Sunday, 9 May 2010

Living the high life

Hey Guys,

Feeling in a very sensible mood today, I decided to drive up to Leominster in Herefordshire early today for my job tomorrow. I thought I would get myself settled in the hotel and ready to put the football on my laptop and watch that for the rest of the afternoon. What an error that was!!! Being sensible just doesn't ever seem to work out for me one bit.

I arrive on time to the hotel in the town that I call the "ghost" town, and walk in and theres no lights! The power has gone from the entire hotel! No sign of it coming on again so another hotel seems to be the point of call. Now there's one over the road that's pretty awful but looks the next best option! So, after a call to the client, who I've worked for a lot and their all really nice, he meets me and books me in. What a hole! Room is spacious (no sarcasm for once) but the corridor to the room seriously smells like they've been keeping goats in there!!! Its unbelievable! That horrible smell that u always remember when you are a kid going to a farm. I don't even want to ask what it is cause I have a feeling the real answer will be even worse than goats!!!

Anyway think to myself it will be fine, will get in the hotel and in my room and just watch the football on my laptop. Stupid me forgot that the hotel might not have wireless and I was correct! Only just found how to connect to BT open zone but rubbish connectivity means watching a live stream online is impossible! Well just makes u wana rip your hair out, which to be honest I don't fancy doing too much actually ha.

No dinner served at this hotel tonight either so I'm going to go out to a nice Indian somewhere have many drinks and a lot of food on the company!!! The Make up artist for the job is a really nice woman who I've worked with a lot before too and she is due up soon, so least I won't be sat on my lonesome. We usually sit and chat and moan about absolutely everything with the industry ha ha and sure the hotel will be the prime one on the list! But to be fair it's just one of those things and there is nothing I can do about it either, so no point moaning about it.

Job tomorrow is catalogue work, simply enough means in a studio taking many many shots in the day and changing into probably about 100 different outfits in the day. It's very quick and very easy work so can't complain.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


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