Sunday, 2 May 2010

My Birthday


So this week I celebrated turning 26. Yes the later half of the 20's and edging closer to that magic 30 number! It's so different when you get older and it's just not the same to have your birthday anymore and to celebrate in style. Well I don't think so anyway.

Day started like a completely normal day, quite lonely, no one special to spend it with, which if I'm honest was very tough. But I tried hard to forget about that and start worrying how much I had going on in the afternoon, preparing the night out and a casting and an audition for a new show (which I will keep quiet about until I find out if it will happen, which I will know by May 20th).

I was very happy to spend my birthday lunch with my Dad for an hour, just a flying visit but that was all I could do as was rushing around town after that. I had a nice evening though and was very grateful for my friends for turning up and much appreciated them being there. Had fun I guess which was the main thing and certainly kept up with my title of no limits as I was pretty hammered but had no idea that I actually was until the next day of course! Hanging beyond belief I was.

Short snippet this was, but not much happening on the work front at the moment. Family bank holiday weekend has been nice, seeing all the kids growing up, my god son, my niece and my cousins baby. Back to normal life and the gym tomorrow.


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