about the consequences at a later date when the show goes out to a few Million on TV. So, I kept to the limits, but wanted to be a big part of this show at the same point as well and to enjoy it all to the fullest.

It was all very exciting though and I was not complaining (at this stage anyway ha ha) about being out in a beautiful country surrounded by fun loving people. The unknown of what could be occurring over the next 5 weeks spurred me on to really give it my all and have so much fun. The start of the experience certainly showed that to me as I really enjoyed myself, got to know everybody very very quickly and surprisingly to me got to like everybody too. There wasn't one person from the start that I did not warm to at all. I formed very quick bonds with people and found a way of communicating to all of the contestants whatever their age or wherever they were from. None more so than 2 lads from the start, Ollie from New Zealand and Freddie from Denmark, who funnily enough was on my flight and slept like a complete weirdo on the plane that everyone was laughing at ha ha. These 2 were very down to earth guys and made my time in there even better. Always nice sharing banter like you would have at home with close friends and to find that immediately was a great surprise to me but a welcomed one.

Now during these updates I'm not going to go into detail about any of the games at all, as I am in the process of starting up a second blog soley for football and my feelings towards the game and the teams I love.

We all partied hard together in the house, which helped everybody let their hair down (if they had some of course) and to relax around each other. There was traditional music put on for our entertainment on some nights, DJ's coming in to let us party and let DJ Surge (MR Portugal, Sergio) take to the decks. Numerous activities to keep us interested, none more so than Poker! Poker became the house phenomenon and it started with just 4 players and led to at one stage I'm sure about 15 of us playing at once.

We watched a lot of football in the house, which for me was great because my interest in the game is so incredibly huge! 3 games a day for the first couple of weeks was tiring though I must admit, but was fun to experience how different fans reacted to their teams, whether they won or lost. Ones who stood out for me was Felipe (the musical god from Chile) who was quiet up until Chile were playing, but showed this raw emotion come out during the games which I really admired. A true true supporter. Maria (Miss Greece - and also an old work colleague at smart live casino randomly) showed her emotions through tears and passion, which was great cause you saw how much her country and her team meant to her. These qualities for me in every individual in the house made me respect them all so much. I wanted to see how everybody reacted when their teams played and for that I did not miss one of any of the teams first games, which I was proud of.

When these games got exciting, so did the atmosphere in the house, what an experience it was all turning out to be and it was only going to get better and better (apart from England of course)

I could be here all day writing about Bud House I really could, and this is all shortened down but another bud house chapter will be coming soon.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Bud House - The start


So, its been a long long while since my last update, 3 months!!! And an incredible amount has happened since my last update. So, I'm going to start with the Bud House experience and detail how it all was from my eyes. This will include production details, details of my expectations and the details of what I really thought about the whole experience.

I arrived in Cape Town after a long flight and through customs and into the arrivals lounge. This wasn't a normal experience as there were lots of people hanging around and people in all different colors of different nations being represented in the world cup. And yes these people were my fellow contestants in the reality show. First thing all of us wanted to do was to talk to each other, get to know each other, as in every day life this is a natural thing to do when you meet people. Now the scene is this, all contestants sitting around, bored, excited, nervous, absolutely full of emotions, with the age range being from 25 to 42 and we were NOT allowed to talk! It was completely insane and something that nobody had experienced before (well not necessarily nobody as I had similar experiences in Shipwrecked). The production had people assigned to keep this group of people quiet! Impossible job and for those people I apologise for being one who couldn't stop talking ha ha. Those who know me best will not be surprised one bit to hear that ha ha.

We then were Shepperd through the airport, with cameras set up everywhere, people everywhere wondering what on earth is going on, which actually I have to say was kind of fun. There was a lot of laughter and already a lot of banter was flying around all contestants, as we were there as football fan's after all. We had a few big scenes to shoot in the airport of the whole of the cast arriving in South Africa in preparation of the football world cup. I happened to be the first one to be filmed going down the elevator and in an England t-shirt caused a bit of a stir in the airport! Now the reason why was because one of our defenders, Mr Rio Ferdinand had just pulled out injured and his replacement Michael Dawson came out to South Africa straight away. Nobody in SA knew who Dawson was, and as I was being filmed in the airport people thought that I was actually him!!! (I WISH ha ha).

As a group we were put on a bus and taken to a nearby hotel for the next couple of days. The bus journey was the first opportunity that we had to really talk to each other (even though we were told not to many times). Being the "bad boy" I sat myself at the back of the bus which was my way of talking without being caught as much. Banter was flying amongst many and specifically with the French representative Daniel, and the New Zealand rep, Ollie. I knew straight from that moment on that we were going to have so much fun out there all together.

Arriving at the house was extremely exciting for all concerned as it had been a long few days and much longer for some having to travel from all over the world and take 3 flights to get to South Africa. The house was fantastic, a Spa and Golf resort located in St Helena Bay approximately 2 and a half hours outside of Cape Town on the West coast. It was beautiful, white and had been turned into a movie set! It was absolutely crazy! Production crew everywhere, Budweiser everywhere! Heaven ha ha.

This was where the real adventure for all of us began!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Packing up in London and preparing for South Africa

Hey Guys,

It's amazing how your name is mentioned in the papers and then lot's of views on my blog ha. But it's good and anyone is welcome to read what I put up on here, always a bit of fun and giving an insight into what I get up to work wise.

So, my last day in London today I have been packing up all my things as I will be away for 7 - 8 weeks. Been stressing a bit (no shock for me), but steadily getting everything done and by the time I'm on my way to the airport Sunday it will be too late by then ha ha. Got to take a variety of clothes for different conditions in Cape Town, but should be fine. Though I have been told not to take any clothes with big logos on, which for guys is often a lot tougher than it is for girls. You name it got to bring it, but will be absolutely fine I'm sure........aaaarrrggghhh.

I have not a clue what will happen when I am out there, how the show will work, but I do know I will be staying in the "Bud House" the entire time I am out there, so even if England have an early exit, which their not going to do!!!! I hope! Just going to be an experience of a life time, 32 people from 32 different countries and 32 different cultures with 32 different personalities but with one common, the love of football! It's going to be incredible and I really can't wait to meet everyone and to get to know (if possible) all 32 people.

I have attached a link to the introduction video on the right hand side of the blog, and you will also find there my audition video, which in advance I am apologising to all the women in London, I was quite simply in a bad place ha ha. Very embarrassing but typical me for speaking my mind! Maybe that's why I got picked to go in! And heres the link on here too

Will try and get one more update before I go.

Hope everyone is well


Monday, 31 May 2010

Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I will be back again...(15th July)

Hey Guys,

So the count down is on now until I fly to South Africa, this Sunday!!! I have been slightly apprehensive, somewhat nervous at times but most importantly ridiculously excited about the whole experience. Once in a lifetime!!! The links are all up everywhere. Check out the home page to Bud United, where you will be able to watch the show live,

The rumours are continuing to circulate that I am going to be on Big Brother and I promise you it's so untrue. Those clever people have seen the link on my blog and searched out this reality show in South Africa and know the truth. Funny how rumours start circulating so quickly and the Sunday Star were completely wrong when they printed that in there. Not too great to see my name being linked to that show though and does worry me that I could get this opportunity taken away from me if more rumours and anything bad comes out at all, so you can imagine how stressed that makes me.

So details of my trip. I fly out on Sunday, yes this Sunday!!! I am not back home until the 15th July! Just the break I need. I will also need quite a lot of support out there as well, as apparently viewers of the show can have an influence in proceedings, and will help to give certain contestants special treatments, which I really hope will be me!!!! So my push to get behind me. The show is still under wraps and I have no idea on much more of the details to be honest. If I do I promise I will be posting them on here.

While I'm away, I will have no contact with the outside world, so no phone or Internet which will be great. But will miss my family and friends must admit. I'm looking forward to trying to learn some new languages out there as well as I've lived a language sheltered life to Day! ha ha ha. Amazing experience though and seriously can't stop smiling.

Busy week for me, working at Smartlive Casino and sporting all the many things I have to out before Sunday. On Wednesday on the BudUnited you tube page, I believe my video will be posted on there, which is kind of a mix with my audition video and building the English profile for the event.

Feel free to drop a comment in when you get the chance and maybe any questions which I can answer for you.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

IM GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!! - Not on Big Brother

Hey Guys,

Big Big Big apologies for a week and a half without an update! And what a crazy week and a half it has been as well! So as you can see by my last post I was awaiting news about taking part in a reality show out in South Africa called the Bud House. And I'm sure you can tell by the title how happy I am right now as I got confirmed!!! Amazing! So unbelievably excited at the moment and when I found out I was going crazy and jumping around the flat going mad! Its like a dream come true! I love football, I love Beer and I love new experiences and here is one heading my way again!

I am so incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to go out to the World Cup in South Africa and to represent England out there. 32 nations represented by 1 person for each country, living together and also getting the opportunity to go on excursions and to go to some of the games! Going to be absolutely amazing! I have been getting frustrated with London and finding myself desperate for another adventure and this is just what I needed to sort me out! Perfect. Go to a country I have never experienced before as well.

Now, this show is going to be available to watch online, I assume through the Bud House website, which when I get the link I will post on the blog before I go. They are looking to do an incredible 6 episodes a day for viewers to access online which is unbelievable. I will have NO phone and NO access to the Internet so will be away from anything from home. This will be fantastic. ha those that know me most know how attached I am to my phone and it will incredible to not have to worry about my phone or anything and to just enjoy the experience.


The second part of my title will make you all laugh. Due to a comment posted on someones Facebook page, it has been spread round that I am due to be going on Big Brother. Not at all is the answer. I've had journalists phoning this person up 3 or 4 times, I had journalists phoning my agency up and also my name has been given to certain publicity agencies. It is unbelievable now a days how quickly a rumour can spread round, from one little comment on a social networking site. Maybe its due to the fact people are not believing I'm going to South Africa or what, but it is ridiculous.

First of all, why would I need to go on to Big Brother? I model full time, I'm developing my experience as a presenter and I have a happy family away from any unnecessary media attention. By going into big brother, majority of people (not all) are seeking fame. Now I believe some go into that environment to raise their profile and it can work for people. I have some friends who have been in there before and the reason I consider them as friends is because I actually believed they went in there for the right reasons. I have absolutely no use for going on that show as it would ruin my reputation modelling and also in developing a TV presenting career.

People will soon be seen to have egg on my face when I am not on that show. I just am encouraging people to check out what I really am doing and that they can access this online.

Moving away from that.

I am now trying to sort every single part of my life before I leave, as I will be moving flats at the start of August not long after I am back. I have had to move a holiday planned for Ibiza until after I am back. As well as juggle around work and make sure everything is completely sorted before I leave and before I have no contact with home.

I will keep sending updates before I go. If anyone has any questions for me please do not hesitate to send a message to me.


Monday, 17 May 2010

2 Days to go...I could be going in the house!!! The Bud House

Hey Guys,

A month or so a go I received a phone call from my agency asking me if I liked football. Now liked is an understatement and those who know me well know what I'm like with regards football and the opportunity to do anything in football, to watch every game and go ridiculously mad when either Arsenal or England do well. So a calm yes and I listened to more of what it entailed. It was described as an opportunity to go out to the world cup in South Africa and to represent your country in a kind of reality TV scenario, watching the games, meeting the players, you name it! You can imagine from that point how excited I got about this. So my response was a quick yes!!!!

Next step was to fill out an application form online which was ridiculously long and then do a 2 minute video to send off to the production company. The application form was very long and asked a lot of questions about football and how I feel about certain teams, what I'm like watching football etc etc. Sent it off and then forgot about it to be honest.

Had contact with my agency but not too much was discussed on the matter to be honest until a few weeks ago when my agency informed me that they liked me and that they will be getting in touch about the next stages of the audition process. I received an email and 2 days worth of auditions, psychological and physical testing! And it was all on my birthday and the day after. Which after a night out planned was going to be hard work.

Psychological test was an interesting experience. I had to fill out a 567 question questionnaire, all true or false questions and then fill out a 6 page document asking back ground questions about my life. This was on my birthday and I finished before everyone else, probably because I wanted to get out of there and head out. I also filled out a few contract documents too. The next day involved a 10am start with a head that was absolutely pounding! Doctors full medical to start with, which involved filling up 2 urine samples! Now this might not sound too strange, but if your a guy reading this you will know its difficult to stop and start, stop and start ha ha. And yes girls I have no idea how u do it either! A blind aim and hoping for the best is my guess ha ha.

Next up was the main part and that was an interview in front of the camera. It lasted just over an hour and was intense but quite funny actually. I was having a lot of banter with the production team and was just being myself too, not acting like anyone else (which I probably did a bit when I went on shipwrecked). I was open, honest and thought to myself I need to be honest about everything and if they didn't like me for who I was then so be it. It all went well and had a good rapport with the production and the main organiser for the auditions too, which is always a good thing. I then finished the day off seeing the psychologist again for my results and to all your surprised I was found to be sane!!! ha ha ha. He actually got me spot on! Absolutely everything he said about me was completely true and thoughts that drifted in my mind too were correct. It amazed me must admit.

Auditions over so it's been the waiting game ever since. I have had some contact from themselves asking some questions about where I would be flying from and to send them some pictures for the website, but all of the time saying that a decision will be made on the 19th. How hard is that to not get your hopes up!? It's impossible. And to make matters worse I had a call this evening from someone from their production team asking me if I had a drug problem in 2007?!? Random or what? No of course is the answer. Scary a bit if they have tried to do some checks on me. Now my worry is that I have one of the most popular names in the country! There must be thousands of James Green's and have a feeling one of those James Green's has been a naughty boy in the past. Hopefully they believe me and it won't be a problem.

Hopefully the next time I update my blog I will have some really good news for you all, but if not I will not be too disappointed as it means I can still go on my holiday to Marbella in June!


Back at Smartlive Casino

Hey guys,

Been a few days since an update so thought I would quickly tell you what has been happening with me, but unfortunately it's not very exciting ha. After about a week and a half off, I have been back in the studio presenting on channel 869. Thursday, Friday and now tonight until 4 am. Couple of late shifts mixed in, but feeling refreshed when I'm in now. With this job, it's important to have a little break every now and then with it because it can become very repetitive doing the same thing over and over again. Talking about registration and then the website, promotions etc etc. Recently though I have to say I have been talking about very different things, which seem to be ok. Talk a lot about what has been happening with sport, politics, and things that I've been up to as well. Passes the time quicker ha ha.

I'm here until 4am and then I am driving back to my parents house, as I have got a hospital appointment in the morning near there about my knee. So, could be told I will need an operation after tomorrow which is never fun.

Anyways hope you are all well.


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Russell Athletic Presentation and Shoot

Hey Guys,

Been a good week and bumped up my start to the month of May. Got confirmed just yesterday for a job for Russell Athletic. Did not know too much about the job as it was very last minute, but knew there were 4 of us on the job, 2 guys and 2 girls, all from the same agency. The one thing that stood out about this job was the distance to travel to it! It was North West London at Elstree, now bear in mind I'm living South East London at the moment, it was a long way. And add to the distance I stupidly made the mistake of walking from the tube station to the location (about a mile and a half, up hill!) I didn't make it easy for myself I have to say. Ha Ha.

Finally arrived for the job, half an hour late! Now I am never late for shoots cause think it's a sign of unprofessionalism, but because of the long walk I was. Very apologetic when I got there, but there were no problems at all. I wasn't the last model to arrive and also the one main thing about working with girl models is that they take a lot longer in hair and make up than guys. Yes trust me before you think it, I don't actually need that much, honest.......moving on...

Straight away it was clear to see that everyone involved in the job were very relaxed and seemed like they would be a lot of fun to work with. This was mainly highlighted by the client who was extremely funny and very easy to get along with. Sitting around for about half an hour and then we soon realised it wasn't just a shoot and that we had to do some catwalk presentation for potential buyers for Russell Athletic. Now I'm not a big fan of catwalk work, but little presentations are very relaxed and I'm starting to become a lot more comfortable doing jobs like this. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, and I was the oldest model on the job, so I suppose I felt like I should be the one feeling relaxed and helping everyone feel the same, which I did with my silly sense of humour ha.

The presentation involved a little cat walk, some stopping, a few pictures, bit more walking then off the runway, and pass the next model who's on. So, picture it now, 4 models in rotation, 7!!! outfit changes and the room to change in was round the corner and not straight outside the door. A lot of panic started to ensue, clothes quickly ripped off and other ones out back on, boobs and bums all over the place! It was pretty manic but we all got through it very well.

Next I found myself sitting down for 2 hours! It was the girls up first doing the shooting part of the day, just simple shots in the different outfits we wore on the catwalk, nothing too exciting. So, all I did was sit outside the room with the other guy model, Dave, who was a really nice guy and we got on very well, very similar personalities and very down to earth. After 2 hours, my moment came and the exciting moment of the day for me!!! I was needed for a quick test shot with one of the girls, a pretty and petite south African girl. I was topless with shorts on and she was topless (ha ha i wish) no she was in bra and shorts. It was a close shoot and I suppose the perks of the job! ha ha

Moving Forward after lunch and some more sitting down and relaxing, it was the boys turn to shoot. Very simple and very quick, changing outfits and alternating between each other. What made the day was these 2 and a half hours. We had such a laugh, all slating each other, models, make up and hair stylist, photographer, stylists and the king of them all, the client himself. We were in hysterics and I love it when works like that, makes the time go by very quickly and also makes you feel good about your job.

Plenty of shots completed, client seemed extremely happy, lets just hope he is when he sees the final pictures. It went really well and the client did mention to myself and Dave that they may look to use us again for some advertising with them. This is the perfect outcome from any job. I want to always impress the client and make sure he or she doesn't forget you and books you again and hopefully start building my clientele up.

Hope everyone else is having a good week. I'm all smiles which is good and concentrating on work at the moment, which is ideal.


Monday, 10 May 2010

M and M Direct Catalogue shoot

Hey Guys,

So, after a very unsuccessful nights sleep it was time for the job this morning. As you saw by yesterdays post, the bed was literally from the 30's and had all the dents in the mattress to show for it! Lovely hey?! ha. The evening before did go to a lovely Indian restaurant where myself and the make up artist had a huge meal, so was fully prepared for the shoot and the 104 different outfit changes I was due during the day!!! That's what catalogue work is like, loads of different outfit changes, but very easy work.

I have worked for M & M Direct a lot in the past and have shot for their catalogue continually for the last 6 months. They are an excellent client as the work is easy and the client and all the people on the shoot are great. It's kind of like a family with us all, and I know how corny that probably sounds, but its very true. We all get on extremely well, banter flying around all day even if people start getting a bit tired, never too tired to throw a cheeky insult around ha ha.

The day was nice and relaxed as always and steadily got through the different outfit changes, some nice and quick. These ones are when the size is actually the right size, medium, and not xx large as you will see below. When the size is wrong, there is absolutely nothing you can do but clip the t shirt or whatever garment it is, as much as possible to make it look good on the camera. Some are much harder to work on than others as we all find out very quickly! Have a laugh at this...

See sometimes not as real as those magazines make out, but this is often a lot of hard work that's put into it by all people on the shoot. We have such a good time when we work together up there makes my job so much more enjoyable, plus helps get me out of London for a couple of days too which is an added relief.

The magazine is out all the time and it always leads to me getting some stick off the boys from football, as they all seem to see it, but who cares, good work, good money so cant complain. Plus with the way things are going at the moment, any work is good work.

Back in London now and chilling and looking forward to sleeping in my bed and not one from the 19Th century ha ha.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Living the high life

Hey Guys,

Feeling in a very sensible mood today, I decided to drive up to Leominster in Herefordshire early today for my job tomorrow. I thought I would get myself settled in the hotel and ready to put the football on my laptop and watch that for the rest of the afternoon. What an error that was!!! Being sensible just doesn't ever seem to work out for me one bit.

I arrive on time to the hotel in the town that I call the "ghost" town, and walk in and theres no lights! The power has gone from the entire hotel! No sign of it coming on again so another hotel seems to be the point of call. Now there's one over the road that's pretty awful but looks the next best option! So, after a call to the client, who I've worked for a lot and their all really nice, he meets me and books me in. What a hole! Room is spacious (no sarcasm for once) but the corridor to the room seriously smells like they've been keeping goats in there!!! Its unbelievable! That horrible smell that u always remember when you are a kid going to a farm. I don't even want to ask what it is cause I have a feeling the real answer will be even worse than goats!!!

Anyway think to myself it will be fine, will get in the hotel and in my room and just watch the football on my laptop. Stupid me forgot that the hotel might not have wireless and I was correct! Only just found how to connect to BT open zone but rubbish connectivity means watching a live stream online is impossible! Well just makes u wana rip your hair out, which to be honest I don't fancy doing too much actually ha.

No dinner served at this hotel tonight either so I'm going to go out to a nice Indian somewhere have many drinks and a lot of food on the company!!! The Make up artist for the job is a really nice woman who I've worked with a lot before too and she is due up soon, so least I won't be sat on my lonesome. We usually sit and chat and moan about absolutely everything with the industry ha ha and sure the hotel will be the prime one on the list! But to be fair it's just one of those things and there is nothing I can do about it either, so no point moaning about it.

Job tomorrow is catalogue work, simply enough means in a studio taking many many shots in the day and changing into probably about 100 different outfits in the day. It's very quick and very easy work so can't complain.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Quiet week then - James Green is a Cowboy!

Hey guys,

So extremely quiet week for me this week, happens sometimes in the industry and when it does it gets increasingly frustrating I have to say. No castings at all for over a week now, which is never a good sign and always means I'm relying on my regular clients to come up trumps and book me for a job of some sort. I have been told it could have something to do with the elections....hmmmmm I'm unsure on that one myself, as companies still need to advertise and there is certainly other guys I know still modelling so not too sure how that works. Anyways...

This quiet week involved me being struck down with a stomach bug, caught off my Dad who suffered from it Sunday and the whole family has had it too, we're dropping like flys the Green's!!!! Never pleasant, but on a quiet week not the worst timing I have to say. I had a small job though on Friday for a book cover. This is something I have done before, last time as a vampire, and this time as you can see by the title, a cowboy!!!

So picture it, maybe a cross between the village people/broke back mountain/a fancy dress party, whatever the jokes are there probably true! ha. It was an old style cowboy and I kind of wished I got a picture of it cause I actually thought the pictures look pretty good have to say ha. The shoot was a very short one lasting all in all less than an hour. It will be for a book cover, but who knows what the book is and I have to say I'm not much of a book guy anyway so wouldn't find myself searching round the book sections in WH Smiths.

Not much to report this week, well related to work anyway...but as you know I don't like talking about my private life and like to keep it that way...for now anyways ha ha. I have a job on Monday for a regular client M&M Direct, which involves me driving up to the ghost town of Leominster in Hereford shire tomorrow at some point. Will get on with the updates a bit more too as I've been very poor as of late.

Hope everyone reading this is well.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Works Drying Up - bad times

Hey Guys,

I had a comment saying that I sounded a bit down in my last update and have to say its true. Work has dried up a bit the last couple of weeks and it always gets me down. Sometimes it gets really hard when I see other people on job's especially jobs abroad and when you don't even get sent to the castings is really tough to take and becomes frustrating to my agency. However, there is always a reason for not sending me as they have been absolutely fantastic for me, just with nothing else going on makes u start thinking and thinking. Starts affecting my whole life at times and certainly has done especially the past week.

Anyways, just got to knuckle down and my plan is to just work hard in the gym to keep me in shape so that I look as good as possible for when I do eventually have castings. Plus got my presenting to keep me busy and its about time I started to use the free time I've got productively to plan for the future, the boring stuff like finances and receipts and then start planning a visa for Australia in the winter.

I've got a job at the end of the week, a very small one which I will talk about later on, that's all on the horizon at the moment. Apologise that there's nothing exciting happening right now, but fingers crossed that could change soon.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

My Birthday


So this week I celebrated turning 26. Yes the later half of the 20's and edging closer to that magic 30 number! It's so different when you get older and it's just not the same to have your birthday anymore and to celebrate in style. Well I don't think so anyway.

Day started like a completely normal day, quite lonely, no one special to spend it with, which if I'm honest was very tough. But I tried hard to forget about that and start worrying how much I had going on in the afternoon, preparing the night out and a casting and an audition for a new show (which I will keep quiet about until I find out if it will happen, which I will know by May 20th).

I was very happy to spend my birthday lunch with my Dad for an hour, just a flying visit but that was all I could do as was rushing around town after that. I had a nice evening though and was very grateful for my friends for turning up and much appreciated them being there. Had fun I guess which was the main thing and certainly kept up with my title of no limits as I was pretty hammered but had no idea that I actually was until the next day of course! Hanging beyond belief I was.

Short snippet this was, but not much happening on the work front at the moment. Family bank holiday weekend has been nice, seeing all the kids growing up, my god son, my niece and my cousins baby. Back to normal life and the gym tomorrow.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mattys Stag do in Sheffield - What a weekend

Hey Guys,

What a weekend! Quite possibly one of the best weekends of my life! And that's saying something trust me. Back to University city of Sheffield. It's been just under 5 years since we all were leaving University in 2005. Seems a lifetime ago! We have all kept in touch, not as much as always, but still had a couple of catch ups a long the way. But absolutely none were like this. I think it's definitely a sign of getting older when your mates start getting married and it's the first one out of the mates I had at university to do so. But obviously hasn't happened yet and we had the joy of the stag do before the real thing.

But my weekend started on the Friday and I made my way up to Sheffield, remembering the whole way up there without the tom tom, and arrived in the afternoon. The city looks a lot different and there have been a lot more buildings been put up and the city is ever growing and turning into a really nice city. I started by meeting up with an old school friend who lives in Sheffield now, which was great to chat about old times and school days. Then I met 3 mates I lived with during my time at University and another friend for a meal and then plenty of drinks. One thing I forgot to realise when I agreed to have some pre stag do drinks on the Friday night was how much the girls can drink! Always the ones getting the shots out and suggesting more and more drink to be consumed. Ended up in bed around half 3 in the morning after 9 hours on it! You can imagine how well I felt in the morning and the real stag do hadn't even started yet!

So, as you can see above the stag do started in style!!! The best man went off to the lovely female clothes establishment, Primark! I want to know what you think of the lovely outfit! Perfect and to be fair Matty took it so well and was straight upstairs changed and out and proud to be wearing it all day and night!

Football, was first port of call, which as you can imagine was accompanied by many many beers. Sat outside for while enjoying the weather catching up with all the "Bravo Boys" (our uni football team name) and then it was time to move on. A couple of pubs later and there are 15 lads stood round in a circle all with pints in their hands playing a drinking game! Our favoured university game called Slaps was in full flow! A rowdy as hell game that if everyone plays it properly will involve the stag being heavy stitched up with a lot of drinking! I said if some of the others weren't being so silly Matty would have been on the floor at this point ha ha but the drinks were heavily spread. We also got Shepperd outside to the beer garden at this point for making too much noise as well ha ha.

A lot of the above was going on, but a hell of a sight seeing a man in a dress doing it ha ha. Time to move on from the beer garden and it was time to head to the hotel and get changed. Dirty food along the way a quick change up and more beers in the hotel bar we're off out again for the night ahead!!! Messy, many drinks and many different bars along the way. We got settled in one called Varsity, where we often went at university. The stag struggling and getting rid of some of the alcohol consumed in the middle of the bar ha ha. I promise it wasn't from this below...(maybe it was hmmmmmm)

The nights going great and then for the funniest moment of the entire weekend! Comedy gold I tell you! So, there was a woman earlier on with a very similar dress to the one we had the stag in and we thought that was the funniest thing ever. But it gets soooooooo much better. We turn to the door and all of a sudden a poor poor poor woman walks in wearing.....yes the exact same dress as my mates!!! Poor girl or what! Its bad enough when a girl wears the same dress as another girl, but as a bloke!!!??? Hilarious! See below!!!

Night progressed in many bars and little clubs in town and was a fantastic night. As you can imagine the heaviest of heads ever in the morning, but well worth it.

Can't wait for round 2 at the wedding! ha ha


Jeff Banks Presentation last Thursday

Hey Guys,

I am extremely sorry for my week off on the blog front, been a ridiculously hectic week I tell you, and about to get even busier too! Anyways big updates today and going back into a job a had last week on Thursday evening.

Booked for a Jeff Banks presentation in Birmingham on Thursday. I have done one of these before in Bristol, which was extremely quiet, but a very easy job. Jeff Banks uses these presentations to sell custom made suits to people and offers special offers for people at the event inside Debenhams. My role in this is to stand in a tailored suit to my sizes and be on hand for Jeff to show potential clients certain aspects to the suit. I do this with one other model who happens to be Stuart who I was on Shipwrecked with those many years ago. So, for us it's nice to have a catch up.

Arrive on the train and sit with the hair stylist who is absolutely lovely and have worked with her many times before, and the hair stylist, again a really nice person and very friendly which is always nice. Walk over to Debenhams and get prepared for the night putting on our 1st of 2 suits. Mine, is unfortunately not a suit I would wear and the shirt is a lime green color, which I have to say is not the most conventional color. Always get a few little comments in it, however it fits perfectly and offers a differently looking suit and design than Stuarts one. The worse thing about the fact the weather has got better is that I'm in a warm shopping center in a double breasted 3 piece suit that is made of wool! Sweating like Graham Norton in a gay bar does not even come close!! ha

So, the event starts and becomes very busy, with a lot of people enjoying the free wine and canopies that were on offer (some a little too much, and had to be escorted out of Debenhams by security, which I've got to be honest I found hard not to laugh at). It was busy and a lot of people coming up to me like I knew what I was talking about the suits, and have to say I struggled big time! I blagged it of course saying some rubbish then ushering them to the awaiting tailors. Steady start and then the entertainment started. Jeff's favourite girl comes along. Her names Suzy and she is a Marilyn Monroe look a like and actually got voted recently in Las Vegas as the worlds best look a like! No joke, she looks absolutely amazingly like her. She does a bit of chatting on the mic with Jeff and then a couple of silly songs too (but to be fair she can sing). Always says shes happy me and Stuart are there, which is great but highly embarrassing when everyone turns and looks at us, and me in that not very flattering suit! ha/

Change time half way through to a Tux, and yes a 3 piece one as well, which is pretty cool though i must admit. More standing around, Jeff trying to get us to dance with Marilyn as shes singing (erm.....enough said) and that was it. A busy event, a few interested clients and a raised profile for Jeff Banks suits means mission achieved. Then it's time to take the goody bags home and stock up as much as possible!!! ha ha - and I have to say they are quite good as well. Then change up and off back to London on the train. Just a 2 hour event that's all then home time so a nice easy job must admit.

I will search for a picture of myself, Stuart and Suzy and get it up if I get the chance.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Problem with Planning and the week ahead

Hey guys,

Can you finally believe the weather has finally got better?! It's amazing! Not good for how my flat is which is like a Greenhouse when the sun is out! I thought I would write about a certain problem with my job and how it affects all parts of my life. It's the simple thing called planning. It is near on impossible to plan anything when you have my job, as things keep cropping up left right and center. I have to check in with my agency between 5pm and 6pm every day, this is to see if I have any castings for that day. Now some of these castings could be worth a lot of money if I get lucky and get the job, so it's vital that I go to as many castings as possible. This often means messing up plans made for the day afterwards, whether with friends, a girlfriend, even hospital appointments to do with my knee (which I have been referred to for an operation which completely sucks). It can become increasingly frustrating, but it is a sacrifice I have to make if I want work.

Holidays is just a complete gamble. I literally have to just get on with it and book them and hope that a job doesn't come in. I have had one time when I was away that I may have had to fly back for a job, which is a sacrifice I would have had to have taken. If a big job comes in then it's a win win situation, as yes I would have to not go on holiday, however it's a big job so wouldn't be complaining.

The week ahead is exciting this week, as this weekend I get to go back to Sheffield where I went to University. My friends I lived with there all still live in Sheffield so I get to see them on Friday. And the Saturday is the first of many I'm sure and a true sign that we are growing up as it's one of my best mates from uni's stag do! Going to be absolutely crazy, but will be great to get everyone together again after so many years. We all used to play in the same football team (Bravo FC) and shared such memorable times together.

I am working at Smartlive Casino later today and then on Thursday I have a job in Birmingham for Jeff Banks, working at one of his presentations in the Debenhams store there. Easy job and get to work with one of my mates during the time as well. I will tell you all what that job entails after I finish it.

Hope everyone is good.


Sunday, 18 April 2010

John Lewis Presentation - Friday

Hey Guys,

I realised I had a good old moan about Gilette and the job I had on Southend Beach Wednesday, so here's me very happy with the job I did on Friday. It was a John Lewis presentation and the easiest job I think I have ever had. Paid on an hourly rate for this job as its usually 2 hours that they need you there for as I've worked one before. This time they wanted me there at half 9 (2 hours before the proposed call time), and I wasn't actually needed for my role in the presentation until 1pm!!! Simple. Result!!! And certainly brought about a big smile on my face.

I had a small run through of what I had to do and it was extremely simple. Music plays, I walk down with a little girl in hand on one side and the female model walks down with a little boy in hand, all dressed in John Lewis clothes. We have to weave our way through all these people as it was a very big presentation and then stand on stage. Walk forward each in turn so the presenter talked through our clothes and then walk off stage. 4 hours work for literally 5 minutes maximum! Very happy.

Jobs are good when their like this of course. Also, John Lewis do a lot of these presentations and it's a good thing to do and to keep doing as it can be very regular work. Plus John Lewis are a very big client and if it leads to any potential work within their company then it would be absolutely fantastic. I had a lot of time at this job to chat to the client, (as well as sit in Star bucks for a while ;-)) which is important to do to keep them happy and to make sure that they remember you and maybe consider you for more work. It helps that he was a really nice guy, very calm relaxed and down to earth.

The highlight of this job were the children! One lad of 6 years old was the funniest lad I have ever seen. He does all these animal impressions and has us all in hysterics before the job even starts! Full of energy, full of confidence too. The girl was extremely sweet too and was very confident as well, no sign of nerves either which is incredible at such a young age. Full of joy and happiness and always makes jobs go better.

Anyway I hope you all had a great weekend and have been enjoying the weather.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Gillette - All the issues!!!

Hey Guys,

So, as I said yesterday I had an interesting casting and it was for a Gilette commercial. Its worth a lot of money, a 5 figure sum which is unbelievable. However, Gilette, who are a world wide company and absolutely huge, are not very good at organising shoots, or making their mind up about who they want for a job.

The reason for all this is that Gilette have TWICE confirmed me for a job and cancelled me. Now this is the most frustrating thing ever as they have all been commercials. And as you saw at the start of this post the sums of money we're talking are life changing (seriously can be). The first one wasn't too long after I started modelling. Big commercial, worth a lot of money. Confirmed for the job, sent all the details, hotel and flight details as it was a job in Prague for a week, told everyone about it (which is a lesson I have learnt to not do now) and all of a sudden on a Sunday afternoon day before the job I get a voice message left on my phone by the client based in LA! The reason given, the chief executive of the company decided I wasn't right for the job. Now, the reason I can handle, cause that's something I have had to get used to, but for it to come the day before, for the clients to confirm me and for the decision to be down to this one guy really angered me.

So, once was bad enough, try twice. This time a basketball themed Gilette commercial. Went through the casting etc and on a Monday morning I get a phone call saying that I need to pack some stuff and get on a plane to Barcelona in about 3 hours! So rushing around sorting everything out and an hour later get a phone call saying I had been cancelled! Very frustrating.

The only one positive is that there are a cancellation fee for this happening, but it doesn't come close to covering what the jobs would pay. I find myself spending the money in my head, making plans to save up, and then have to scrap it all.

The easiest option is to never cast for them again, however, it's for so much money that you can't help get the thoughts in your head that its going to be you one time. So carried on going to the castings for the commercials. 2 more and this time I'm optioned for the job both times! So close, one time involved a Sunday phone call checking to see if I am available to go to Prague again the next day, but got told in the morning that I didn't get it.

Today an hour wait for the casting and the same casting director who knew my past with Gilette. Same things to do in the casting, acting like your shaving in the mirror, looking at your body etc. And that's it the waiting game starts again. There will be a call back for some people in front of the client and then the options, then confirmed for 1 lucky person.

Have rambled on a bit here, but just a complete insight into my experience with this company.

Feel free to comment if you want to.


M & M Direct shoot - Southend Beach!

Hey guys,

I'm going to be careful how I write this because I know that some people do not like their jobs, some people get a bit bored being stuck in an office and others just can't stand it. My job has so many ups to it I must admit, traveling round a lot, sometimes very good pay and get to meet some amazing people.


This job was hard work!!! Southend Beach, when the wind is blowing and its freezing cold, modeling summer outfits, shorts t-shirts and flip flops, was such a nightmare. Honestly, when you work when your hungry its hard to get through. Same when your thirsty. Lastly, when your tired it's probably the 2nd worse feeling. But working when your freezing cold, shivering is ridiculous. To be fair the crew were all very nice and helped to cover me in a blanket at times, they were all very cold too. Was tough for everyone though must admit, as it was typical English weather and at the end of the day we needed to get the shots done.

We had like a massive camper van to get changed in, which I say massive, but in all fairness it wasn't that big and it was a very tight squeeze for all of us. We worked all around Southend beach, had a bit of an audience at times, which can always be a bit off putting. But to be fair the shots got done quickly when everything was set up. The morning involved trying to 'fake' the sunshine that was non existent, which can be tricky for photographers however the photographer was very good and a really nice guy too. I've worked with him a few times before and he is very quick and easy to work with must admit.

We were fortunate to be joined by 2 dogs on the shoot, both brought by the hair stylist on the job. They were extremely cute and one of them kept jumping in the shot and up on to my legs or lap whilst we were shooting. As the professional that I am, I just kept going with the shoot because the shots could have looked quite good with a little cute dog in there too. Added to the entertainment anyway.

The day went well though to be fair, once we all got over how cold it was, the sun came out and cheered everyone up a bit and gave it that real English summer beach feel, which I must admit I love. The shots were cheesy, which is my specialty, and the client was very happy, which is always the main thing.

Anyways I hope you are all well. Casting and hair cut for me today. I will send an update later as got an interesting few stories to tell you about the company I'm casting for today...


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

So Busy - sad weekend for me - but more work

Hey guys,

Apologies for the delay in posting something. I have seriously been unbelievably busy since Friday. Went home for the weekend to see my family and more importantly play football. Which unfortunately for me has meant my season is over too as I have damaged my cartilage in my right knee and may require an operation. This has really brought me down I must admit and means I cant to any running on it at all at the moment either. This makes it hard going to the gym and exercising to keep myself in shape, which brings me down even more.

Anyway, I know I need to look on the bright side, but its not too bright apart from presenting work being busy and the job I've got on tomorrow at the glamorous Southend on Sea ha ha. I was absolutely gutted to miss out on going to Majorca as my previous post said, but who knows maybe something big is just waiting to happen you never ever know.

I've had an extreme lack of sleep the last few days, which is no good for anyone and certainly turns me into a right grump as well! ha. Worked til 4 am Sunday night, then up for a casting at 9am and then presenting again until 9pm. Last night i woke up at 5am for no reason what so ever couldn't sleep so watched films then another casting and again in work now as I speak until 10pm. Really struggling must admit, but must sleep tonight to be ready for my shoot tomorrow as do not want to look tired in the slightest.

Sorry for the bit of a boring post, maybe I will have something more exciting to write about tomorrow night after my shoot and after Arsenal hopefully smash Spurs too! ha ha.

Also, maybe tonight I will write to you all about the casting I went to today and detail it as its for an amazing opportunity to be out in South Africa for the world cup so fingers extremely crossed.

Hope you are all well


Friday, 9 April 2010

Castings Update

Hey guys,

So today I found out that unfortunately I did not get the Sony job in Mallorca. Very gutted cause would of been a great trip and a really good job to do as well. But good thing is one of my mates I model with who is at the same agency got it, so happy for him, would certainly rather miss out to a mate than to someone I didn't know. So its Southend bound for me on Wednesday!

Slight problems with my job on Wednesday. This is where the industry at the moment can be very frustrating and where the problems of the credit crunch last year are continually showing their affects.

A year ago I did exactly the same job for this catalogue and was paid a certain amount. Now, they are trying to make me take a cut for the job because their budget has dropped. Now, this is a tough situation to be in, because yes it's still a job and it's good to keep working, but its like someone in a full time job taking a pay cut to do the exact same job as they were doing a year ago, you wouldn't be too happy at all about doing it. You have to weigh everything up, but be careful not to under value yourself or to make yourself unavailable for the job.

Anyways a bit of negotiating and the jobs on for slightly less than last time, which I will have to accept really cause its still pretty good money. Those who know me best know I get a bit stressful at times when there's money involved and that I always want to get any problems solved as soon as possible!

Anyways, casting today to be a body double for a footballer, for a job for Nivea. Casting full of guys, which is usually a bit strange sometimes, but it was very cool and the guys there were all down to earth. A few I know, and one I was amazed to see! Made me so happy. It was a guy I went on my first job with (the round the world esprit job spoke about at the start of my blog). I haven't seen him for 2 and a half years and my word is he doing well for himself! He is a professional dancer, travelling all round the world, working ridiculously hard too, but its all paying off for him and its such a good feeling to see someone you know doing so well.

Sure I haven't got that job anyway, but now back home to enjoy a weekend with my family, friends and 3 games of football too!!!

Have a great Friday and enjoy this amazing weather!


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thank you for all the messages

Hey guys,

Just want to quickly say thank you to those of you who have messaged me saying they are enjoying reading my blog. Means a lot to know people are interested in what I'm writing.

If there is anything you would like me to answer or talk about then feel free to put a comment on, or send me a message on fb or twitter as a lot of you have done.

Thanks again


3 Castings Today - Mixed Bag completely!

Hey guys,

As I spoke about castings a couple of days a go and what to expect, well I had 3 of them today.

1. For M & M Direct.
Now, I have worked a lot for M & M before, and recently quite a lot too. I have done a lot of work for their catalogue recently and if you ever saw the March issue, you will see when I say a lot, I mean a lot! I was fortunate to be stuck up at their offices and studios in Leominster, Herefordshire, when we had all the bad weather. This meant I stayed up there for a few days extra and shot loads for the,. Really nice people to work with as well.
Ive also shot the front cover and a few pages inside on locations for them before as well. And this is what the casting was for.

The good times to casting is when you get there, know the people casting as I've worked with them before and you can talk on a much more personal level with them. The shoot is going to be in Southend -on-Sea (glamorous hey?!) ha. After trying on some clothes and chatting about what the shoot would entail, I got changed and was informed by the client that they really want to use me as the last time was apparently their best issue yet (I kid you not). Nice to get the head blown up a little on a day ha ha. So, 1 down and a great start to the day.

2. Aqua Das Pedras (Portuguese Mineral Water)
Again I have once shot for this company/or a similar one before doing a commercial in Lisbon a couple of years ago. But this one was different. It was a commercial shot underwater. Now if any of you out there swim, or go underwater when your in a pool, opening your eyes can be tough. Then being asked to show emotions, smile, laugh, be angry, be intense at the same time holding your breath to stay under there as long as you possibly can.
It was a strange casting, which could have gone well, however it wasn't helped when I cam up from being under the water with a bogey coming down from my nose! Yes Greeny well and truly lived up to his name there! ha ha. So will write that one off (but you never know)

3. Sony Alpha - shooting in Majorca next week!
Biggest casting till last and certainly was a busy one, where I'm sure they will see near enough 200 people in total, probably looking for 2-4 people in total. So chances are slim, but feeling positive is the best way and being friendly with the clients is the way forward. It worked. Went well asked me a lot of questions were pleased with a couple of shots in my book too.
Then had some pictures done and the photographer took quite a few as well which is always good. Then as I went to leave the room I was called back in again quickly to ask about my stubble and to say they liked it how it was and to not change it drastically in the next couple of days! Good sign or what???! Yes is one answer cause its clear the client liked me. On the other hand, no, as its happened to me many times in the past and often will not come off. So its now the waiting and the hoping that I get it and that I should find out tomorrow. Its hard not to get your hopes up when its for a big job and its abroad too, but got to try and block it out of my mind now.

Any updates will blog them tomorrow.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

This week - Castings and what castings are about

Hey guys,

So got myself in a bit of trouble today as I decided not to go to my castings today and it happened to be one where the casting director phoned the agency to tell them that I hadn't showed up! Nightmare. Said so many sorrys after that was untrue. Now your probably thinking why I didn't go to my castings, because of course it means I'm not going to have the work from them. Well all castings are different for different jobs and some are for smaller jobs that are not actually request castings. Quite simply enough when the agency just sends you along even though the clients have not requested you. Now today's castings were one where they wanted everyone to show their bum's?! And the other was asking for lovely teeth. Now this job was a very low pay, with a less than guaranteed buy out too it. With it being a fairly open casting, I felt I would give it a miss.

Sometimes I look at the details of the job and have to assess whether they are worth going to or not. Also if you get confirmed for a small job on one day and a bigger one or a big casting comes in you will miss out.

But it isn't a good thing to get into when you miss castings because this is a big way of getting more and more modeling work. This is my job and part of my job of course is to go to these castings. Some can be extremely frustrating trust me. A room full of models always means first of all a long wait ahead! And second of all a lot more competition for the job. If you haven't been requested then it decreases your chances even more. You have to find the motivation and enthusiasm to stick it out and to try your best when called upon. Now this means that when you get into the casting room and meet the clients that's you put on a smile and make your personality come across as much as possible. I always make sure this happens and make sure I'm polite and happy, as you want to leave an impression on the casting director or the clients.

Its very important to dress well to castings too, something I have not always done I must admit! Its also very important to dress accordingly to meet the needs of the casting. For example if it is a casting for Nike, you want to try and make yourself look sporty, but not in a chavvy way of course! ha. Suit castings, make yourself look smart. You don't need to wear a suit cause that can work against you and make you look silly at times, but smart is good.

Some castings are short and some are long. For example I have been in a casting before for about 15 seconds before. No lie, all the way in for just that. That can really piss me off, seriously! Some you will just get into the casting see the client and you will know straight away that either your not right for the job or that the client just does not like how you look.

Some castings can be very detailed and go on for a while. You may be required to try clothes on, pose for many pictures or if it is for a TV commercial then you will often be asked to do something in the advert. For example when I did my 2 commercials for Nintendo I had to act like I was with a group of friends playing on the wii etc.

A casting can make or break your day. Its as simple as that. If you get the impression the client likes you then it gives you a really good feeling and you feel like your doing something good. But when a client doesn't like you then it can often put you at the bottom and becomes increasingly frustrating. You just simply have to try to not take it personally, which can be hard sometimes if you get a bitch of a client who points out that they don't like your hair, or your carrying a bit of weight! (this does happen trust me)

Anyways, hope this helps give you all a little idea about what the castings are about and what I go through during a casting.