Saturday, 23 June 2012

Slow week with a good end!

Days have passed by this week with not a great deal to shout about to be honest. I kind of have that low feeling that work was a bit stunted and opportunities seem to have gone all quiet on me. I am also in my mind preparing for a return to the UK. I made my decision to come back on the 11th July, a flight i had booked since I came back out here in December. Always good to get a return flight there ready, which can be moved if necessary in case of an emergency, something I have made sure I have done every stint I have had out here. What its done is probably made me a little complacent this week and taken my mind away from work and on to seeing my friends and family. Miss them like crazy, so I guess its normal to be feeling a huge sense of excitement about the prospect of seeing them.

The weather has been its usual good self, something that helps keep me going while I'm out here. It's that constant reminder of how lucky I am to be living in California. A place where the sun shines pretty much everyday, and it just constantly puts you in a good mood.
I have continued to do a little bit of coaching to keep me busy, something thats always fun to do and gets me outside and active. On Tuesday I did some work for the Dating concept show I have been working on. This is something that has kept me busy and given me some great on camera experience. Its also perfect experience to learn lines, to interview guests and to feel more and more comfortable in front of the camera. Its been a valuable couple of months on this project and there will be more to come.

It's funny because as I'm writing this I'm thinking that my week was a little bit more busier than I gave it credit for ha ha. On Wednesday I went in to see the shopping channel that I have been to see before. I did an hour spot for them, chatting about watches, tablets and camera's. Again good experience, but quite hard work when you have 10 minutes to discuss a watch! How many ways can you say, "it looks good", "it tells the time" ha. A lot of repeating myself and chatting a lot of shit, but good as they want me in a bit more now. And it streams to the UK too, so you lucky people who read this might be able to watch it!! ha My V Channel on channel 600 and something.

The last couple of days have involved waking up going to the gym early, passing Amir Khan in the gym (yes I've turned into a shameless name dropper ha ha - its the LA influence), and then watching the Football. Euro 2012 in full flow has been keeping me occupied and continuing my football obssession. And yes the Amir Khan thing, he was working out in my gym and walked straight past me. (I wish I could then tell you he said "hey James hows it going?" - but he didnt ha)

The week ended on a high note though. After one of those days that started off with my little toe attacking the corner of the table and losing the battle! And feeling just a bit drained, its turned on its head from one phone call. Just how it can always change when that phone rings. I have a callback for the feature film I auditioned for a few weeks ago. I have been waiting to hear more about this project after the first audition as it felt like it went great. I have never been up for an Acting job before and to get a callback is such a great feeling. It really picks me up and I cannot wait for it on Monday. I get the sides to learn tomorrow and will spend the weekend getting everything in order and prepare myself to give it my all. Could be the start of something absolutely amazing. But....who knows what will happen. Exciting and typical of the opportunities in this town. You just never know whats coming next.

My apologies if you find any spelling mistakes in here, the spell check seems to have disappeared in the new format. I promise I'm not that stupid ha.

Wish you all a fantastic weekend

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