Friday, 9 April 2010

Castings Update

Hey guys,

So today I found out that unfortunately I did not get the Sony job in Mallorca. Very gutted cause would of been a great trip and a really good job to do as well. But good thing is one of my mates I model with who is at the same agency got it, so happy for him, would certainly rather miss out to a mate than to someone I didn't know. So its Southend bound for me on Wednesday!

Slight problems with my job on Wednesday. This is where the industry at the moment can be very frustrating and where the problems of the credit crunch last year are continually showing their affects.

A year ago I did exactly the same job for this catalogue and was paid a certain amount. Now, they are trying to make me take a cut for the job because their budget has dropped. Now, this is a tough situation to be in, because yes it's still a job and it's good to keep working, but its like someone in a full time job taking a pay cut to do the exact same job as they were doing a year ago, you wouldn't be too happy at all about doing it. You have to weigh everything up, but be careful not to under value yourself or to make yourself unavailable for the job.

Anyways a bit of negotiating and the jobs on for slightly less than last time, which I will have to accept really cause its still pretty good money. Those who know me best know I get a bit stressful at times when there's money involved and that I always want to get any problems solved as soon as possible!

Anyways, casting today to be a body double for a footballer, for a job for Nivea. Casting full of guys, which is usually a bit strange sometimes, but it was very cool and the guys there were all down to earth. A few I know, and one I was amazed to see! Made me so happy. It was a guy I went on my first job with (the round the world esprit job spoke about at the start of my blog). I haven't seen him for 2 and a half years and my word is he doing well for himself! He is a professional dancer, travelling all round the world, working ridiculously hard too, but its all paying off for him and its such a good feeling to see someone you know doing so well.

Sure I haven't got that job anyway, but now back home to enjoy a weekend with my family, friends and 3 games of football too!!!

Have a great Friday and enjoy this amazing weather!


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