Monday, 4 June 2012

Never stop looking for work opportunities - Busy week

I received a lot of comments on my last post, which meant a lot that people are taking the time out to read my blog. It was a tough one to write afterall, but felt good to speak to a lot of people who are going through the same situation and know that I am not on my own. And thank you all for reading my Blog.

It was a 4 day week here just gone and a very busy one for me as well. The previous weekend I received a call out of the blue from one of my agencies telling me that I had been requested for a callback for a hosting/presenting job. I was in complete shock and was over the moon that i had this opportunity. This is a great job, chatting about movies and interviewing actors, something that I have dreamed of doing since breaking into the industry. The original casting I really thought I blew, as I got very nervous (which doesn't happen very often to me) and wasn't my usual confident comfortable self. But I must of done something right.
So all week I had a script to prepare chatting about 3 movies that are coming out and about 1 minute long in length.
(Tips I used to learn the lines were:)
- writing down the script over and over again
- reading it very very quickly with no pauses
- recording myself over and over again on the IPAD
- everytime I was driving, I practiced time and time again
I was also told that when I arrived to the callback that I would receive another script to memorise as an interview situation with an actor. It was certainly a challenge set out for an audition, but one that I couldn't wait for.

The first audition was so brief, that it was very difficult to gage how well it went. This one however was very very different. The clients were in the room and they were extremely friendly. I was actually taken back with how nice, fun and chatty they all were and it immediately put me at ease and threw away any nerves I was having. That led to me 'nailing' the script, which I was really proud of myself for. The interview went well and I certainly showed my personality off, which was something that was requested of me. I left the audition feeling very proud of myself, knowing that I couldn't have done anything differently. That is such a great feeling to have because many times before I have left auditions feeling like I could of done better. It's now a waiting game to find out if I got it, and hopefully I will have some news this week. It's even bigger to find out because if I don't get it I will book my flight back to the UK for the summer. It's as simple as that.

The rest of the week was all modeling. Something that has become a rarity out in LA for me. Through searching websites for small jobs to keep me going I made a good contact with a photographer for a Thai Food Network. Somnetimes you just never know what things will lead to and I did something for a very small gym equipment company. Its like that in this town, all about who you know it seems. A very simple job down in Santa Ana, which is about 60 miles south of LA.

My tour around moved to Malibu on Wednesday for again a small job through something I sorted myself. The best thing about this job was the location and the accessories. Check the pictures out!!! Yep, shooting with these amazing cars! Absolutely incredible. It was like a boys dream to be this close to 2 amazing cars. The place was incredible as well, owned by someone who owns loads of sunbed companies. (Done extremely well for himself thats for sure). What added to the day were the people, who were very friendly and easy to get on with. Always makes such a big difference when it comes to a day of work, whatever job you are in.

Last up came a test shoot down in Venice. Through my agency, a photographer wanted to get some new pictures and offered a free test for more pictures. It's always a good opportunity and if you are not missing anything that day then it makes it worth while. Even if I get 2 new pictures from the shoot, it will be worth while. There was a more beachy theme to it (very Venice like). I was a surfer dude! ha ha not me one tiny little bit but hey. It's all part of it and very different to anything in my book. As soon as I get these shots I will put them up on here.

Busy week and another one to come makes me very happy.

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