Monday, 10 May 2010

M and M Direct Catalogue shoot

Hey Guys,

So, after a very unsuccessful nights sleep it was time for the job this morning. As you saw by yesterdays post, the bed was literally from the 30's and had all the dents in the mattress to show for it! Lovely hey?! ha. The evening before did go to a lovely Indian restaurant where myself and the make up artist had a huge meal, so was fully prepared for the shoot and the 104 different outfit changes I was due during the day!!! That's what catalogue work is like, loads of different outfit changes, but very easy work.

I have worked for M & M Direct a lot in the past and have shot for their catalogue continually for the last 6 months. They are an excellent client as the work is easy and the client and all the people on the shoot are great. It's kind of like a family with us all, and I know how corny that probably sounds, but its very true. We all get on extremely well, banter flying around all day even if people start getting a bit tired, never too tired to throw a cheeky insult around ha ha.

The day was nice and relaxed as always and steadily got through the different outfit changes, some nice and quick. These ones are when the size is actually the right size, medium, and not xx large as you will see below. When the size is wrong, there is absolutely nothing you can do but clip the t shirt or whatever garment it is, as much as possible to make it look good on the camera. Some are much harder to work on than others as we all find out very quickly! Have a laugh at this...

See sometimes not as real as those magazines make out, but this is often a lot of hard work that's put into it by all people on the shoot. We have such a good time when we work together up there makes my job so much more enjoyable, plus helps get me out of London for a couple of days too which is an added relief.

The magazine is out all the time and it always leads to me getting some stick off the boys from football, as they all seem to see it, but who cares, good work, good money so cant complain. Plus with the way things are going at the moment, any work is good work.

Back in London now and chilling and looking forward to sleeping in my bed and not one from the 19Th century ha ha.


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