Thursday, 15 April 2010

M & M Direct shoot - Southend Beach!

Hey guys,

I'm going to be careful how I write this because I know that some people do not like their jobs, some people get a bit bored being stuck in an office and others just can't stand it. My job has so many ups to it I must admit, traveling round a lot, sometimes very good pay and get to meet some amazing people.


This job was hard work!!! Southend Beach, when the wind is blowing and its freezing cold, modeling summer outfits, shorts t-shirts and flip flops, was such a nightmare. Honestly, when you work when your hungry its hard to get through. Same when your thirsty. Lastly, when your tired it's probably the 2nd worse feeling. But working when your freezing cold, shivering is ridiculous. To be fair the crew were all very nice and helped to cover me in a blanket at times, they were all very cold too. Was tough for everyone though must admit, as it was typical English weather and at the end of the day we needed to get the shots done.

We had like a massive camper van to get changed in, which I say massive, but in all fairness it wasn't that big and it was a very tight squeeze for all of us. We worked all around Southend beach, had a bit of an audience at times, which can always be a bit off putting. But to be fair the shots got done quickly when everything was set up. The morning involved trying to 'fake' the sunshine that was non existent, which can be tricky for photographers however the photographer was very good and a really nice guy too. I've worked with him a few times before and he is very quick and easy to work with must admit.

We were fortunate to be joined by 2 dogs on the shoot, both brought by the hair stylist on the job. They were extremely cute and one of them kept jumping in the shot and up on to my legs or lap whilst we were shooting. As the professional that I am, I just kept going with the shoot because the shots could have looked quite good with a little cute dog in there too. Added to the entertainment anyway.

The day went well though to be fair, once we all got over how cold it was, the sun came out and cheered everyone up a bit and gave it that real English summer beach feel, which I must admit I love. The shots were cheesy, which is my specialty, and the client was very happy, which is always the main thing.

Anyways I hope you are all well. Casting and hair cut for me today. I will send an update later as got an interesting few stories to tell you about the company I'm casting for today...


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