Saturday, 3 April 2010

Never go to Work with a Hangover! - tip of the day

Hey guys,

For the first time since I started presenting on SmartLive Casino, I worked the day after the night before. All I can say is What an error! Serious mistake!

Thursday night was a night in London called El Nocturnal. My mates run the night every couple of months and basically gets a lot of guys I model with and girls to party hard, with some quality music in a cool venue. Was a very messy night and I was horrified the next day when I realised how much I drank, you would be amazed with how much I consumed. But I had 7 bottles of beer and a vodka cheery ade before getting to the party. Then 2 corona's (my favourite drink by a long way) followed by about 8 ameretto and cokes with 8 more corona's and a shot of sambuca! I promise you, I'm not bragging about this or think this is brilliant at all. Its just the truth! How I do it I will never know, but thats probably why my mates call me "no limits", I seriously do not know when to stop.

So as you can imagine the next day I was suffering! Big time! And with work at 2pm and very little sleep I knew it was going to be a struggle. First 2 hours was ok, I was suffering but coping. After a break where I felt fine, went back on air at 5pm and it all went downhill. I started getting the shakes, sweating, all this whilst being live on tv! My hand by my mouth at times, it was not good. Rushing in between spins to the toilets and getting it all out of my system! I very nearly made myself a tv legend and would of appeared on those bloopers shows thats for sure! ha ha.

The day was such a struggle and never ever again will I present in that state, unprofessional for starters, but the most painful shift of my life thats for sure!

That is my warning to all of you out there, in all jobs, but especially when you are presenting live, bet Ant and Dec dont get on it the night before! ha


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  1. He He Love that! I never learn my lesson about that