Monday, 6 August 2012

When castings get cancelled

Having to balance times and jobs is very very difficult and for me is certainly one of the hardest things I face while trying to do both modeling and presenting. Modelling work is something that can come up at any time, whether thats a job or a casting. Without going to the castings I don't get any jobs. So it is vital that I can make as many as I possibly can. Yes it would be amazing to be David Gandy who doesn't ever have to cast anymore, but I am not anywhere near that standard of model. It is very different at this end and I will continue to hustle and bustle to as many castings as possible to improve my chances.

On Friday, I received a call about a very good casting from my agency on Monday. The only problem is that I was down to work on Monday for some presenting. Swapping shifts is very difficult to do and often it isn't easy. Often in the past I have just had to give up a shift to ensure I go to a very good casting, something which is hard to do because I am turning down guranteed work for something that is never a gurantee. I swapped my shift around at the last point of asking and was so fortunate, but had to change days around and cancel plans along the way.

So this morning, I get up go to the station, park my car, swipe my oyster card and jump on the train. All of a sudden the phone goes and its my agency explaining the casting was cancelled. How infuriating can you get. Its hard for me at the moment living outside of London to get in, made even more so with the Olympics! It takes up a lot of time getting in and out of London and this was very frustrating. So, the answer is there is nothing that can be done at all. All the money thrown away today won't be coming back in. It certainly isn't my agencies fault either and is frustrating for them as well, as all their work getting everybody to go to the casting on time and dealing with the client and they go and do that.

This is the problem with being at the bottom of the ladder in the industry.

Anyways...didn't want to be posting any negativity at the moment but what a pain. Just something that can happen at times.

Hope you are all well

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