Tuesday, 6 April 2010

This week - Castings and what castings are about

Hey guys,

So got myself in a bit of trouble today as I decided not to go to my castings today and it happened to be one where the casting director phoned the agency to tell them that I hadn't showed up! Nightmare. Said so many sorrys after that was untrue. Now your probably thinking why I didn't go to my castings, because of course it means I'm not going to have the work from them. Well all castings are different for different jobs and some are for smaller jobs that are not actually request castings. Quite simply enough when the agency just sends you along even though the clients have not requested you. Now today's castings were one where they wanted everyone to show their bum's?! And the other was asking for lovely teeth. Now this job was a very low pay, with a less than guaranteed buy out too it. With it being a fairly open casting, I felt I would give it a miss.

Sometimes I look at the details of the job and have to assess whether they are worth going to or not. Also if you get confirmed for a small job on one day and a bigger one or a big casting comes in you will miss out.

But it isn't a good thing to get into when you miss castings because this is a big way of getting more and more modeling work. This is my job and part of my job of course is to go to these castings. Some can be extremely frustrating trust me. A room full of models always means first of all a long wait ahead! And second of all a lot more competition for the job. If you haven't been requested then it decreases your chances even more. You have to find the motivation and enthusiasm to stick it out and to try your best when called upon. Now this means that when you get into the casting room and meet the clients that's you put on a smile and make your personality come across as much as possible. I always make sure this happens and make sure I'm polite and happy, as you want to leave an impression on the casting director or the clients.

Its very important to dress well to castings too, something I have not always done I must admit! Its also very important to dress accordingly to meet the needs of the casting. For example if it is a casting for Nike, you want to try and make yourself look sporty, but not in a chavvy way of course! ha. Suit castings, make yourself look smart. You don't need to wear a suit cause that can work against you and make you look silly at times, but smart is good.

Some castings are short and some are long. For example I have been in a casting before for about 15 seconds before. No lie, all the way in for just that. That can really piss me off, seriously! Some you will just get into the casting see the client and you will know straight away that either your not right for the job or that the client just does not like how you look.

Some castings can be very detailed and go on for a while. You may be required to try clothes on, pose for many pictures or if it is for a TV commercial then you will often be asked to do something in the advert. For example when I did my 2 commercials for Nintendo I had to act like I was with a group of friends playing on the wii etc.

A casting can make or break your day. Its as simple as that. If you get the impression the client likes you then it gives you a really good feeling and you feel like your doing something good. But when a client doesn't like you then it can often put you at the bottom and becomes increasingly frustrating. You just simply have to try to not take it personally, which can be hard sometimes if you get a bitch of a client who points out that they don't like your hair, or your carrying a bit of weight! (this does happen trust me)

Anyways, hope this helps give you all a little idea about what the castings are about and what I go through during a casting.


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