Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Problem with Planning and the week ahead

Hey guys,

Can you finally believe the weather has finally got better?! It's amazing! Not good for how my flat is which is like a Greenhouse when the sun is out!

Anyways...so I thought I would write about a certain problem with my job and how it affects all parts of my life. It's the simple thing called planning. It is near on impossible to plan anything when you have my job, as things keep cropping up left right and center. I have to check in with my agency between 5pm and 6pm every day, this is to see if I have any castings for that day. Now some of these castings could be worth a lot of money if I get lucky and get the job, so it's vital that I go to as many castings as possible. This often means messing up plans made for the day afterwards, whether with friends, a girlfriend, even hospital appointments to do with my knee (which I have been referred to for an operation which completely sucks). It can become increasingly frustrating, but it is a sacrifice I have to make if I want work.

Holidays is just a complete gamble. I literally have to just get on with it and book them and hope that a job doesn't come in. I have had one time when I was away that I may have had to fly back for a job, which is a sacrifice I would have had to have taken. If a big job comes in then it's a win win situation, as yes I would have to not go on holiday, however it's a big job so wouldn't be complaining.

The week ahead is exciting this week, as this weekend I get to go back to Sheffield where I went to University. My friends I lived with there all still live in Sheffield so I get to see them on Friday. And the Saturday is the first of many I'm sure and a true sign that we are growing up as it's one of my best mates from uni's stag do! Going to be absolutely crazy, but will be great to get everyone together again after so many years. We all used to play in the same football team (Bravo FC) and shared such memorable times together.

I am working at Smartlive Casino later today and then on Thursday I have a job in Birmingham for Jeff Banks, working at one of his presentations in the Debenhams store there. Easy job and get to work with one of my mates during the time as well. I will tell you all what that job entails after I finish it.

Hope everyone is good.


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