Sunday, 30 December 2012

Peroni Commercial Rome

I have just come back from some of the best 4 days I have ever had with work out in Rome, Italy. Now Italy has always been a place that I have wanted to see more after only previously spent 36 hours in Milan a few years back. When the opportunity to travel comes up with work it is absolutely perfect. And Rome was just absolutely incredible! One of the best cities I have ever been too without a doubt, full of culture, full of history and an utterly breath taking place. I always have to make the most of my trips abroad and spend any down time I get walking around and taking in these places. Rome was no different and very fortunately I got to experience it with some great people as well.

Where do I begin??? (from the start I guess ha)

This job was very last minute for me, not knowing when or what time I was flying until late on Wednesday. This happens very often with jobs and you need to ensure that you have the flexibility to cope with last minute changes to ensure that you don't miss out on jobs. This was no different and after working until 12:30am that evening I had to get myself home, pack my bags and get a bit of sleep before a 4.15am pick up time! Exhausted was probably an under statement especially after the week i had previously, drinking and partying rather too much. But being picked up to go to the airport is a nice luxury and a good sign that I would be looked after well on this job. Getting to the airport I quickly caught up with one of the girl models who I worked on a job with a few months back (its always nice to know someone before a job). Quick check in on to the plane and curl myself up in the corner of an empty 3 seats for a 2 hour sleep!

Bit of a mix up with the hotels, but after finally getting to our one, 5 of us checked in and realised we were in an absolutely fantastic hotel. It was a 5 star hotel something that i haven't been used to much on jobs in the past believe me. We were all starving so decided to check out the restaurant in the hotel, which was on the top floor with a fantastic view of the city! It was absolutely unreal! Expensive but the lucky part was that the client was fitting the bill, thank goodness after an almost 400 euro lunch! A few of us had a little walk around for a few hours after to see a bit of Rome and had a lovely time grabbing a coffee outside a nice little coffee shop. We saw the Italian Museum and strolled around the streets of Rome. Very romantic city and one that I would love to go back to with a loved one (in about 5 years or so!!!)

An early morning call time of 5.40am was waiting for me the next day as we were taken to wardrobe. When we turned up in the center of Rome, it was like a film set! People and production were absolutely everywhere, I have never ever seen anything like it and certainly never been on a commercial on the scale of this one. It was even more so the shock factor than anything else, as none of us had any expectations or knowledge on the true scale of the commercial. After chatting to some people on set, we were finally informed that the commercial is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Peroni. So kind of a big deal and a hell of a lot of money pumped into just filming this.

Suited and booted was my outfit, very simple and very effective with a style from the 60's. That was the theme throughout my scenes in the commercial, but thats all I can say until the commercial comes out before I get into trouble ha ha. The people on set were absolutely fantastic though, the other actors, the extras, the photographers, the stylists, the clients and especially the director who was absolutely brilliant. He stood out for me so much for all the right reasons. He was very very personable, taking the time out to always speak to individuals in the right way to ensure he gets the best reaction from them. I managed to build a good rapport with him very very quickly which helped immensely and made the shoot that much more enjoyable. The people you work with on jobs really do make such a huge difference with how your day goes. And for this job I was very fortunate with them all.

A long days shoot and then a power nap before exploring Rome and seeing the Spanish steps and walking a few miles to the Coliseum. The history of this city is truly amazing and it is a cracking city. We found a quiet little restaurant too that was perfect, filled with locals, not a tourist in sight (apart from us of course) and ensured a very very nice bottle of wine was consumed too. The wine there was something that I will never forget, absolutely beautiful, loved it so much.

The next day was a later start at 8.30am and we were shooting on a new location, a roof top with a view of the center of Rome and the Italian Museum. It was unreal! Apart from the weather of course, which was horrendous. It rained all day and made shooting very difficult, but we got through it with a bit of drinking and a bit of dancing (just a normal night out for me). But the quote of the day came from one of the production who asked, "Is anyone allergic to drinking beer?". I mean really, asking me that question is just funny and I burst out in laughter very quickly. It's my dream job! ha.

After the shoot we proceeded to find a lovely restaurant for a last meal in Rome and then on to the wrap party, held in a warehouse that was very amusing. It started quietly with the DJ playing some European Techno music which was not overly warmed too. Then the cheese proceeded before some new music came on. In between that time glass after glass after glass of wine and bottles of Peroni were consumed, which led me to show the whole crew how to Gangnam style for a change! It was very very amusing. As was one of the male and female models attempting to do the Dirty Dancing move but pretty much failing, however the guy model, another James, did put in a great effort as he continued singing whilst attempting to lift her up. Genius.

The final day, hanging beyond belief, I did not want to ruin my last day in Rome, so dragged myself somehow out of bed and around the city, heading to the Vatican. What an incredible place on a Sunday too, very very busy and very spiritual. After walking inside and around the center, we saw a lot of people all turned and looking our way. At first glance we thought they were all staring at us walking past (no idea why, don't know who we thought we were!), but then realised that it was because the Pope was about to speak from his window! How stupid did we feel at that point ha ha. But it was an incredible moment, even though we had no idea what he was saying....ha

So, a long post, but warrants it because of the great time I had there and what a great experience it was being in Rome. Thank you all as always for taking the time out to read my blog. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.

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