Saturday, 8 May 2010

Quiet week then - James Green is a Cowboy!

Hey guys,

So extremely quiet week for me this week, happens sometimes in the industry and when it does it gets increasingly frustrating I have to say. No castings at all for over a week now, which is never a good sign and always means I'm relying on my regular clients to come up trumps and book me for a job of some sort. I have been told it could have something to do with the elections....hmmmmm I'm unsure on that one myself, as companies still need to advertise and there is certainly other guys I know still modelling so not too sure how that works. Anyways...

This quiet week involved me being struck down with a stomach bug, caught off my Dad who suffered from it Sunday and the whole family has had it too, we're dropping like flys the Green's!!!! Never pleasant, but on a quiet week not the worst timing I have to say. I had a small job though on Friday for a book cover. This is something I have done before, last time as a vampire, and this time as you can see by the title, a cowboy!!!

So picture it, maybe a cross between the village people/broke back mountain/a fancy dress party, whatever the jokes are there probably true! ha. It was an old style cowboy and I kind of wished I got a picture of it cause I actually thought the pictures look pretty good have to say ha. The shoot was a very short one lasting all in all less than an hour. It will be for a book cover, but who knows what the book is and I have to say I'm not much of a book guy anyway so wouldn't find myself searching round the book sections in WH Smiths.

Not much to report this week, well related to work anyway...but as you know I don't like talking about my private life and like to keep it that way...for now anyways ha ha. I have a job on Monday for a regular client M&M Direct, which involves me driving up to the ghost town of Leominster in Hereford shire tomorrow at some point. Will get on with the updates a bit more too as I've been very poor as of late.

Hope everyone reading this is well.


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