Monday, 17 May 2010

Back at Smartlive Casino

Hey guys,

Been a few days since an update so thought I would quickly tell you what has been happening with me, but unfortunately it's not very exciting ha. After about a week and a half off, I have been back in the studio presenting on channel 869. Thursday, Friday and now tonight until 4 am. Couple of late shifts mixed in, but feeling refreshed when I'm in now. With this job, it's important to have a little break every now and then with it because it can become very repetitive doing the same thing over and over again. Talking about registration and then the website, promotions etc etc. Recently though I have to say I have been talking about very different things, which seem to be ok. Talk a lot about what has been happening with sport, politics, and things that I've been up to as well. Passes the time quicker ha ha.

I'm here until 4am and then I am driving back to my parents house, as I have got a hospital appointment in the morning near there about my knee. So, could be told I will need an operation after tomorrow which is never fun.

Anyways hope you are all well.


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