Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The first few days in LA – getting personal

I have been extremely jet lagged since arriving in LA even though typical me told Natela that “I never suffer from jet lag” ha ha. But I was exhausted and my sleep was all over the place, that with a completely different change of environment and the changes of my lifestyle here made it become stressful. Natela was working hard still and I was in the heart of Hollywood, like a lost puppy, relying on support and guidance, when all Natela wanted was my love. Sounds a bit deep I guess, but became really tough for both of us to adapt to the environment. Now one of the many best things about our relationship is how we think and that we both seem to know what each other is feeling. We reached the point where I was becoming frustrated by sitting around a lot and not knowing where to go and having to wait until Natela was finished with her work, and she was frustrated with me disrupting her routine and having to look after me like I was a child. It was tough I tell you. But like the roller coaster journey we have been through with the up’s and down’s we sorted everything out. I have grown up a lot over the last few months and Natela is the main reason behind this. She encourages me to talk about everything and be open and honest and that has benefitted our relationship so much. And it helped us move forward with the new situation and start to have fun in the city and with each other.

I decided to give Natela some space, go and watch the England game in an English pub on Sunset Boulevard. The English pubs get everywhere all over the world it’s great! Ha. After being happy that England won, I had a walk around and started to get to know my surroundings. I am staying right in the heart of Hollywood! Its crazy! I walked a long way down the famous Hollywood Boulevard, looking at all the stars on the pavement and in complete awe of the place. A place that many times I had seen on TV before and everybody knows about it and I was here! The sun was shining and I started to realise what an amazing place this was and that I could be very happy here.


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