Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Russell Athletic Presentation and Shoot

Hey Guys,

Been a good week and bumped up my start to the month of May. Got confirmed just yesterday for a job for Russell Athletic. Did not know too much about the job as it was very last minute, but knew there were 4 of us on the job, 2 guys and 2 girls, all from the same agency. The one thing that stood out about this job was the distance to travel to it! It was North West London at Elstree, now bear in mind I'm living South East London at the moment, it was a long way. And add to the distance I stupidly made the mistake of walking from the tube station to the location (about a mile and a half, up hill!) I didn't make it easy for myself I have to say. Ha Ha.

Finally arrived for the job, half an hour late! Now I am never late for shoots cause think it's a sign of unprofessionalism, but because of the long walk I was. Very apologetic when I got there, but there were no problems at all. I wasn't the last model to arrive and also the one main thing about working with girl models is that they take a lot longer in hair and make up than guys. Yes trust me before you think it, I don't actually need that much, honest.......moving on...

Straight away it was clear to see that everyone involved in the job were very relaxed and seemed like they would be a lot of fun to work with. This was mainly highlighted by the client who was extremely funny and very easy to get along with. Sitting around for about half an hour and then we soon realised it wasn't just a shoot and that we had to do some catwalk presentation for potential buyers for Russell Athletic. Now I'm not a big fan of catwalk work, but little presentations are very relaxed and I'm starting to become a lot more comfortable doing jobs like this. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, and I was the oldest model on the job, so I suppose I felt like I should be the one feeling relaxed and helping everyone feel the same, which I did with my silly sense of humour ha.

The presentation involved a little cat walk, some stopping, a few pictures, bit more walking then off the runway, and pass the next model who's on. So, picture it now, 4 models in rotation, 7!!! outfit changes and the room to change in was round the corner and not straight outside the door. A lot of panic started to ensue, clothes quickly ripped off and other ones out back on, boobs and bums all over the place! It was pretty manic but we all got through it very well.

Next I found myself sitting down for 2 hours! It was the girls up first doing the shooting part of the day, just simple shots in the different outfits we wore on the catwalk, nothing too exciting. So, all I did was sit outside the room with the other guy model, Dave, who was a really nice guy and we got on very well, very similar personalities and very down to earth. After 2 hours, my moment came and the exciting moment of the day for me!!! I was needed for a quick test shot with one of the girls, a pretty and petite south African girl. I was topless with shorts on and she was topless (ha ha i wish) no she was in bra and shorts. It was a close shoot and I suppose the perks of the job! ha ha

Moving Forward after lunch and some more sitting down and relaxing, it was the boys turn to shoot. Very simple and very quick, changing outfits and alternating between each other. What made the day was these 2 and a half hours. We had such a laugh, all slating each other, models, make up and hair stylist, photographer, stylists and the king of them all, the client himself. We were in hysterics and I love it when works like that, makes the time go by very quickly and also makes you feel good about your job.

Plenty of shots completed, client seemed extremely happy, lets just hope he is when he sees the final pictures. It went really well and the client did mention to myself and Dave that they may look to use us again for some advertising with them. This is the perfect outcome from any job. I want to always impress the client and make sure he or she doesn't forget you and books you again and hopefully start building my clientele up.

Hope everyone else is having a good week. I'm all smiles which is good and concentrating on work at the moment, which is ideal.


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