Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Venice Beach and the Gym


Labour Day weekend, my first weekend in LA and we head to Venice Beach on the Monday for the day. Now Venice Beach is completely different to any other beaches in LA. It is a very diverse area around Venice beach, which made for a nice change to that of the nice place of Santa Monica. There were loads of stools down by the beach front and a lot of street entertainers to keep the thousands of people entertained. We met a friend of mine here too from Bud House, Hilton, which was great for me to see him and made me feel more settled knowing that there are other people here and friends of mine in the City.

After a great weekend, I knew I needed to keep myself entertained and busy during the days and wanted to stay in shape too for the meetings with the modelling agencies which I had planned for the following week. So, I decided to sign up to a gym, a gym that was absolutely huge! A 24 hour gym and a 15 minute walk from the apartment in Hollywood, so perfect. Now when I first went down to the gym to workout I knew it was going to be very strange. People love to stare here no matter who you are they just do. And it was no different, so I embraced it and just stared harder back and made people feel uncomfortable like I had done ha ha. There were some weird and wonderful sights in the gym though. About 50 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s working out, from nationalities all over the world (these were clearly actors who play roles as the muscle guys in films) and a woman deciding to practice her dance moves whilst walking on the treadmill! I was slightly impressed I’m not going to lie, but I’m also not going to lie about the fact that I was hoping that she was going to fall off! That would have been true Hollywood entertainment!

It was important for me though to make sure that I kept myself as busy as possible whilst I was here and to take advantage of having free time and not being able to work here at the moment as I haven’t a visa to do so.


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