Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bud House Continued

Hey Guys,

32 contestants from all over the world being brought together by football in a house full of Budweiser in South Africa! The fun was is clearly on its way! I’m sure some of you would have looked at the link but there was plenty more that went on during this show. Some differed slightly from what was shown too. TV world of course ha ha.

There was a lot of drinking throughout the time in the house with only a handful of us who drank every single day! With the drinking came erratic behaviour a lot of the times, silly dancing, a lot of childish behaviour, but was all good fun and a great release from the real world. 32 adults behaving badly! Now the Budweiser itself became a bit repetitive and after many complaints to production, we managed to get some other alcohol into the house. The funny thing with this was that we had to drink these drinks in Budweiser bottles, and every time we got other alcohol, I was there with 2 bottles in my hand! It added to the fun of the evenings I tell you.

Now, I don't ever write about my personal relationships in this blog, but I now have no choice!!! I fell straight away for the gorgeous Russian representative, Natela whilst I was out there. Natela was technically crew and there was always this divide between cast and crew that hung over us all whilst we were out there. But from day 1 I was absolutely smitten by her and she made my experience in the bud house so special. We had so much fun, flirting, giggling, messing around, being silly together, but with all that had some great chemistry, which made it a perfect combination. One funny memory is literally 3 or 4 days into the experience, I sneaked into her room for a kiss (as their were rules preventing this) and I got caught by 2 members of production. It was hilarious! I was like a school boy being caught behind the bike shed or something, I went bright red, started panicking and stupidly thinking I was going to get sent home etc. It's so funny thinking about it all now, but at the time it was like a really serious thing ha.

Like I said in the past post I could be here all day talking about Bud House and I'm sure I will talk about the experience for many years to come too.

Some specific memories I have is having the joy of going to watch England play in Cape Town against Algeria. It was one of the most amazing DAYS of my life. Now I emphasise the word, days, because the night was terrible as England put in a horrendous performance. The day partying with England fan's, singing and cheering was just sensational. What an atmosphere that was being created by the England fan's and one that I will never ever forget.

So many funny memories to reflect on as well, like when Denmark got knocked out and their representative Frederich was extremely pissed off and decided he needed to take it out on something. So, like the Viking he was he picked up a huge ladder and lifted it above his head before placing it back on the ground (OK maybe throwing it)! There were 3 incidents that involved a fire hadron as well (nothing to be proud of and we all know that we shouldn't use them for any reason other than a fire). The 1st, again by Mr Denmark, saw him attempt to spray Miss Spain (Amanda) and Miss Honduras (Anabella). But the girls locked themselves in their room and the over excited Freddie couldn't hold back any longer and just sprayed it at the door. This just meant that it rebounded back into his face! Apparently he has a lot of premature incidents in his life ;-) (just kidding mate) The 2ND incident was Adriano (Mr Brazil) going for the smoke machine affect over the pool, which I have to say he pulled off extremely well! He kind of fired it in a dominant 'Male' way if you know what I mean. What a bazooka that was! ha. And 3rd had to be me of course. The incident involved me being like the small kid in school who gets into trouble after the bully hands them a loaded gun. What I mean by this is simple. On the last night in the house Mr sensible and quiet Switzerland (Martin) got a fire hadron and gave it to me and said, go on spray it. Now under that much peer pressure I had no other choice but to let off the hadron (which I had never in my life done before). To say I got a bit excited by this is probably an understatement to be honest! I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed it constantly until there was no more to come out! The room was completely white, people were white, though Ollie only had himself to blame as he was the only one who ran into the room whilst I was spraying it, as everyone else vacated! Silly boys hey?

From the plain stupid (but funny) to the serious times in the house. None more so than the Ubuntu Charity project we worked on out in South Africa. All cast members, with the help of the production team and Budweiser, helped to transform a run down sports facility into a fantastic venue for football for the school. It was the most rewarding moments of my life helping out and seeing the look on the children's faces when we arrived. They live off very little, but the sight of us brought the biggest smiles on their faces. It was truly incredible and each and everyone of us felt that amazing feeling helping out at the school. But the work didn't end there. Mateja, Miss Slovenia, decided to come up with the amazing idea to play a charity game of poker and raise money for the school. Now we started this thinking at most we would raise a couple of hundred dollars between us as we didn't have access to cash very easily. Even that would have been a nice touch from all of us, but it wasn't enough. And the game started with everyone making silly moves going all in then buying back in with the on going catch phrase "ITS FOR THE KIDS!". And after crawling round the production team too, we managed to raise over 1500 dollars! It was an incredible achievement from a spare in the moment charity game of poker and one each and everyone of us were so proud to achieve. It brought the whole house together for all the right reasons and was actually one of the best nights in the house if not THE best night we all had.

If you haven't seen the show do check it out on the website at because it was an amazing experience for me and every single other person involved in the one off experience.

More posts coming so check out what life after Bud House holds for me


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