Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Religion

Hey guys,

So I hope you didn't think I was going to go spiritual on you then?!? ha ha. But I kind of do consider this as a very important part of my life. Yes some people will think its sad, others though will know exactly what i mean and probably feel the same about their teams. Well the mighty Arsenal have been my team since I was brought an Arsenal kit for my 4th birthday from my late Grandpa. (so nearly been supporting them for 22 years now!) God I'm old!

Right, those of you who have had the distinct pleasure of watching a game of Arsenal with me will know what I'm like. Its like an experience you will never forget! I show passion, positivity, negativity, emotion, frustration, anger, exhilaration..and it could go on. Basically I scream and shout at the TV and at the players who of course cannot hear what is coming out of my mouth. Yes I am biased in favour of my team, who isn't, but I am a nightmare. My language during games is terrible, plenty of dreadful words get spurted out that i hope my mother will never hear! ha ha.

But I love football, I always have. Playing, watching and supporting it and will do forever. It is a passion of mine and I feel through watching so much I do at times know exactly what I'm talking about. When I watch it with my mate Ribs, he will tell you this, I always seem to point out things that happen and observations before the pundits say so. Seriously I do and I do believe I will be a football pundit or commentator one day, just have to curb the language me thinks.

Anyway, back to Arsenal for a bit. I have been fortunate to see them a little bit at Highbury and at the new amazing Emirates stadium. I used to love Ian Wright! He was my hero, then of course Thierry Henry and now Cesc Fabregas is utterly class! Just love the feeling when we score such as tonight against barcelona, jumping up and down feeling on top of the world! Then a player called Lionel Messi turned up and battered us 4 vs 1. Oh well.

Tottenham soon who I'm sure we will stuff! ha ha.


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