Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mattys Stag do in Sheffield - What a weekend

Hey Guys,

What a weekend! Quite possibly one of the best weekends of my life! And that's saying something trust me. Back to University city of Sheffield. It's been just under 5 years since we all were leaving University in 2005. Seems a lifetime ago! We have all kept in touch, not as much as always, but still had a couple of catch ups a long the way. But absolutely none were like this. I think it's definitely a sign of getting older when your mates start getting married and it's the first one out of the mates I had at university to do so. But obviously hasn't happened yet and we had the joy of the stag do before the real thing.

But my weekend started on the Friday and I made my way up to Sheffield, remembering the whole way up there without the tom tom, and arrived in the afternoon. The city looks a lot different and there have been a lot more buildings been put up and the city is ever growing and turning into a really nice city. I started by meeting up with an old school friend who lives in Sheffield now, which was great to chat about old times and school days. Then I met 3 mates I lived with during my time at University and another friend for a meal and then plenty of drinks. One thing I forgot to realise when I agreed to have some pre stag do drinks on the Friday night was how much the girls can drink! Always the ones getting the shots out and suggesting more and more drink to be consumed. Ended up in bed around half 3 in the morning after 9 hours on it! You can imagine how well I felt in the morning and the real stag do hadn't even started yet!

So, as you can see above the stag do started in style!!! The best man went off to the lovely female clothes establishment, Primark! I want to know what you think of the lovely outfit! Perfect and to be fair Matty took it so well and was straight upstairs changed and out and proud to be wearing it all day and night!

Football, was first port of call, which as you can imagine was accompanied by many many beers. Sat outside for while enjoying the weather catching up with all the "Bravo Boys" (our uni football team name) and then it was time to move on. A couple of pubs later and there are 15 lads stood round in a circle all with pints in their hands playing a drinking game! Our favoured university game called Slaps was in full flow! A rowdy as hell game that if everyone plays it properly will involve the stag being heavy stitched up with a lot of drinking! Well...like I said if some of the others weren't being so silly Matty would have been on the floor at this point ha ha but the drinks were heavily spread. We also got Shepperd outside to the beer garden at this point for making too much noise as well ha ha.

A lot of the above was going on, but a hell of a sight seeing a man in a dress doing it ha ha. Time to move on from the beer garden and it was time to head to the hotel and get changed. Dirty food along the way a quick change up and more beers in the hotel bar we're off out again for the night ahead!!! Messy, many drinks and many different bars along the way. We got settled in one called Varsity, where we often went at university. The stag struggling and getting rid of some of the alcohol consumed in the middle of the bar ha ha. I promise it wasn't from this below...(maybe it was hmmmmmm)

The nights going great and then for the funniest moment of the entire weekend! Comedy gold I tell you! So, there was a woman earlier on with a very similar dress to the one we had the stag in and we thought that was the funniest thing ever. But it gets soooooooo much better. We turn to the door and all of a sudden a poor poor poor woman walks in wearing.....yes the exact same dress as my mates!!! Poor girl or what! Its bad enough when a girl wears the same dress as another girl, but as a bloke!!!??? Hilarious! See below!!!

Night progressed in many bars and little clubs in town and was a fantastic night. As you can imagine the heaviest of heads ever in the morning, but well worth it.

Can't wait for round 2 at the wedding! ha ha


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