Sunday, 5 August 2012

1 month blogging hiatus over! LONDON

First of all I just want to apologise for not updating my blog for a month now. This past month has been very very crazy as I have moved back home from LA and been very busy with work and adjusting since. But I will be on it again, talking about everything that I am experiencing in the entertainment industry, the truths about the modeling world and a whole lot more. The on thing I have always set about when starting this blog was to tell the truth and to really give people a real insight into what exactly gies on in my everyday life and to show you the real side to the industry and not the glitz and glamour that is often portrayed in magazines and on TV.

Well what a strange month its been! After spending 7 months living away in LA I have come back home for a bit. I had one of my best friends stag do's a couple of weeks ago which I didnt want to miss and was part of the reason for the timing of my return. Plus I also have 3 weddings to go to in September so prolonging my stay over the summer just quite simply makes sense. I did feel I needed to have a break from LA for a while also. I missed out on some big life changing jobs that could of been the start to the career I have dreamt about for so long. I spoke about that before in a past post, but its often so hard to take when it doesn't come off. Modeling wise in LA stuttered a lot for me and being in a different market and adapting to the industry out in LA has been one thing I have struggled a lot with. They have a different mentality and are driven by results only and do not necessarily offer a more personable touch with their models than I am used to. Change is often difficult and is something you just have to accept. I remember being out in Athens modeling for a few weeks and the agency their were very tough with their models. Its just different cultures.

My hope ever since I moved out to LA was to tie down a presenting job that would keep me there and offer me the opportunity of travelling back and forth to the UK regularly and to start progressing as a presenter. It hasn't worked out as yet, but I do have a visa until the end of 2013 so I still have time to achieve all of my aims and ambitions.

The next question everyone is asking is when am I planning on going back? Well at present I have no return date set up at all. Whether its at the end of September whether its in January, or whether I stay in London I really just have no idea at present and is something that I have been thinking about every single day. Yes I need to make a decision and right now it is something that I am looking for in my life, some stability and it is desperately needed. That might be part of my decision, but knowing me I may change my mind at any time.

I finished LA working a lot on the dating show I was talking previously about. I was almost in every day filming many sections for the show which was great fun and was so nice to be busy.
As soon as I arrived back in the UK, I had just a couple of days to recover and then I was back working on the asino Channel! Yep back again for another stint and something I am very very fortunate to have received the opportunity to go back too. An environment with very nice people and something that is like a second nature to me as well. Plus, it continues my experience and I will continue to use the time as practice for more to follow.

I have also been straight into my agency here in London MOT Models and have got everything up to date and been out to a couple of castings. I booked one of those castings as well for a shoot for Berkeley Homes. a very nice 2 day shoot and when I can get my laptop fixed or purchase a new one I will get the pictures up on here. The shoot was great, on locations in and around shoreditch and spitalfields and also shooting in a very nice 1.5 million pounds penthouse which was incredible! Makes me want to get to level to be able to buy a place like that. Ah I can dream....

That's about all to report for now, I will ensure I keep up with some regular posting now and wish you all a great summer as well. One last shout out to TEAM GB!!!! The Olympics have been absolutely incredible! I have been glued to it and have really felt the passion being here watching it. I am very pleased to be home whilst its going on as loving the atmosphere around town! Truly incredible.

Any comments will be replyed to immeditaely or any questions you might have.

Take Care

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