Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Sunday - Family time

Hey guys,

I wish you all a very happy Easter and hope you all have had a great time with your family and friends cause thats whats this time of year is all about.

It was great to spend some time this weekend with my family on Sunday and some family friends who we havent seen for a while. Always great to catch up and get together and I feel so lucky to have an amazing family behind me, supporting me in every way and to share some amazing moments with.

This weekend produced an amazing moment for me when my gorgeous niece, pictured above, started saying my name. And she kept on and on and on saying it and it was truly amazing! Loved it so much and it was so cute. She really has grown so much recently and is walking, running and talking as much as her mum too! Which isn't a good thing with the amount my sister talks I tell you! ha ha (those family members or people who know her will know exactly what i'm talking about ha ha).]

I decided this weekend to give my family and friends an Easter present b y talking for half an hour on air whilst presenting about them all. To hear how excited they got and how much they laughed was great and thats what its all about, being able to share some fantastic moments with those people closest to you.

Hopefully this week I will have some work to talk to you guys about, but wishing you all a great easter


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