Sunday, 18 April 2010

John Lewis Presentation - Friday

Hey Guys,

I realised I had a good old moan about Gilette and the job I had on Southend Beach Wednesday, so here's me very happy with the job I did on Friday. It was a John Lewis presentation and the easiest job I think I have ever had. Paid on an hourly rate for this job as its usually 2 hours that they need you there for as I've worked one before. This time they wanted me there at half 9 (2 hours before the proposed call time), and I wasn't actually needed for my role in the presentation until 1pm!!! Simple. Result!!! And certainly brought about a big smile on my face.

I had a small run through of what I had to do and it was extremely simple. Music plays, I walk down with a little girl in hand on one side and the female model walks down with a little boy in hand, all dressed in John Lewis clothes. We have to weave our way through all these people as it was a very big presentation and then stand on stage. Walk forward each in turn so the presenter talked through our clothes and then walk off stage. 4 hours work for literally 5 minutes maximum! Very happy.

Jobs are good when their like this of course. Also, John Lewis do a lot of these presentations and it's a good thing to do and to keep doing as it can be very regular work. Plus John Lewis are a very big client and if it leads to any potential work within their company then it would be absolutely fantastic. I had a lot of time at this job to chat to the client, (as well as sit in Star bucks for a while ;-)) which is important to do to keep them happy and to make sure that they remember you and maybe consider you for more work. It helps that he was a really nice guy, very calm relaxed and down to earth.

The highlight of this job were the children! One lad of 6 years old was the funniest lad I have ever seen. He does all these animal impressions and has us all in hysterics before the job even starts! Full of energy, full of confidence too. The girl was extremely sweet too and was very confident as well, no sign of nerves either which is incredible at such a young age. Full of joy and happiness and always makes jobs go better.

Anyway I hope you all had a great weekend and have been enjoying the weather.


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