Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Playing the Waiting Game

It's been a few weeks since my last update (lazy boy I know) and to be honest there hasn't been too much going on at all. This time of year is often very quiet in the build up to Xmas, but it has got even worse this year for some reason. But thats part and parcel of doing what I do, the inconsistencies, the instability and that thought of the unknown.

Socially though I have been a lot busier and it has helped make me so much happier. They always say keep yourself busy and it helps make u feel better, its so true. I literally haven't had a spare evening for a long long while. Going out more, meeting new people, its what living life is all about. I went to see a Muay Thai fight night a couple of weeks ago which was amazing! I also to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park too which was brilliant! If there are a group of you going there I highly recommend it believe me. It's so amazing and so much fun. Now those that know me know that after a few drinks I love a boogie! We were in this big area and about 500 people at least all doing the Macarana! Was genius! You should of seen my hip movement, very impressive.

December is by far the best month of the year as well! I love catching up with people and celebrating with as many people as I possibly can. Xmas drinks constantly and xmas parties too, including 3 in the last 4 days! A mess right now as you can imagine my body shutting down! Always stories from each party and this was no different. Model agency xmas party I was doing Jaegar Bombs with clients (showing them my skills), Family xmas party I was doing the Gangnam Dance with my 88 year old Grandad!!! It was absolutely immense. And last night my casino channel party was just utter carnage as always!!!! Now I might not enjoy the work there too much, but the people are fantastic and are so much fun to go out with.

Ah now work. Well all of a sudden some things have started to pick up and show interest this week. I have a confirmed job in Rome that I thought I would be there now, but its delayed until Thursday. However, there are still complications with the usage for the job, which is often some of the details that needs total confirmation. However, literally 30 minutes ago I have just been put on hold for another job but its this weekend. Both Commercials too which is amazing, but they clash on days! Its just typical that I have been so quiet modeling wise then 2 good jobs come in on the same days. Ridiculous luck. But this is where my agency really has to earn their commission and deal with such situations. This is exactly why people have agents, whether models, presenters or actors because they take all responsibility for important things such as this. Fingers crossed theres a way of doing both, I will keep you updated.

I am still waiting to hear back from a TV Show that I had the acting audition for 3 weeks ago which could be absolutely amazing. It's taken a long while to find out, but these things often take time. It's another reason why I am keeping myself so busy so I can try and put it to the back of my mind.

Update complete for now, will have more stuff on here by the end of the weekend. Thanks to all of you for reading. Makes it all worthwhile

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