Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Works Drying Up - bad times

Hey Guys,

I had a comment saying that I sounded a bit down in my last update and have to say its true. Work has dried up a bit the last couple of weeks and it always gets me down. Sometimes it gets really hard when I see other people on job's especially jobs abroad and when you don't even get sent to the castings is really tough to take and becomes frustrating to my agency. However, there is always a reason for not sending me as they have been absolutely fantastic for me, just with nothing else going on makes u start thinking and thinking. Starts affecting my whole life at times and certainly has done especially the past week.

Anyways, just got to knuckle down and my plan is to just work hard in the gym to keep me in shape so that I look as good as possible for when I do eventually have castings. Plus got my presenting to keep me busy and its about time I started to use the free time I've got productively to plan for the future, the boring stuff like finances and receipts and then start planning a visa for Australia in the winter.

I've got a job at the end of the week, a very small one which I will talk about later on, that's all on the horizon at the moment. Apologise that there's nothing exciting happening right now, but fingers crossed that could change soon.


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