Thursday, 15 April 2010

Gillette - All the issues!!!

Hey Guys,

So, as I said yesterday I had an interesting casting and it was for a Gilette commercial. Its worth a lot of money, a 5 figure sum which is unbelievable. However, Gilette, who are a world wide company and absolutely huge, are not very good at organising shoots, or making their mind up about who they want for a job.

The reason for all this is that Gilette have TWICE confirmed me for a job and cancelled me. Now this is the most frustrating thing ever as they have all been commercials. And as you saw at the start of this post the sums of money we're talking are life changing (seriously can be). The first one wasn't too long after I started modelling. Big commercial, worth a lot of money. Confirmed for the job, sent all the details, hotel and flight details as it was a job in Prague for a week, told everyone about it (which is a lesson I have learnt to not do now) and all of a sudden on a Sunday afternoon day before the job I get a voice message left on my phone by the client based in LA! The reason given, the chief executive of the company decided I wasn't right for the job. Now, the reason I can handle, cause that's something I have had to get used to, but for it to come the day before, for the clients to confirm me and for the decision to be down to this one guy really angered me.

So, once was bad enough, try twice. This time a basketball themed Gilette commercial. Went through the casting etc and on a Monday morning I get a phone call saying that I need to pack some stuff and get on a plane to Barcelona in about 3 hours! So rushing around sorting everything out and an hour later get a phone call saying I had been cancelled! Very frustrating.

The only one positive is that there are a cancellation fee for this happening, but it doesn't come close to covering what the jobs would pay. I find myself spending the money in my head, making plans to save up, and then have to scrap it all.

The easiest option is to never cast for them again, however, it's for so much money that you can't help get the thoughts in your head that its going to be you one time. So carried on going to the castings for the commercials. 2 more and this time I'm optioned for the job both times! So close, one time involved a Sunday phone call checking to see if I am available to go to Prague again the next day, but got told in the morning that I didn't get it.

Today an hour wait for the casting and the same casting director who knew my past with Gilette. Same things to do in the casting, acting like your shaving in the mirror, looking at your body etc. And that's it the waiting game starts again. There will be a call back for some people in front of the client and then the options, then confirmed for 1 lucky person.

Have rambled on a bit here, but just a complete insight into my experience with this company.

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