Wednesday, 29 September 2010

1st Weekend in LA

Hey guys,

Just quickly, I really hope everyone at home is good and that good things are happening to each and everyone of you. Missing my friends and family a lot too and hoping everyone is well.

My first weekend was a true welcome to LA. We spent the a few hours at the beach in Santa Monica, which was beautiful. Such a huge beach that seems to go on and on and theres so much space there its crazy. The sun shining and all made for a perfect start to a perfect weekend. We went shopping though before the beach for the most important thing when your in LA, white pants! (or trousers as we English call them) It is a common in LA to have white parties, probably so everyone can show off their Hollywood tans i guess. Something that can’t really happen in England very often ha. We crawled the shops looking for a pair of these trousers that I knew were going to make me look like a sailor! That and the white shoes we were also trying to get hold of! But the trip was successful and the sailor outfit was in order and we were on our way to the first of many white parties here in LA in Beverley Hills.

Now, I had no idea what the location of this party was going to be like. You hear so many stories of Beverley Hills and it’s a really big area too, full of enormous houses or mansions is a better word for these. We were truly in the Hills though, driving higher and higher up the Hills overlooking one side of the city. It was incredible. We were greeted on arrival to the party by Valet parking. Now we don’t have this in England, or if we do it’s in the most exclusive of places. In LA though, Valet parking is absolutely everywhere. Entering the party I was amazed. The place was beautiful, a really cool, trendy house or Bachelor pad as it was really there for. Swimming pool, the lot and with the most amazing view of the city night lights. I could not believe I was actually here. And to make things better, it was one of my friends from Bud House, Daniel’s, best friends place. Meeting up with people from Bud House, who I considered friends, was something I was really looking to before coming out to LA and the first weekend saw me meet him and Richell from the house too. Perfect venue with perfect company.

Lets get to the typical me part about this party. So, the scene is set, a white party and almost everyone is in white, a beautiful colour that makes people look great, but a colour that will show up any stain or mark. Yes, you know exactly where I’m going with this! I que at the bar (no shock) and some complete “douchbag” (the American’s love this word over here) decided to swing round in front of me and practically throw his red wine all over me. The Englishman covered in red wine at a white party! No shock at all. My entry into LA society swiftly went right downhill ha ha.

Bar the spillage and the ruined white shirt, it was a great night and a great first weekend in LA for me. I had started to become and feel part of everything out here and was starting to really enjoy myself with Natela too.


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