Thursday, 8 April 2010

3 Castings Today - Mixed Bag completely!

Hey guys,

As I spoke about castings a couple of days a go and what to expect, well I had 3 of them today.

1. For M & M Direct.
Now, I have worked a lot for M & M before, and recently quite a lot too. I have done a lot of work for their catalogue recently and if you ever saw the March issue, you will see when I say a lot, I mean a lot! I was fortunate to be stuck up at their offices and studios in Leominster, Herefordshire, when we had all the bad weather. This meant I stayed up there for a few days extra and shot loads for the,. Really nice people to work with as well.
Ive also shot the front cover and a few pages inside on locations for them before as well. And this is what the casting was for.

The good times to casting is when you get there, know the people casting as I've worked with them before and you can talk on a much more personal level with them. The shoot is going to be in Southend -on-Sea (glamorous hey?!) ha. After trying on some clothes and chatting about what the shoot would entail, I got changed and was informed by the client that they really want to use me as the last time was apparently their best issue yet (I kid you not). Nice to get the head blown up a little on a day ha ha. So, 1 down and a great start to the day.

2. Aqua Das Pedras (Portuguese Mineral Water)
Again I have once shot for this company/or a similar one before doing a commercial in Lisbon a couple of years ago. But this one was different. It was a commercial shot underwater. Now if any of you out there swim, or go underwater when your in a pool, opening your eyes can be tough. Then being asked to show emotions, smile, laugh, be angry, be intense at the same time holding your breath to stay under there as long as you possibly can.
It was a strange casting, which could have gone well, however it wasn't helped when I cam up from being under the water with a bogey coming down from my nose! Yes Greeny well and truly lived up to his name there! ha ha. So will write that one off (but you never know)

3. Sony Alpha - shooting in Majorca next week!
Biggest casting till last and certainly was a busy one, where I'm sure they will see near enough 200 people in total, probably looking for 2-4 people in total. So chances are slim, but feeling positive is the best way and being friendly with the clients is the way forward. It worked. Went well asked me a lot of questions were pleased with a couple of shots in my book too.
Then had some pictures done and the photographer took quite a few as well which is always good. Then as I went to leave the room I was called back in again quickly to ask about my stubble and to say they liked it how it was and to not change it drastically in the next couple of days! Good sign or what???! Yes is one answer cause its clear the client liked me. On the other hand, no, as its happened to me many times in the past and often will not come off. So its now the waiting and the hoping that I get it and that I should find out tomorrow. Its hard not to get your hopes up when its for a big job and its abroad too, but got to try and block it out of my mind now.

Any updates will blog them tomorrow.


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